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When Did Big Sean And Jhene Aiko Start Dating

When Did Big Sean And Jhene Aiko Start Dating: Rumors of pregnancy have a relationship under scrutiny: Recent rumors regarding a potential Pregnancy have focused on the relationship between rapper Big Sean and singer Jhené Aiko. The initial Twitter user to circulate the rumor was BLASPHEMY (@KenKiablo). Aiko appeared to be “very pregnant,” according to him when he observed the duo shopping at Whole Foods. The Neighborhood Talk noted on Instagram that more individuals close to the couple had approved the announcement.

When Did Big Sean And Jhene Aiko Start Dating
When Did Big Sean And Jhene Aiko Start Dating

Big Sean and Jhené Aiko’s history of Dating

The impending birth of a child was announced in the Instagram post’s description. Aiko and Big Sean have not yet formally confirmed the information (Sean Michael Leonard Anderson). If this is accurate and the 34-year-old singer is truly expecting a child, it will be Anderson’s first child. The exact duration of Sean and Aiko’s relationship remains unknown, despite the fact that they have been dating for close to ten years. The pair did go through a brief period of separation around 2018.

2013 and 2012:

According to a Jhené Aiko interview with BBC Radio 1Xtra, they started dating in 2012. Aiko mentioned in the interview that she and Sean grew close in May 2012, following the heartbreaking death of Sean’s older brother from an incurable brain tumor. Aiko’s career advanced significantly after she collaborated with Big Sean and Lil Wayne on the 2013 album Beware.


They revealed in March 2016 that they were collaborating with Big Sean and Jhené Aiko to create TWENTY88. The two also released their self-titled album, which made its US Billboard 200 debut that year at number five. The record sold more than 40,000 copies in its first week, according to HipHopDX. Later that year, when they performed at the Power 106 Powerhouse Concert, the duo publicly declared their love for one another by sharing a kiss. Following their public announcement, Aiko divorced Dot Da Genius, who was at the time considered to be her ex-husband. The divorce was ultimately finalized in 2017.

In 2017 & 2018, there have been rumors of Breakup

In October 2017, the Sativa singer got a tattoo of Sean on the back of her arm. A year after getting a tattoo of Sean’s face, Aiko got a dragon over it. They both unfollowed each other on social media at roughly the same time, which fueled rumors that they were no longer together. However, Jhené Aiko addressed the rumors on Twitter in 2018 in response. The woman said: “A big dragon with the wings of a phoenix, bringing new life and light to a new cosmos, covered every tattoo I had. Time for a fresh appearance! AVOID STEAK! I adore you all!”

When Did Big Sean And Jhene Aiko Start Dating
When Did Big Sean And Jhene Aiko Start Dating

When a woman asked Aiko how much of the Big Sean tattoo on her arm will be covered, Aiko replied:

It was inconsistent with a dragon’s nature. The year of separation is 2019, so be prepared. Aiko acknowledged that she and Sean had momentarily broken up in an Instagram post from March of this year: “I get along well with Sean. I consider him to be a wonderful individual, and I value our friendship. My upcoming album will consist solely of freestyles and explore a wide range of subjects and connections from the past, present, and future.”

Later, Aiko admitted that although she had broken up with Big Sean earlier this year, she still had feelings for him. The singer expressed her sympathy for Sean’s loss on Instagram a few days after the rapper Nipsey Hussle passed away. The woman said: “For the rest of my life and all the ones before it, I will adore you. I’ll discuss anything and everything. However, you can rely on me to always have your back.”

In 2020, reconciliation will occur

There were rumors that the two had reconciled at the end of 2019. Jhené Aiko shared a picture from Jay-New Z and Big Sean’s New Year’s Eve celebration. On February 14th of that same month, the couple spent Valentine’s Day together. On March 17, 2020, the rapper wished the pair a happy birthday in an Instagram post that featured a photo of them both. The rumor of their reunion was thus made stronger.

Jhene, Sean’s baby daddy, will give birth to a child in 2022

Jhene Aiko and Big Sean, an American artist, and rapper are one of the cutest couples in the public eye. They started dating in 2016 and are presently said to be expecting a child. After propagating pregnancy rumors on social media, some admirers predicted that the couple will have children in 2022. Both celebs have not confirmed the baby rumors, and some fans are waiting for more evidence before believing them. We look at the possible causes, whether or not the 34-year-old singer is expecting her second child.

When Did Big Sean And Jhene Aiko Start Dating
When Did Big Sean And Jhene Aiko Start Dating

According to Big Sean, Jhené Aiko’s supporters believe that she is pregnant

Following her appearance on Big Sean and Lil Wayne’s hit song “Beware,” Jhené Aiko and Big Sean started dating in 2016. They didn’t get back together again until much later. Since they first met at the Grammys in 2021, where they were both nominated, there have been a lot of social media posts regarding their relationship. Following a viral tweet that claimed to have found a baby bulge, many people think Jhené is expecting Big Sean’s first kid. The tipster, who claims to have spotted Jhené Aiko and Big Sean in June 2022 at a Whole Foods shop, continues, “I recently saw Jhené Aiko and Big Sean at Whole Foods, and she’s visibly pregnant.” Sean Iktr is my full name.”

Happy social media users praised the two for the statement, which spread like wildfire

Social media discussions have shifted to conjecture. At the age of 34, neither Big Sean nor Jhené Aiko publicly recognized or denied the pregnancy rumors. The rapper and his girlfriend might be expecting their first child. The absence of any photos from each artist shows that the pregnancy rumors are just rumors. Additionally, there were online rumors and conjectures from other enthusiasts. The fact that @jheneaiko wears baggy attire during photo shoots and live events has drawn more attention to her Instagram posts. Some people believe she is wearing this clothing to conceal her expanding pregnancy.

Alleged Big Sean Cheating by Jhene Aiko:

Longtime Big Sean girlfriend Jhene Aiko allegedly fell for a ruse. The “I Decided” singer allegedly went on a secret date with ex-Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger, according to sources, and the rapper immediately shot to Twitter trending status. At an Oscars after-party, they were “cosy up together seated at a table in VIP,” a source told People. They were very affectionate with one another, and it was clear that they felt comfortable with one another. To put it another way, they appeared to be a couple.

Because cameras weren’t permitted at the party, they might have thought Jhene wouldn’t find out, according to a report. But it appears that she was told otherwise. The only proof that Sean and Jhene are no longer together is the fact that Jhene unfollowed her longtime boyfriend on Instagram. There is also a photo of Jhene and Big Sean from January 23, which is a pretty long time ago given how frequently they share pictures of one another. The rapper is the target of a barrage of vitriol on Twitter following reports of his infidelity.

Some fans are waiting for Jhené Aiko to officially confirm the rumors before they believe them. The couple has previously been linked to internet pregnancy rumors. The following question is posed to Jhené Aiko by a friend in a screen-captured clip from the singer’s Instagram live broadcast that was uploaded on Twitter in March 2019 by user @AiltonCeaser.

Prior to starting the gender:”

The broadcast is stopped when it is realized that the discourse is being recorded live in front of a crowd. Her mother, Namiko Love Browner, is her 13-year-old daughter. The singer’s first child was born to American R&B musician O’Ryan when she was only 20 years old.

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