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Daniel Johns Partner

Daniel Johns Partner: Is this Daniel Johns’ newest girlfriend? The leader of Silverchair is rumored to be Dating a stunning Melbourne DJ while visiting his hometown of Newcastle. The 42-year-old singer is rumored to have started dating well-known Melbourne DJ Lauren Mac after a rough three-year relationship. Earlier this month, Lauren was seen leaving Newcastle, Northumberland, where John is from, then returning. She is believed to have visited Johns’s home at some point during her journey.

Daniel Johns Partner
Daniel Johns Partner

According to a friend of Johns’ who spoke to Daily Mail Australia, the musician is enamored by Mac’s independence and charisma. After all the sadness he’s experienced over the years, it’s fantastic to see Daniel smiling again. She might be “The One,” they claimed, in their opinion. A close friend said that Lauren is “head-over-heels” in love with the Grammy Award winner. Her first encounter with someone like Daniel, as far as I know, is now. She recognizes what a fantastic guy he is. Johns and Mac have been liking each other’s Instagram photos and following each other since July 2021.

Mac is a Melbourne native who has grown to be one of the country’s and the world’s most in-demand DJs in recent years. She frequently plays to large crowds at extravagant gatherings like weddings, fashion events, and parties, and it’s rumored that Johns, who is still quite involved in the music scene, is a huge admirer of her vocal house and dirty disco sounds. In addition to Johns, Mac has collaborated with Shane Crawford, Serena Williams, Elon Musk, Daniel Ricciardo, Jennifer Hawkins, Jake Hall, and Chrissie Swan. She gave a performance on Monday at a private event at the Australian Open.

John Not dating since he last did so two years ago

Mac works as a DJ and also owns an entertainment agency with her business partner. In between the demands of her profession, she finds time to volunteer at neighborhood schools. The Daily Mail Australia made numerous attempts to get a response but received no response. A comment from Johns has also been requested as a result of this article. Since his five-year marriage to pop star Natalie Imbruglia came to an end in 2008, Johns has had a string of failed relationships. His final known partner was interior designer Michelle Leslie, a former model, with whom he spent three difficult years. Although they had discussed marriage, the couple’s relationship ended in 2019.

Who will Daniel Johns date in 2021?

Recent disclosures made by Daniel Johns about the band Silverchair have made him well-known. The media is now paying more attention to his personal life. Here, we’ll talk about Daniel Johns’s girlfriend. For some reason, Daniel seems to struggle to handle the less positive aspects of his fame. He has suffered from constant fame, and the band disbanded in 2011. He claims he has no plans to join the band again.

He also made the decision to forget about this organization entirely. Daniel doesn’t want to recall any of his successes when he looks back on his entire career. Daniel experienced a lot of terrible things as a result of his purported admirers. He would need to rely on his crew for 24-hour protection due to some curious spectators. This caused him a great deal of suffering. He felt a hole in his heart when he was persistently followed and even hounded by people. Threats and phony phone calls from the other side have been difficult for him to handle.

Daniel Johns Partner
Daniel Johns Partner

Daniel was also one of Silverchair’s most well-liked members. People were eager to give their lives to him because they were in love with him. And it was only natural that he should be concerned. Daniel declined many chances because he wanted to be happy and healthy. He was able to get past his fears for the first time in a long time. He frequently spent time apart from his wife Natalie Imbruglia due to his touring schedule, which is what finally caused their divorce. Is there a chance they still have a relationship? About Daniel Johns’s girlfriend, please tell us more.

Daniel Johns’ current girlfriend is Michelle Leslie

Prior to 2003, he was previously married to the 42-year-old Natalie Imbruglia. Natalie Imbruglia, an actress, singer, and model, is well-known. He first met her in 1999 at a concert. Since then, they’ve been seeing one other on a regular basis. After dating for four years, they made the decision to continue. Their connection was made clearer when they ran into one another at the ARIA Awards. Also in 2002, Daniel got down on one knee and asked Natalie to marry him. Natalie said yes. He was depressed as a result of his demanding schedule, which had a terrible impact on their marriage.

Initial impressions were positive. These two even went so far as to write each other songs about their long-distance romance. After five years of marriage, Daniel and Natalie decided to get a divorce because they couldn’t spend any more time together. He started having affairs as soon as he divorced his wife. He used to be an online dating model named Lousie Van Der Vorst when he was younger. In addition, Daniel withheld the reason why he and the woman he was dating broke up. One of his ex-girlfriends was a fashion designer named Estelija Huijer. He disclosed that he had been seeing Michelle Leslie for a while in 2016.

After making their relationship public in 2017, there were even plans for them to get married in 2019. Despite there being no official confirmation of their engagement, Michelle has been spotted flaunting her wedding band to her friends. Currently, it is unknown where this couple is. Daniel and Natalie are still good friends. The couple, however, didn’t speak to one another for ten years after their divorce. It’s heartening to see him become acquainted with her.

The real reason Daniel Johns decided to leave Australia and immerse himself in the Los Angeles music scene. He was thrust into the spotlight as a young child. This miserable soul is seeking solitude for the first time in 25 years. Daniel Johns immigrated to the US in order to escape Sydney’s embarrassing and bizarre street performances. He intends to get lost in the expanding caverns of Los Angeles’ underground music scene while there.

Daniel’s Personal History:

Silverchair’s After leaving the band, Daniel decided to start his solo career and anticipate producing his own records. Daniel is an exceptional songwriter in addition to his singing abilities. Daniel, who was born in Australia, was raised in Merewether, a town in the nation’s state of South Wales. He was quite interested in music a long time ago. When Daniel was 12 years old, he started a band and spent hours every day after school practicing. The ensemble changed over time to become the wildly popular Silverchair. They later signed a record deal with Sony in 1994.

Daniel Johns Partner
Daniel Johns Partner

They started their musical career at this time. Their debut album was released, and the single Tomorrow lasted more than five weeks at the top of the Australian Singles Chart. Since their beginnings, they have produced a large number of well-known albums and songs. The band announced its dissolution in order to end its argument in 2011. They attempted to reignite the spark because they had lost it. The project failed because the singers opted to focus on their own careers instead.

After splitting from his live-in spouse Louise Van de Vorst in 2012, the model went out with his new girlfriend, fashion designer Estelita Huijer, and lived a more outward bachelor lifestyle, going out with friends and partying at Star Casino (above). The tabloids referred to him as a loose cannon, an alcoholic, and hinted subtly at his sexuality while bringing up old rumors about his relationship with Paul Mac. Daniel was broadening his musical horizons and had collaborated with director Josh Wakely on the score of the renowned but unreleased movie My Mind’s Own Melody.

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