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Google Owner Daughter

Google Owner Daughter: As one of the co-founders of the American global technology corporation ‘Google,’ Larry Page is undoubtedly a well-known figure in the world of the internet. As CEO of ‘Alphabet Inc.,’ he is Google’s former CEO, as well as its parent company’s CEO. Although Lucinda Southworth, the beautiful beauty with a brain who has supported her husband throughout his career and personal endeavors, is well-known, few people know about her.

Google Owner Daughter
Google Owner Daughter

The blonde beauty is a perfect match for Larry’s personality, and over their nearly decade-long marriage, Lucinda has been by his side at a slew of special events. Two gorgeous children have been bestowed upon the couple who embody pure love and affection. A biomedical informatics Ph.D. student at ‘Stanford University, Lucinda is a scientist and researcher who graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and received her Master of Science in Science from the ‘University of Oxford.

Childhood and Adolescence

May 24, 1979, was the date of Lucinda Southworth’s birth in Houston, Texas, USA. Lucinda Lucy Southworth was her given name at birth. After Larry Page’s marriage, her life remains a mystery. There are little data concerning her childhood, ethnicity, or early years. She is the daughter of Dr. Cathy McLain, her mother. Dr. Roy Southworth is also her father’s name. Roy worked for the World Bank, despite the fact that Cathy is an educational psychologist. Her current age is also 41 years old.


For her schooling, she attended a variety of institutions. As a result of her time at Penn, she went on to attend the University of Pennsylvania. Eventually, she joins the faculty at Oxford University. From there, she went on to get her Master’s. When she finished her Ph.D. in biomedical informatics in 2007, she moved to Stanford University to pursue a postdoctoral position.

Life at work

Lucinda Southworth works as a research scientist by trade. “Comparative Analysis of Expression on Data on Eukaryotic Organisms” was the focus of her doctoral dissertation. Larry’s career is like a book that is available to the world, but hers is a secret. Larry and Sergey Brin established Google in 1998.

Furthermore, as a distinguished scholar and the wife of one of the world’s most powerful businesspeople, she has been involved in a variety of charitable and humanitarian endeavors. With her husband’s help, she helped treat Ebola victims in West Africa by contributing $15 million to the “Carl Victor Page Memorial Fund” in November of 2014. It’s hard to tell what she does for a living. We don’t have access to any information on her employment at this time.

The value of one’s Assets

When discussing her net worth, she is a research scientist and makes a sizable amount of money. An estimated $1 billion is Lucinda’s wealth, which she acquired as a scientist. In addition to that, there is no further information about her salary or income.

What’s going on in your Relationship

Her name is Lucinda Southworth and she has a husband. Larry Page is her husband. Larry Page is a household name in the media and the general population. For many electrical devices, he is the co-founder of Google’s search engine. She and Larry started dating in 2006 when she was still single. When they first met, they went out several times, and on December 8, 2007, they got married. I don’t know why she hasn’t been involved in any problematic stories. She prefers not to be in the spotlight of the general public’s attention. Away from any rumors or controversies, she is safe.

Social Media and Body Measurement

Lucinda Southworth’s height is within the normal range. As she runs and trains, she keeps her weight in check. Her hair is light blonde, and her eyes are a light brown color. She rarely interacts with the general population. As a result, we don’t have any information about her body measurements or other facts. I don’t think she’s addicted to social media. As a result, she does not use social media in her personal life. Currently, she isn’t using any social media sites.

Google Owner Daughter
Google Owner Daughter

After meeting Larry Page

Page and Southworth began dating in 2006 after meeting at a party. On Dec. 8th, 2007, Page married Sir Richard Branson on Necker Island, a private Caribbean island owned by the billionaire and creator of the Virgin Group. Page’s own Boeing 767 flew in over 600 additional visitors to the exclusive island. Oprah Winfrey and current president Donald Trump were among the guests that attended the wedding of the pair. Prior to the wedding, there was talk that other presidents would be in attendance as well. Clintons, including former president Bill and first lady Hillary, were reportedly invited. Rumors circulated that George W. Bush and his father, George H.W. Bush, were also involved.

Carrie Southworth, an actress, is married to Coddy Johnson, a musician. Clay Johnson, the younger Bush’s Yale roommate’s father, raised him. Later, Coddy served as George W. Bush’s field director for the 2004 presidential election campaign. In light of this presidential link, speculations began circulating that the Bush family would also be invited to the event. A magnificent and highly covert wedding took place despite Bush and Clinton not being present. The island was heavily guarded to safeguard the couple’s and their guests’ privacy, although it is unclear if they were even invited.

Southworth hasn’t let her marriage put her in the spotlight, but that hasn’t stopped her from pursuing her own interests and goals. In addition to her profession as a scientist and researcher, she devotes her time to charitable causes. In order to combat the Ebola pandemic in West Africa, the Page family has formed the Carl Victor Page Memorial Foundation and given $15 million. In addition to her and her husband’s humanitarian endeavors, she also works with her mother’s charitable organizations and has previously worked with West African medical assistance agencies.

Billionaire Google CEO Allowed to Take His Son to New Zealand

Critics of the government’s handling of the Larry Page child’s case argued that “New Zealanders who are stranded overseas who are yearning to return home deserve answers” about why an exception was made for the child. Larry Page was allowed to enter New Zealand earlier this year, despite the country’s border being blocked to prevent the spread of COVID-19, to treat his child in an emergency situation.

Google Owner Daughter
Google Owner Daughter

Andrew Little, the country’s health minister and a member of parliament, said on Thursday that Page, 48, made an application with the Ministry of Health for his child to be medevaced from Fiji on January 11. According to the Bloomberg Billionaire Index, the entrepreneur, who along with Sergey Brin co-founded Google in 1998, is the world’s sixth-richest person, with a total net worth of $121 billion. It was reported by CNN that the couple had two children: a son born in 2009 and a daughter born in 2011. As the New Zealand border is currently closed, Little refused to identify Page by name in answer to a question from a legislator about why Page was permitted to enter the country.

Before the medevac was permitted, Little said, a clinical assessment was carried out, and that included a check to determine if the necessary treatment was accessible locally. As far as I’m aware, all of the standard procedures were followed in this instance, he explained. “A New Zealand air ambulance transported the kid and an adult family member from Fiji to New Zealand the day after their application was submitted, escorted by a New Zealand ICU nurse. The youngster and adult were placed in a hospital isolation unit as soon as they arrived.”

Attempts to reach Page for comment were unsuccessful. Some exceptions to the border closure are made for New Zealand nationals and permanent residents as well as “humanitarian reasons,” which are defined by the governments.

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