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Opulence MD Lash Reviews

Opulence MD Lash Reviews: Opulence made its debut in the beauty and fashion industries on September 11, 2019. The company guarantees the high quality of its eye-related beauty products. According to the brand, the product will not only make your eyes look beautiful, but it will also Protect the users’ eyes. These lashes are gentle and simple to use. These lashes are cruelty-free and extremely lightweight.

Opulence MD Lash Reviews
Opulence MD lash reviews

Before buying the eyelashes, buyers must always check their reviews of previous buyers. The product is available on Amazon, and many reviews have been found on Amazon from purchasers. Most buyers have shared with this product their satisfaction. The style, security, and functionality of these eyelashes are satisfactory for the most part. OpulenceMD Beauty Magnetic Lashes are the subject of today’s blog post.

As a result of these difficulties, some people wind up with lash extensions. As a result, I can’t fault them. This is a skill that I’ve learned and practiced for myself. Glue, on the other hand, can harm your lashes. Even more so if you wear them every day. When I first heard about OpulenceMD Beauty Magnetic Lashes, I had no idea what to expect. My excitement level skyrocketed when they inquired whether I’d be interested in reviewing their lashes. Since I’d previously used magnetic lashes from a drugstore brand, I knew I had to get them.

Safety and Quality in OpulenceMD

In order to complete the look, you’ll also need magnetic eyeliner. Your regular magnetic lashes don’t use two lashes in order to stick together, but these are different. Putting these on is a real pain. Dr. Anika Goodwin selected every item in this collection. She’s someone who’s well-versed in the intricacies of caring for your vision. She has been a doctor of optometry for 17 years. Luxury and splendor are combined with safety and quality in OpulenceMD Beauty.

A lighter lash extension can be achieved by using OpulenceMD Beauty lashes, which are composed of the finest cruelty-free mink. The magnets used are the strongest currently available, and each one is individually hand-applied to the lash band. Invisible to the naked eye, the lash bands are sturdy enough to withstand daily wear and tear. The strongest bond between the lash and the liner is provided by the magnetic liner, which contains the safest amount of small iron oxide particles.

In the Well To Do Collection by Opulence MD Beauty: Magnetic Lashes

OpulenceMD Beauty sent me the Well To Do Collection. The lashes in this collection come in five different designs. Only three of the five were my favorites. “The Socialite,” “The Heiress,” and “Wealthy Bitch” all have a subtle but glossy feel to them. “Rich Chick” and “Glam & Gaudy” were both a little too overt for my taste (as you can see in the photo). When I want to give my lashes a rest from glue-on lashes, these magnetic lashes are the perfect solution.

OpulenceMD’s gel eyeliner was a disappointment to me. To my disappointment, the gel liner didn’t glide on smoothly and wasn’t pigmented enough for my liking. A charcoal grey would have been a better description. The lashes refused to adhere to the eyelid. I’m not sure if I got a bad batch, but I was underwhelmed. Liquid eyeliner is what I’d rather use. The liquid liner was easy to apply, had a rich black color, and the lashes adhered better to it.

Opulence MD Lash Reviews

The lashes cost $42 each, and you can get a single package for $70 or a double lash kit for $95 if you like. The lashes, applicator, gel liner, and carrying case are all included in each package. For $35, you may purchase the liquid liner on its own. Cosmetics by Opulence MD The greatest magnetic lashes I’ve ever tested are Magnetic Lashes. In the last few years, magnetic lashes have become increasingly fashionable, but to be honest, most are difficult to apply. If you’ve ever tried a product like this, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about – you’ll look like a train wreck instead of the beautiful queen you had in mind.

Opulence MD Lash Reviews
Opulence MD lash reviews

Designed by an Ophthalmologist for Your Specific Needs

I had given up on magnetic lashes because of what I’d seen on the market, but Opulence MD Beauty lashes changed my mind. They were better than anything I’d seen so far. The fact that these lashes were developed by an ophthalmologist with your eye health in mind originally drew me in as an aspiring eye doctor. I’m a big fan of eye health and attractiveness when they come together. Because of the magnets in these lashes, there is no need for glue to smear all over your eyelids or get caught in your eyelash curls.


If you don’t clean your eyelids and lashes properly, which is common, you’re setting yourself up for infection. We all have those nights where we just want to take off our false eyelashes and fall asleep. Designed with your eye health in mind, Opulence MD Beauty Lashes are designed to provide a more hygienic lash application. Luxury cruelty-free mink lashes are included in the Deluxe Double Mix and Match package, as well as liquid and gel magnetic liner and an applicator.

You have the freedom to experiment with different lash styles to find what works best for you. I was surprised by the ease with which these lashes could be applied, as I am a novice when it comes to putting standard false lashes. Apply three coats of liquid liner as near to your lash line as feasible, according to the guidelines. Because I wanted a very fine line, three coats seemed excessive, but they worked well.

The Wearing and Application Experience

Make sure that the liquid eyeliner has dried completely before attaching the magnetic lash strip to your eyeliner. Due to its magnetic qualities, the magnetic lash strip will stick to your eyeliner once you’ve applied it. In my previous attempts at applying fake lashes, I’ve never been able to get them so near to my lash line. It was an exhilarating sensation.

Opulence MD Beauty Lashes were easy to apply, however, their lasting power may have been even greater. The oil on my eyelids tends to loosen the adhesive on my falsies at the end of the day, resulting in one end of my falsies flying off my lash line. This is not the aesthetic I’m going for. When it comes to these magnetic lashes, things are quite the opposite. I put them to the test by swiping my finger down the length of the lash, applying mild pressure to the lash, and even squirting water into my eyes. The eyeliner and lashes remained intact throughout the day.

Every aspect of these magnetic lashes impressed me, whether it was the eye health benefits, the aesthetic appeal, the convenience of use, or the durability. #CleanMakeup For special occasions when I want to dress up my makeup but don’t want to deal with the hassle of falsies, I’ll keep Opulence MD Beauty Magnetic Lashes in my lash collection. Instead of hibernating in your favorite sweets on Valentine’s Day, treat yourself and/or your significant other to something special. Happy Valentine’s Day and a happy new year!!