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How To Interact With Players In Grand Underground

How To Interact With Players In Grand Underground: Unlocking the Grand Underground necessitates traveling to Eterna City, where you will encounter Gardenia, the game’s second Gym Leader, before you may begin your journey. Follow the road west to Jubilife City, then north via the Ravaged Path, Floaroma Town, and Route 205, before turning west into Eterna Forest after defeating the first Gym Leader in Oreburgh City, the Rock-type user Roark.

How To Interact With Players In Grand Underground
How To Interact With Players In Grand Underground

Team Galactic must be defeated in the Valley Windworks in order for you to be able to get entrance to Eterna Forest, though. In case you’ve ever been a Pokemon card collector who also enjoys the game, you’ll know that collecting Pokemon merchandise can be just as much fun as earning your badges. In Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, a little bit of the collecting bug has made its way into the video games, and it’s a good thing, too. In the Grand Underground, you have a chance to find unique boxes if you engage in the digging mini-games. These include Pokemon Statues, which you may place in your Secret Base to increase your chances of seeing certain kinds of Pokemon in Pokemon Hideaways by displaying them there.

Pokemon Statue boxes are classified by elemental categories such as Fire, Water, Grass, and so on, and each box contains a depiction of a popular Pokemon character. It’s possible to purchase both the standard and Shiny versions of each statue, as well as sculptures of Legendary Pokemon. In your Secret Base, if you have a Pokemon Statue, you will get a unique benefit to the encounter rate for Pokemon of the same kind as the Statue in your Grand Underground Pokemon Hideaways when that statue is placed.

Greater the Number of Pokemon Statues

The greater the number of Pokemon Statues of the same kind that you have on display, the greater the bonus. The results of testing conducted by PhillyBeatzU on YouTube indicate that Shiny versions of Statues provide a greater benefit than regular versions and that Statues of Legendary Pokemon provide an even greater advantage than Shiny versions of Statues.

The Underground Man can be found in Eterna City at a home near the Pokémon Center, which is where you can find him. The Underground Man will offer you the Explorer’s Kit, which will enable you to enter the Grand Underground at any time and explore it at your leisure! Be aware that you will not be able to access the Grand Underground via any structures or caves.

You will be forced to visit the Grand Underground as soon as you get the Explorer’s Kit, thanks to the Underground Man’s intervention. You’ll have a short encounter with Roark there, after which he’ll send you out to explore the many Grand Underground areas. Returning to the surface by pressing “Y” after you’ve finished collecting or fighting Pokémon will reward you with a gift consisting of a Red, Blue, and Green Poké Ball S, which you may use to train your Pokémon.

How To Interact With Players In Grand Underground
How To Interact With Players In Grand Underground

Return to his home and speak with him once again, and he will instruct you to return underground in order to look for hidden wealth. The Grand Underground will be accessible by local communication, the internet, or by going it alone from this point forward.

To Enter the Great Underground, Follow These Steps:

In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, you must first defeat the second Gym Leader in Eterna City in order to get entry to the Grand Underground. Talk to the elderly guy in the house to the right of the Pokemon Center. Explorer Kit: Key Item that will allow you to enter the Grand Underground at any time from any location outside the Grand Underground Enter the Grand Underground with the Explorer Kit. If you are in the overworld, you will appear in the Grand Underground at the same location as you are in the overworld.

Subterranean Master Plan: Sinnoh’s overworld map is shown in the Grand Underground, which is much larger than the original Underground. We’ll have a map of Pokemon Hideaways up soon!

In the Grand Underground, you can locate these items:

  • Fossilized armor
  • Fossilized Head
  • Other fossils
  • Stones of Evolution
  • Spheres
  • Shards
  • Item No.
  • Statues of Pokemon for use in Secret Bases

Hideouts for Pokemon

Pokemon Hideaways, found only in the Grand Underground, are a brand-new feature in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. (question mark)? rooms are noted on the map and come in a range of sizes and forms, all of which have their own unique landscapes and local Pokemon. In Pokemon Hideaways, you’ll be able to witness the Pokemon roam around, unlike in the overworld, where encounters are random. The extremely difficult-to-catch Pokemon Munchlax, for example, can appear in Pokemon Hideaways, but only in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl’s Pokemon Hideaways. Pokemon in the Grand Underground and the Hideaways where they can be found are listed at Grand Underground Pokemon.

Multiplayer Grand Underground

In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, there are a few multiplayer activities that may be done both locally and online in the Grand Underground.

  • Together, look for fossils.
  • Find each other in the Great Underground
  • Mini-games from the Secret Base.

In the Original Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, you will find

Explorers can access Sinnoh’s underground with the Explorer Kit, a location that is free of enemies. When you arrive in Eterna City, talk to the man inside the house next to the town’s Pokemon Center to obtain the Explorer Kit as part of your main mission. To get to the equivalent section of the Underworld, all you have to do is acquire the ability to utilize it anyplace in the “overworld.”

How To Interact With Players In Grand Underground
How To Interact With Players In Grand Underground

When you’re in the Underworld, you should be aware that your go-to menu will have a whole new set of options when you summon it up on the screen. Among other things, you won’t have access to your go-to Pokemon, your Pokedex, or the items in your inventory. Now is the time to check out your goods, traps, and treasure. Even though your name would appear to be the only thing that hasn’t changed, you’ll realize that even that has. “Go Up” will allow you to return to the surface at any time, but you’ll always return to the exact spot where you entered the water.

Locate Objects in the Deep Subterranean: Some walls glow in the dark to signify that they can be demolished. These areas can be used to start a mini-game in which you can find uncommon things by digging. For additional information, see How to Dig in the Grand Underground for Items. These can only be found in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, where they’re exclusive items.

The Underground Man in Eterna City will advise you what to do in the Underworld, and you must follow his instructions. You’ll get a new prize and a new challenge every time you visit him and do what he wants. It’s possible to establish a secret base, mine for treasures, and connect to the Internet in the Underground.

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