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Combat Flip Flops Review

Combat Flip Flops Review: Combat Flip Flops (CFF) have created a pair of AK-47s that are really horrible shoes. When the brand says “Bad for Running, Worse for Fighting,” they are not exaggerating. They are really abhorrent in every way. I’m preparing to go online and place an order for another pair of shoes.

Combat Flip Flops Review

Over the course of more than a year, I have dutifully attempted to wear my CFF AK47 sandals throughout just about every imaginable activity I could think of. For example, the photo above was taken on a fishing trip on the Illinois River. During the range session, they were really uncomfortable, in no small part because of the hot brass that was rolling about and going between my arch and the shoe. They were considerably worse when they had to complete an obstacle course. God help the cretin who attempts to wear those while performing parkour in the middle of nowhere. They are completely ineffective if you have a Boerboel mastiff that wants to jog off the path, and they may cause you to miss your connection if you have to sprint through an airport while wearing them.

They might also be fatal if worn while climbing. They are absolutely ineffective when rucking any distance at all (particularly in the mud), and they seem to frighten away every kind of fish in the vicinity. Wearing them when trekking in tough terrain or while fishing is not recommended; they are completely unsuitable for these activities. To be honest, I’m shocked I didn’t suffer frostbite while out in the cold. A few weeks ago, after a severe rainfall (there have been several flood warnings this year), I lost one of them to runoff and had to chase after it down the street. When it’s raining outside, they’re just terrifying.

Wearing All kind Of Weather

Wearing them in all kinds of weather, even a tornado, has become second nature to me. In the autumn, I wore them while it was chilly and raining outside, and my feet were freezing, so I put on toe socks and continued to wear them in that manner. This only worked for a few minutes until my socks were wet and my feet became chilly once again. In the winter, I tried it again and, to my dismay, had the same outcome — my feet were very chilly when the temperature dropped below zero (particularly in the snow), and my socks became soaked as a consequence.

Combat Flip Flops Review
Combat Flip Flops Review

It has happened multiple times that I have worn them out and about the large, growing metropolis of Tulsa, Oklahoma (also known as “urban sprawl”). You might see me wearing them to restaurants, standing in line at the grocery store, and crossing the street. On two separate occasions, I wore them while walking and sprinting down the street. In restaurants and when roaming about town, I had no problems at all, but the results of my experiences with street crossings were far from ideal. They’re plainly unfit for urban escape and evasion, and they’d be a major obstacle during MOUT or FIBUA operations, as well as other missions. Although they are fantastic on a patio or boardwalk, we’ll call it a tie since they are equally at home in any setting.

1 pair of flip flops for strenuous physical activity

I’m used to wearing them in all kinds of weather and even during tornadoes. I put on toe socks and wore them like last fall when it was rainy and freezing outside. My socks were drenched within a few minutes, and my feet were once again frigid. When I tried it again in the winter, the same thing happened: my feet grew quite chilly (especially in the snow) and my socks became damp. To be honest, I’m surprised I didn’t have frostbite. I lost one of them to runoff during a recent heavy rainstorm and had to chase it down the street. They’re downright unpleasant when it’s raining.

A Brutally Honest Look at Combat Flip Flops

Combat Flip Flops (CFFAK-47s) are disgusting shoes. They are stating the truth, despite the company’s claims that jogging is bad for you and fighting is much worse. They’re downright revolting. I’m getting ready to place yet another round of online orders.

I’ve been wearing my CFF AK47 sandals for about a year and have tried them on with just about everything. This photograph was taken on a fishing trip on the Illinois River. They were terrible on the range, in part because the hot brass kept rolling around and getting caught between the arch of my foot and the shoe. Running an obstacle course had no effect on their performance. Anyone attempting parkour while sporting these tats will be lucky if they make it out alive. They’re useless if you have a Boerboel mastiff who likes to go off the beaten path; they can cause you to miss your flight if you’re hurrying through an airport in them, and they can kill you if you’re climbing in them. They appear to scare away all types of fish and are completely ineffectual at rucking any distance (especially in the muck). Keep them away from rugged terrain and fishing, as these activities are not suited for them.


It’s tough to deny that the name had a significant influence on their design. Which came first, the slippage or the name? This pair of flip-flops looks fantastic and is an excellent illustration of how to keep things simple while still commanding attention. One of my favorite features of this flop is the tubular nylon. I never expected tubular nylon would be such a crucial feature of certain high-quality flip flops, as much as I utilized it during my active military duty. Combat Flip Flops aren’t flashy, but they’re distinct and robust all at the same time. When exposed to sand on multiple occasions at the beach, these flip-flops performed admirably. To establish such a claim, both stylistic and performance factors must be considered. I wore these flops, which are wide and comparable to snowshoes, for the majority of my beach walks because they easily kept me on the sand.

The Instructor as a CITIZEN

You can rely on the Combat Flip Flop in terms of durability. The soles are comprised of a long-lasting rubber that won’t split or peel with use. The bright pink nylon straps are incredibly comfy and feature a quirky “grenade” charm! The flip flops are true to size, although they don’t fit as snugly as some sandals. Because the strap was too loose, the tops of my feet were grinding against it. Due to their weighty sole, which lacked grip, running errands in rainy weather was a bit of a challenge for these shoes. In this case, though, no flip flop or shoe is appropriate! Overall, I had a good time wearing the combat flip-flops. With a few minor tweaks to the straps and sole, they would be the ideal flip flops for anyone wishing to add to their collection.

Combat Flip Flops Review
Combat Flip Flops Review

Combat flip-flops are being evaluated. 3. My last test consisted of putting them on while doing yard labor (no socks). I wore them while weed-eating, push-mowing, raking, and doing other comparable duties. It was once again evident that their performance in such activities was subpar. When my toes and heels went green (and indeed, the sandals did, as well), I ended up with poison ivy on the insole of my left shoe and all over my left ankle.

Then I used a weedeater cord to cut the top of my big toe. I had to change into work boots since they were performing so poorly when stacking hay bales and digging up thistles. When either Manda or Reptilicus (it was impossible to tell which) slithered out of the Virginia creeper near the woodpile and crept over the sole of my right foot, they offered no protection whatsoever. Combat Flip Flops are a nightmare to wear while performing any kind of labor-intensive yard maintenance or avoiding gigantic, venom-spewing snakes.