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    Roasted garlic twice baked sweet potato

    I was out running errands with my Mom the other afternoon when hunger struck us both so we stopped into the grocery store salad bar to try and keep things healthy. And apparently their idea of healthy is slimy cubed…

  • Pumpkin pancakes
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    Pumpkin pancakes

    I’ve tried all the logical solutions; showering just leaves me colder, driving around with heat blasting is only economically feasible for so many miles, and making a warm comforting breakfast only really works when you’re not trying to blog about…

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    Parsley Smoothie

    ’m not giving up coffee, chocolate, wine, or long island iced teas no matter what studies may inevitably say about them. But I also eat sardines and take fish oil pills because I know they are healthy, insist on buying…

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    Extra Fat Deviled Eggs

    Paleo eating emphasized fat. Saturated fats to be exact, from animal sources mostly. I dabble in the world of paleo eating, honestly because it tastes so good! (For more info on the paleo lifestyle visit Marks Daily Apple ) Back…