Video Arrestation Quebec

Video Arrestation Quebec
Video Arrestation Quebec

Video Arrestation Quebec: Following the viewing of the videos, it seems that the behavior of the agents involved is causing considerable concern among those in charge of the police department.

Upon being informed of this development, the SPVQ studied the aforementioned videos and immediately went into action to ensure that all necessary measures were taken, as stated in the communiqué. In addition, it should be noted that the module of professional standards has been notified.

According to the SPVQ’s latest press release, efforts are still being made to determine the identities of the agents involved in the operation.

Aside from that, no information has been released on the nature of the police involvement, which has sparked outrage among a large number of people on social media platforms.

This is particularly true in the case of professional boxer Eric Martel-Bahoeli, who shared the video on his Facebook page, describing the behavior of one of the police officers as “disgracieux and dégoûtant.”

In the photographs, one can see, among other things, a police officer voluntarily sprinkling snow on the face of an adolescent who is immobilized on the ground, face against the ground, by several of his colleagues.

Video Arrestation Quebec
Video Arrestation Quebec

It is discovered that this young boy, who is under the age of majority, is a protégé of M. Martel-Bahoéli, who trains him at the Nordik Boxing Club.

I was taken aback, to say the least, when I saw the young man who I recognized. And secondly, I was appalled, to say the least, when I saw the gratuitous gesture made by the police officer.

What is the point of this? He’s a child, he’s a young person! It has no place in a conversation with an adult, and the fact that it is a young person who is not yet of legal drinking age infuriates the man, who is himself a native of Québec.

He is clearly immobilized, his hands clasped together in his lap. It is not acceptable to do this to a young person, even if it is done for free. The conversation continues with references to serving and protecting the boy in question, as well as the fact that they are awaiting more information on his condition.

According to Eric Martel-Bahoéli, such a gesture has the potential to stoke racial tensions between police officers and members of the black community or even between police officers and Native Americans.

That hasn’t sat well with me at all. It is neither a gang of bandits nor a group of troubled teenagers. According to what I am aware of, it is not a group of young people with bad intentions that are entering the workforce. I found that to be disgraceful, and I’m not the only one.

He is particularly concerned that a similar tragedy would have the consequence of destroying all of the intervention work that his colleagues and he are doing with young people at his boxing club. These teenagers come to M. Martel-Bahoéli in search of what is both athletic and social in nature, which he provides for them. M. Martel-Bahoéli also works with the Direction de la Protection de la Jeunesse to assist young people.

He yet refuses to hand over the stone to any police department since, in his opinion, there are certain bad cops who harm the reputation of the whole confrérie, and it is their responsibility to identify and remove them from the ranks.

Video Arrestation Quebec
Video Arrestation Quebec

Having been born and raised in Québec and a resident of the Old City, M. Martel-Bahoéli wants to see more black police officers in the SPVQ, and he wants them to do it quickly.

There isn’t a single black police officer in the province of Quebec! When you look at the city of Québec and the police force, which is supposed to be representative of the people, and you see that there is only one black police officer in the province, that is not natural, says the author.

On the evening of Saturday, the mayor of Québec, Bruno Marchand, responded to the video by posting a statement on his Twitter account. He has said that he is troubled by these photographs and has promised that justice would be served in these matters.

Webster, a musician, and activist, took to social media late Saturday night to express his feelings.

A person who has long accused the Quebec Police Department of racial profiling has been vindicated by these horrible photographs that speak for themselves. In the meantime, we hope that justice is served, that the leadership of the SPVQ strongly condemns this form of aggression, and that it takes appropriate action as a result.