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What 50 Cents Real Name

What 50 Cents Real Name: In front of the Astrodome, the rapper, whose true name is Curtis James Jackson III, posed in a Houston Astros hat. 50 Cent wrote that he adores the Big Apple, but that he now calls Houston home, adding, 50 Cent is the stage name of Curtis James Jackson III, a rapper, actor, and Entrepreneur who was born on July 6, 1975. He has been dubbed a “master of the delicate art of lyrical brevity” because of his influence on hip hop.

What 50 Cents Real Name
What 50 Cents Real Name

During the 1980s crack epidemic, Jackson was just 12 years old when he began selling drugs in the South Jamaica community of Queens. He eventually turned to music and, in 2000, produced Columbia Records’ Power of the Dollar; however, he was assassinated only days before the album’s scheduled release, so it was never published. Dr. Dre’s Aftermath and Interscope Records brought 50 Cent to Shady Records after he released the compilation album Guess Who’s Back? in 2002. Eminem noticed him and signed him to Shady.

50 Cent rose to popularity as the de facto head of the East Coast hip hop group G-Unit with the help of Eminem and Dr. Dre (who produced his debut major-label album, Get Rich or Die Tryin’). His G-Unit comrades, Young Buck, Lloyd Banks, and Tony Yayo were all signed to G-Unit Records, which he created in the year 2003. With his second album, The Massacre, 50 Cent enjoyed similar commercial and critical success. Animal Ambition (2014), his fifth studio album, marked a shift in his sound, and he is now at work on his sixth. He is the executive producer and star of the television series Power (2014–2020) and is expected to produce its spin-offs.

A Grammy Award, thirteen Billboard Music Awards, six World Music Awards, three American Music Awards, and four BET Awards are just a few of 50 Cent’s accolades. Get Rich or Die Tryin’ (2005), Home of the Brave (2006), and Righteous Kill (2007) were all Jackson’s cinematic roles as an actor (2008). When it comes to hip-hop, Billboard named 50 Cent as the third-best rapper of the 2000s, only behind Eminem and Nelly. In their rankings of the “100 Greatest Albums of the 2000s” and “100 Greatest Songs of the 2000s,” Rolling Stone placed Get Rich or Die Tryin’ at number 37 and “In Da Club” at number 13.

The Beginning of One’s Life

Sabrina Jackson grew up in the South Jamaica section of Queens, New York, where he was born and raised. Sabrina, a drug dealer who nurtured Jackson until she perished in a fire when the boy was eight, was Sabrina’s primary caretaker. A lesbian mother was revealed to be one of Jackson’s family members in an interview. Jackson was raised by his grandmother after the death of his mother and the departure of his father.

What 50 Cents Real Name
What 50 Cents Real Name

When he was 14, a neighbor founded a local youth boxing gym, and he started training there at the age of 11. Jackson recalled that while he wasn’t studying, he was “sparring in the gym or selling crack on the strip.” When he was in elementary school, he sold crack. “Hip-hop is just as competitive as the ring was for me… Rappers, like boxers, put in the work to make themselves feel like champions.”


Aside from Boogie Down Productions and Big Daddy Kane’s “21 Questions,” Jackson lists “The Juice Crew,” “EPMD,” and “KRS-One” as influences in the rap game. While writing on Animal Ambition, Jackson claims that he drew inspiration from Nas, Rakim, and The Notorious B.I.G, among other artists.

Efforts to start a business

Throughout his professional life, Jackson has achieved a great deal of success in the business world. He has a large financial stake in a wide range of businesses. Aside from being a talent and artist manager, Jackson is also involved in the production and distribution of music, video games (including mobile applications), books (both print and digital), footwear, fashion, fragrances, liquor, video games, mobile apps, and headphones. In addition to real estate and financial markets, he also has assets in mining, boxing promotion, vodka, fragrances, consumer electronics, and fashion in his diverse business and investment portfolio.


Jackson amassed a diverse portfolio of privately held firms, real estate, and stocks and bonds throughout the course of his career as a musician and celebrity endorser. During the financial crisis of 2008, some of his investments were devalued. [128] Recession-related losses of several million dollars were reported by him in December 2008 to Canadian media. Jackson was forced to postpone Before I Self-Destruct because he couldn’t find a buyer for his Connecticut property.

What 50 Cents Real Name
What 50 Cents Real Name

His Farmington estate at 50 Poplar Hill Drive, which he sought to sell for years but was valued at only $8.3 million in 2015, was advertised for sale in 2012 for $10 million, and filed for bankruptcy in Connecticut in that year. As it was put on and off the market, his price was reduced numerous times over the next five years, from $18.5 million to $11 million.

Metallurgy and Mining

A South African millionaire named Patrice Motsepe met with Jackson in 2008 to discuss buying a stake in a platinum, palladium, and iridium mine in South Africa. When Jackson met Motsepe, he contemplated purchasing the mine’s equity and developing a 50 Cent platinum line.

Promotion of the Sport of Boxing

Jackson’s new organization, TMT, was officially registered as a boxing promoter on July 21, 2012. (The Money Team). With his New York licensing, he was in the midst of applying for his Nevada license (where most major fights are held in the U.S.). The former amateur boxer Jackson signed Olympic gold medalists Yuriorkis Gamboa and Andre Dirrell, both of whom competed at the middleweight weight class. IBF featherweight champion Billy Dib was signed to his management team by Mayweather on July 29th, 2012.


Having a debt of $32,509,549.91 at the time, Jackson filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on July 13, 2015, in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Connecticut. When it came to the punitive damages portion of Jackson’s trial in New York state court, a creditor was given permission to proceed on July 17, 2015, when an order was granted to that effect. Although he testified under oath that he is worth $4.4 million, his assets were listed in his bankruptcy case as ranging from $10 million to $50 million. There are between $10 million and $50 million in debt and assets listed. On Friday, Jackson’s lawyers revealed in court records that the filing was prompted in large part by legal bills and judgments totaling more than $20 million in recent months.

Private Sphere

Marquise Jackson was born on October 13, 1996, to Jackson’s girlfriend, Shaniqua Tompkins. Jackson eventually sued Tompkins for $50 million, claiming that he had pledged to take care of her for the rest of her days. An appeals court judge dismissed the case, calling it “an unhappy tale of a love connection gone sour,” after considering 15 different theories of action. Many times they have taken their disagreements to social media to air their grievances.

What 50 Cents Real Name
What 50 Cents Real Name

It was the birth of Marquise that transformed Jackson’s perspective on life because he longed for a bond with his son that he didn’t get with his father. According to him, the “inspiration to proceed in a different route” was his son. However, since Jackson and Tompkins’ divorce in 2008, the two have had to deal with a strained relationship.

In 2020, Jackson revealed that he “used to” adore his son, which sparked a social media backlash. Jackson is covered in ink “Because I’m an axe-wielding warrior, I wear an axe on my right arm,” he says. As a result of his upbringing in that milieu, I don’t want him to become one either.”[40] My back is covered, so I’m OK to go “Nonetheless…..