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Wrexham Season Ticket Prices

Wrexham Season Ticket Prices: Wrexham AFC has revealed their new season ticket prices for this season. Despite the disappointment of losing in the playoffs on Saturday, the squad and its fans are already planning for next season. On Tuesday, June 7 at 10 a.m., the club will begin selling season tickets. Individual adult ticket prices in the newly Designated Lucas Oil Stand have increased by £92 over the previous season. The cost is £255 for individuals over 65 and under 21.

Wrexham Season Ticket Prices
Wrexham Season Ticket Prices

Adults pay £374, seniors over 65 pay £374, and minors under 21 pay £374 in the Macron Stand or Wrexham Lager Stand. Under the age of 18, the fee is £100, while kids under the age of 11 are charged £23. “Current holders of 2021/22 season tickets can reserve their seats for up to 15 days until Thursday, June 23, at the stated price. “Ticket holders who renew their tickets can also move seats within the same section for no additional cost. People who want to switch seats can do so, but they will be responsible for the difference if their new seat is more expensive than their previous one.

The club issued the following statement:

“Season tickets for the 2022/23 campaign will go on sale to supporters on June 7th at 10 a.m. “Season ticket holders will automatically become members of the club for the upcoming season, thus they will not need to purchase a separate membership package. “Season tickets will be available for purchase online for a 24-hour period, after which they will be available in person beginning at 9 a.m. on Wednesday, June 8. Supporters will receive their season tickets at a later date. “In comparison to match ticket and membership pricing, the 2022/23 pricing delivers a saving of between £87 and £129, depending on the age range.

Entire season’s tickets will go on sale Tomorrow

Season tickets and memberships will be available for purchase beginning at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, June 7. Season tickets for the 2022/23 season will go on sale to the team’s fans again on Tuesday, June 7th, at 10 a.m. Here you’ll find all the details you need regarding our match-day ticket prices, including the prices for each age category. We’ll start selling memberships for 2022/23 on Tuesday, June 7 at 10 a.m. Season ticket holders automatically become members of the Club for the upcoming season and do not need to purchase an extra membership package.

Wrexham Season Ticket Prices
Wrexham Season Ticket Prices

On Tuesday, supporters can purchase season tickets on our eTicketing website and save between £87 and £129, depending on their age category. Season tickets will be available in-store beginning at 9 a.m. on Wednesday, June 8. Season tickets for under-11s start at just £23 (equivalent to $1 each game) and season tickets for under-18s start at just £100. (approximately 60 percent savings over individual match tickets and membership purchases). A season ticket for individuals under the age of 11 can only be purchased with a ticket for a person aged 21 or older (or 65 or older). Annual passes can help you save money, but they aren’t cheap.

Accessible tickets for people with disabilities include:

Those who require accessible tickets and are in wheelchairs or have unique seating needs to pay according to their age category. Kerry Evans, the Disability Liaison Officer, can be reached at [email protected] for information on purchasing tickets for wheelchair users, supporters who require accessible seating, or supporters who require a companion ticket. These tickets will not be accepted at the Club Shop.

Disabled/Carers should make a reservation through our box office, but if they arrive on the day, they must pay at the box office. Fans who require a wheelchair should make a reservation in advance of the game. Aldershot Town must be notified in advance of any scheduled Supporter Coach travel so that coach parking can be organized and planned.

Season ticket Renewals:

Season ticket holders in the Bamford Suite, Exec Room, and Centenary Club will be contacted with instructions on how to renew their tickets and the fee. Due to limited availability, all hospitality facilities are now only available for renewals. Holders of a 2021/22 season ticket have a 15-day grace period after June 23 to renew at the above cost. Renewing supporters are also entitled to a free seat switch within the same stand. If a seat becomes available, those who choose to swap stands may do so, but they will be charged for the difference in price if their new seat is more expensive.

Wrexham Season Ticket Prices
Wrexham Season Ticket Prices

The subscriptions of 2 000 season ticket holders have already been renewed. Season ticket holders who took advantage of the unique priority chance for 2022/23 have already renewed over 2,000 tickets. Furthermore, since the special priority window opened on February 28, 2022, we have already reached the 2,000 renewal mark for the season. Regardless of the league in which the Club competes, all current season ticket holders who renew during the priority window will have their renewal costs frozen for the 2022/23 season. Renewal rates will stay the same regardless of whether the team plays in the EFL or the National League next season.

If you renew within the priority window, you will have the option to select a seat in the renovated Kop if you wish to migrate, as a reward for your early commitment. All season-ticket holders will receive membership for the 2022/23 season as part of their renewal payment. Answers to frequently asked questions about renewing your season ticket can be found on this page. Please double-check that our season-ticket renewal email, which was sent on February 28, landed in your inbox and spam folder. Regardless of the Reds’ division, Wrexham fans should expect lower season ticket prices next year.

According to executive director Humphrey Ker

Because there is no requirement to purchase a membership to benefit from early-bird discounts for the 2021/22 season, all tickets are cheaper than the equivalents for the 2019/20 season when they are still available. Fans who want to watch Dean Keates’ side compete for promotion to the Football League can do so even if they lose this evening to fellow play-off contender Notts County in a crucial match. According to executive director Humphrey Ker, the Racecourse Ground is looking forward to welcoming fans back in 2021/22.

Wrexham Season Ticket Prices

“At the same time, we’re focusing on improving the stadium’s infrastructure so that our fans may have a better matchday experience.” “Supporters may look forward to some interesting developments next season,” Racecourse Ground officials say, “and we are looking forward to having everyone back.” Current season ticket holders will be granted an exclusive period to renew their seats when season tickets go on sale. Spectators will be permitted to enter the Racecourse as soon as the Welsh Government approves it.

Adult season tickets in the WrexRent Stand will cost £248, while over-80s and under-18s will pay only £75 no matter where they sit in the stadium. If accompanied by a family member who is at least 21 years old, children under the age of 11 can get a season ticket for just £11 (equivalent to 50 cents per game). A date for the release of match-day tickets will be announced as soon as the 2021/22 fixture schedule is released.

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