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How Much Is Kate Bush Making From Running Up That Hill

How Much Is Kate Bush Making From Running Up That Hill: We examine Stranger Things’ net worth as it maintains its popularity. Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush, which was featured on the show, is probably well-known to everyone who has seen or heard of Stranger Things. In 1985, Kate Bush released Hounds of Love. The musician for the tune is reportedly making more than $200,000 per week from just one streaming service.

How Much Is Kate Bush Making From Running Up That Hill
How Much Is Kate Bush Making From Running Up That Hill

Kate Bush stated in a statement just a few weeks ago,

It was difficult to grasp how swiftly things had changed since the debut of Stranger Things: The New Series. Many of the show’s younger viewers are discovering this song for the first time. The song was integrated into the Netflix series Stranger Things as a significant plot point. The United Kingdom (UK), Ireland (IE), Australia (AUS), Germany (GER), Canada (CAN), and New Zealand are just a few of the numerous countries where the song is presently number one (NZ).

Kate Bush is the only owner of the recording copyrights to the songs Hounds of Love and Run That Hill. Additionally, no one else has been granted a license to use the music. Bush apparently owns the rights to the popular songs, however, Warner Music Group reportedly distributes them. The song has received over 57 million streams worldwide on Spotify that are chart-eligible. According to Music Business Worldwide, the artist has made over $200,000 in recorded music royalties in a single week from a single platform and a single format (streaming).

According to a tweet from a Twitter user, the rights holders would be paid between $0.03 and $0.05 for each time a song listens to on Spotify. More than 57 million streams of Running Up That Hill multiplied by $0.05 produced almost $200,000 in a single week. Additionally this week, the performer received 1000 streams in the UK. Kate Bush would make between £30-320 per play if additional streaming platforms like Amazon, Deezer, Apple, YouTube, and radio were also taken into account.

Bush’s fortune has been estimated over $60 million

Kate Bush expresses gratitude to the Duffer Brothers, the creators of Stranger Things. Bush praised the show’s creators, the Duffer Brothers, for including her song in a crucial scene in an interview. Sadie Sink’s character Max, thanks to the song, manages to avoid Vecna’s clutches. The so-called Upside Down captivity of Max by Vecna and her final reunion with her friends are widely acknowledged as two of the season’s most memorable and terrifying moments.

How Much Is Kate Bush Making From Running Up That Hill
How Much Is Kate Bush Making From Running Up That Hill

The fictional characters in this series have many similarities to people living in the real world right now. I think the Duffer Brothers have made a significant difference in people’s lives at a time when everyone, especially youngsters, is struggling. She continued, saying: I salute the Duffer Brothers for their daring in taking this new series into much more mature and sinister territory. I’d like to show my appreciation for bringing music into the lives of so many individuals. Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush is anticipated to top the UK album charts for a second time.

The song is anticipated to retake the top spot on the UK chart this week after the first 48 hours of sales and streaming. The song ends a record-breaking streak of nonstop No. 1 hits on the Official Charts. Her lone other UK Top 40 hit was Wuthering Heights, her debut track from 1978. Additionally, it was an honor for Bush to hold the record for the longest stretch without a UK number one.

Kate Bush has received 13 Brit Award nominations over the course of her career. She received the accolade of Best British Female Artist in 1987. The musician has also received three Grammy nominations. The Ivor Novello Award for Outstanding British Music Contribution was given to Bush in 2002. She received a CBE in the 2013 New Year Honors for her services to music. The singer has received three nominations for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, the most recent being in 2018.

The Billboard Hot 100 chart’s number-one Song

The 1985 hit song “Running Up That Hill” by British singer and songwriter Kate Bush, which broke numerous records, topped the UK singles chart on Friday. In its initial run, “Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)” peaked at No. 3, but in the most recent season of the supernatural horror program set in 1980s Hawkins, Indiana, it has garnered a new audience among a younger age group. Since the first volume of “Stranger Things” season four episodes was released on Netflix in late May, several countries’ music charts.

How Much Is Kate Bush Making From Running Up That Hill
How Much Is Kate Bush Making From Running Up That Hill

Including those in the United States, have done well, with the song from Bush’s album “Hounds of Love” performing well. Bush has discussed the song’s resurgence in popularity and her admiration for the sci-fi thriller The Walking Dead, which was written by Matt and Ross Duffer, for the first time since the publication of her breakthrough single “Wuthering Heights” in 1978. Bush, 63, said in a statement earlier this month that he was “very touched” by the song’s positive reception, especially considering that it was inspired by the young fans who were so fired up about the events. “I’m thrilled with the positive feedback the Duffer Brothers’ latest project has gotten. They have a right to it.

The Official Charts Company said on Friday that Bush had broken three records on the Official Charts in addition to becoming the oldest female artist to ever have a No. 1 single on the Official Singles Chart. In addition, after 44 years since her last UK No. 1 with “Wuthering Heights,” Bush now owns the record for the longest gap between No. 1 singles in Official Chart history, according to the journal. Martin Talbot, CEO of the Official Charts Company, claims that a new generation of music listeners has embraced her iconic song, solidifying Kate’s place as an all-time great, if that were ever necessary.

Making a tonne of money thanks to success of Running Up That Hill

The iconic song “Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush has played a key role in the plot of Stranger Things season four and brought in a sizable number of money for her. Vecna, the Season 4 monster enemy of Hawkins, quickly discovered that having your favorite song playing in the background might help you escape a confrontation. Max went to the Kate Bush song she had been playing for most of the season to assist him out, and that kept him out of Vecna’s grasp.

Since then, as more people have learned about “Running Up That Hill,” the song’s recognition has increased dramatically. This achievement is all the more thrilling for Kate Bush because her company, Noble & Brite, owns the recording rights to the song. According to Spotify data, “Running Up That Hill” got more than 48 million Spotify streams last week, up from more than 57 million the week before that and more than 32 million the week before that. Our calculations indicate that she might have earned over $500,000 in Spotify royalties in only the previous three weeks, with more than 137 million Spotify streams.

Bush has undoubtedly benefited financially from the increased popularity her song has attained as a result of its inclusion in Stranger Things. Singer Hailee Steinfeld granted permission for the usage of her song because she likes the Netflix series Stranger Things. She has since released a statement in which she thanks everyone who has discovered the music and expresses a “very particular thank you” to the Duffer Brothers “for making something with such heart.”