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Where can I buy smart water security

Where can I buy smart water security: SmartWater is a liquid and forensic (taggant) traceable asset marking system that is applied to valuables to identify robbers and prevent theft. This liquid leaves a durable and unique identification that, except under ultraviolet black light, cannot be visibly seen. intelligent water consists of a liquid with a code that is visible under ultraviolet light.

Where can I buy smart water security
Where can I buy smart water security

It is intended for use on valuable objects, which can be determined after laboratory testing of a sample if they are stolen and later recovered by police. A ‘concept proof’ trial was therefore opened in 2013. In 2013. In the London district of Brent, SmartWater announced that the number of household burglars fell by 85% following six months of formal evaluation. Another application is a sprinkler system, which sprinkles the (invisible) fluid in a burglar which cannot be cleaned up for months. SmartWater presented its strategy in 2012 to the Metropolitan Police officers, and they decided to control test the SmartWater concept.

For many years, UV technology has been a useful and legitimate tool in the fight against crime. It is common for the police to hand out invisible UV pens to householders so that in the event of a theft, the original address of an item can be traced back to its original owner. It is necessary to reapply UV ink on occasion because it is susceptible to rubbing off or fading over time. Keeping this in mind, a new UV technology has been developed by a business called Smart Water. Former West Midlands Police officer Phil Cleary and his Chartered Chemist brother Mike Cleary founded Smart Water in the United Kingdom.

Product Resist all Weather Conditions indefinitely

As a potent and long-lasting deterrence against criminals, it utilizes a highly specific chemical formula. As soon as Smart Water touches clothing or flesh, a unique (invisible) chemical code within the water rubs off onto them, tying the thief to an address. Proving illegal activity will be easier if Smart Water is able to secure an arrest warrant. In order to use the service, you buy a bottle of Smart Water and then register it to your address. The chemical code on each bottle is unique, making it impossible to have two bottles that are exactly the same.

In the event of a burglary, Smart Water will be able to link your products to your address and the criminal if they end up in the hands of the authorities. You can then choose what you wish to mark with the invisible Smart Water. Since the company’s product can resist all weather conditions indefinitely, as well as stay on the skin for weeks, it has a 100% conviction rate in court In the event of a break-in, they offer a “Forensic Spray System” that sprays Smart Water on the intruder’s skin and clothing, making it easy to identify them.

The UV freckles that emerge on a suspect’s skin under a UV light are irrefutable evidence that they have committed a certain crime. Anti-theft devices like Smart Water have a proven track record and show how emerging technologies are offering increasingly reliable anti-theft equipment. The business now claims that merely displaying a Smart Water label on your property might discourage robbers as its use and reputation grows. It’s too early to know how the criminal world will respond to Smart Water, but for the time being, this encouraging development keeps the conviction rate at 100 percent.

Forensic technology that gives solid traceability to your valuables and assets is combined with a well-known brand that criminals despise. Using our forensic traceable liquid, you and the offenders can be linked to your belongings and the crime scene by assigning them a unique forensic code. And for this reason, criminals shudder at the thought of using SmartWater.

Where can I buy smart water security


Before using, give the bottle a good 10-second shake. Clean and dry any locations you intend to mark first. Uneven or irregular surfaces are ideal, as are those that aren’t on display. Pour some liquid and at least one micro-dot into the container using the applicator. If the object you’re trying to protect is retrieved, a small dab will suffice for forensic analysis. Mark any valuables and place deterrent notices on the bottom floor windows and doors. Be sure your valuables are labeled and registered at so they can be found if lost or stolen.

The Innovators at PID Systems have come up with the appropriate answer for clients who need a quick but temporary response to an emergent threat. It is possible to use VideoGuard360TM video transmitters in the most extreme conditions, even from distant locations, because they are rugged, battery-operated, and very mobile. The Client has access to a nationwide network of fast-response teams that monitor the network around the clock. Even the most determined offenders are deterred by this formidable deterrence.


Simply keep a record of the items you’ve sold and the buyer or firm you dealt with. Additionally, you should supply the buyer with a receipt to prove that they purchased the item. New owners of SmartTraceTM-protected items can still benefit from the forensic code even if they don’t choose to register (transfer) their product.


All SmartTraceTM products, on the other hand, comprise inert metal-based inorganic chemicals, making them much more durable than DNA. DNA is extremely fragile by nature and can be easily removed with common household cleaning chemicals. It is also damaged when exposed to ultra-violet light for brief periods of time. For long-term property marking, DNA is ineffective.

Where can I buy smart water security
Where can I buy smart water security


‚ÄčNo. Since our convictions power the SmartWater deterrence, the authorities need to be able to locate a criminal using your unique forensic code at a specific crime site. As a result, each bottle of SmartWater should only be registered to a single location. Please see our SmartWater for Business page for more information if you need to safeguard several locations.

Do criminals have the ability to remove SmartTrace?

No, the liquid can’t be removed since SmartWater experts only need a speck of dust-sized residue to obtain the unique forensic code. Any attempt to remove the object completely would likely result in significant damage to the item, leaving it worthless and eliminating the criminal’s ability to resell it.


Due to its metal-based composition and the lack of DNA, SmartWater is exceptionally resilient and does not need to be reapplied frequently. However, SmartWater was the first traceable liquid to achieve BSI PAS 820:2012 Grade A External standards that guarantee a minimum of five years, even when used outside. The liquid has a shelf life of about two years from the date of production when stored according to the application directions while it is in liquid form (i.e. still in the container).

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