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Ysl Black Opium

Ysl Black Opium Purchasing a perfume used to be a straightforward process – spray, allow it to settle, then sniff it. You purchased the bottle if you loved the Aroma after allowing it to sink into your skin for a few minutes. Because of the proliferation of direct-to-consumer businesses and the proliferation of alternatives on cosmetic shelves.

Ysl Black Opium

knowing scent base notes may assist you in selecting the appropriate perfume even if you are unable to try it. Top notes, middle notes, and base notes are the three kinds of notes found in fragrances that contribute to the overall scent: top notes, middle notes, and base notes. According to Greta Pagel, fragrance director of perfume company Good Chemistry, having a fundamental awareness of these components might be a useful tool for determining what appeals to you. Her explanation for top notes is as follows:

“Top notes offer us a first impression; they’re smaller and lighter in weight, more volatile and changing,” she explains to Bustle. “Middle notes may also be defined as the heart of a fragrance, the primary body of the smell that is visible throughout the duration of the fragrance’s life. Despite the fact that base notes are the last to develop, they are the most important since they provide depth, comfort, and warmth to a scent composition.”

There are several base notes and aromas that may be employed in perfumery, but according to the experts, the six most often employed are musk, amber, vanilla, oud, sandalwood, and patchouli (in that order). Continue reading to learn more about how these notes might have an influence on the ascent. Products that have been independently picked by Bustle’s editorial staff are the only ones that we feature. However, if you buy a product after clicking on one of the links in this post, we may gain a share of the transaction.

In Alia Raza’s opinion

In Alia Raza’s opinion, the molecular weight of a component is what determines whether an extract belongs in one category or another. Alia Raza is a fragrance specialist and the creator of Regime Des Fleurs. Her advice to Bustle: “The lower the weight of the molecule that makes up a certain chemical, the faster it will evaporate off your skin and into the air, and ultimately into your nose.” As a result, top notes are the first tones that you notice, but they are also the quickest to fade away. The base notes of a perfume are the ones that linger with you throughout the day while you wear it.

Ysl Black Opium
Ysl Black Opium

When you are unable to try a fragrance before purchasing it, or if you are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of alternatives available, Pagel advises experimenting with unexpected pairings and variations on your favorite perfume themes to find your signature scent. You may even acquire a rollerball to try out a smell before investing in a bigger bottle of the same fragrance. Otherwise, if you’re able to try the perfume, the experts suggest wearing it for 24 hours to get a sense of how the top, middle, and base notes smell on your skin before making a final decision on it.

1. Musk

According to Raza, musks are one of the most popular smell notes to be found in perfumes. It’s difficult to define but think of musk as a perfume that can be found in the natural world — a scent that is suggestive of animals, woodlands, and the ground, among other things. It’s typically characterized as having a scent that’s similar to your skin, but better. Despite the fact that musk was originally generated from animals, Raza points out that it is now mostly derived from synthetic or plant-based sources.

Described by Raza as a “magic component” that transforms substances into perfume, musks “improve the fragrance of everything by making it more smooth, more round, more elegant, and more sensuous.” In addition, according to Pagel, musk is a note that works well with other notes in a fragrance and may help to lengthen the life of the smell.


According to Raza, the term “amber” does not refer to a specific substance, but rather to a group of aromas and fragrance notes. She notes that it’s used to describe a combination of vanilla, benzoin, and labdanum scents. While you’re probably acquainted with vanilla, which originates from the bean of the same name, benzoin is a gum resin derived from the sap of the Styrax tree, which you may not be familiar with. According to Pagel, labdanum resin, often known as cistus oil, is derived from the Mediterranean cistus plant. Her description of the ambler mix is as follows: “It has notes that are warm, rich, sweet, and a touch spicy.” When combined, it has the scent of a mildly sweetened crossover between musk, spice, woodsy notes, and an overall sense of opulence and richness.

Ysl Black Opium
Ysl Black Opium

3. Vanilla

In spite of the fact that vanilla is often associated with tooth-aching sweetness, it is really a subtle and popular base note when utilized appropriately. Almost never is it a good idea to have too much vanilla in your life, argues Raza. “It might have an overly sweet scent and make you feel less than elegant.” Other than that, Pagal explains, it’s utilized to produce a sweet, creamy, and comfortable gourmand note that blends well with other scent families. He cites citrous, fruity, floral, and woody notes as examples of how they may be used.

4. The oud

Oud is a woodsy base note that tends to smell deep and woodsy, with various notes of leather and spices in the background of the fragrance. “It has a rich aroma that is sweet, smokey, and woody,” explains Pagal. Agar tree heartwood has been infected by a species of mold, which causes the tree to generate an oily, musky-smelling resin, which is then extracted to make natural oud, which is highly sought in aromatics industry. There is a vast variety of oud-based perfumes on the market, and according to Pagel, they vary from “mysterious” mixes to lighter interpretations that combine floral, gourmand, or musk notes with the foundation aroma of the fragrance.

Ysl Black Opium
Ysl Black Opium


“Sandalwood provides amazing tenacity and richness, as well as a creamy and delicate feel to a scent,” explains LAFCO founder, CEO, and fragrance developer Jon Bresler of another frequent base note. “It provides a creamy and subtle feel to a fragrance,” he adds. A sandalwood-based perfume will have a nutty, almost creamy aroma to it, but will still be smooth and silky to the touch. Due to its reputation as a foundation that pairs well with other earthy fragrances, you may expect to see it used in conjunction with middle or top notes like as cedar and vetiver.