Who Is Damon In Emmerdale

Who Is Damon In Emmerdale
Who Is Damon In Emmerdale

Who Is Damon In Emmerdale: Following the discovery of a significant clue, Emmerdale watchers are certain that the identity of one enigmatic soap character has been revealed.

In the meanwhile, Chloe Harris’ father is doing time in jail for an unsolved murder, with Kerry Wyatt – portrayed by actress Laura Norton – taking on the role of housekeeper in his sprawling mansion while he is absent.

The public is more interested in learning if Chloe is doing anything evil as she becomes closer to Noah and Sarah.

And, according to the Daily Star, some keen-eyed fans are now certain they have discovered the truth when one of them captured a snapshot of a text sent to Kerry’s phone.

Danon was identified as the sender of the text, which read: “Where the hell has my watch gone?!?” in all capitals.

Who Is Damon In Emmerdale
Who Is Damon In Emmerdale

Immediately after the announcement, fans flocked to social media to speculate on who Damon maybe, with one speculating that “Sadie King had a dog called Damon.” The story intensifies as time goes on. Haha. If anybody knows who it is, please let me know!”

“It may be a fictitious identity in case someone gets a hold of her texts,” another person said. “I’m not going to go by this!”

“Perhaps it is Ben Richards,” said a fourth, echoing the previous statement. He’s rumored to be joining the cast in the near future. “It’s just a wild guess.”

A third person contended that the name sounded more like Darren – and offered the following suggestion: “It looks like Darren, and the only Darren I remember was Daz, Amelia’s [dad] and Dan Spencer’s [brother].”

The fans of Emmerdale have come to the conclusion that they know who Chloe’s father actually is after discovering a connection to a prior character.

Damon is the name of Chloe Harris’ mystery criminal father, it was revealed in the double episodes shown on ITV on Thursday (November 18), according to the network.

After revealing additional information about her deadly employer, Kerry Wyatt, who has been working as a cleaning maid for Chloe’s family, dropped his name. He had previously served time in jail for money laundering, drug trafficking, and human smuggling, among other crimes.

Moreover, she cautioned that Damon is too protective of Chloe after the deaths of his wife and another daughter, Gemma, who is the heart donor for Sarah Sugden.

Who Is Damon In Emmerdale
Who Is Damon In Emmerdale

And now, fans believe they have discovered a connection between her and a previous character, Pierce Harris, who they believe may be her father or one of his relatives.

According to Grianne Doherty, “Chloe’s father definitely has to be Pierce, right?” Is it a complete red herring that they are both named Harris, that he is also in prison, and that his wife has died, or is it anything else? Did he, on the other hand, have children? #Emmerdale”

The surnames Harris and Chloe are the same, as is Pierce’s surname, Tess is a redhead and she is Pierce’s ex-wife, Chloe is a redhead and she has indicated that her mother has passed away, and Tess was slain a few years ago!”

In addition, Ben announced the news on Twitter with the following message: “I’m overjoyed to reveal this, it’s going to be fun. #blessed #filming #Emmerdale.”

However, no name has been given to his character, therefore it is very likely that he will be taking on the role of the mysterious Damon in the next film.