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Vegepod Review

Vegepod Review

Vegepod Raised Garden Beds:

I love growing vegetables, it’s a very wonderful, soul-enriching experience to grow your own food! Sadly an increasing number folks are without the posh of a garden or allotment and have nowhere to grow vegetables, herbs, fruit, or flowers; while an excellent many others struggle to garden in small, often paved spaces, with none access to the soil.

Vegepod overview:

Earlier this year, at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2018, I met the team from Vegepod, once I discovered their Vegepod container gardening system. I’m always looking to be ready to share more accessible ways to grow vegetables, fruit, herbs, and flowers, so I used to be excited to undertake out this raised bed, container growing system for myself. Vegepod has many benefits:

The Vegepod may be a portable, raised container growing system.
The Vegepod features an inbuilt cover, which protects your plants from pests, hail, and lightweight frosts.
The Vegepod’s inbuilt water reservoir and misting system make watering easy; together they reduce or eliminate, the necessity to lift heavy watering cans. you’ll plug your hose into your Vegepod, set a timer on your hose and water your Vegepod automatically.

Reviews about Vegepod:

I purchased the medium Vegepod at the perfect Home Show. As a fanatical gardener, the thought of using the Vegepod to grow my vegetables was irresistibly appealing! He gave me tons of useful advice that I can not wait to use with my Vegepod. I will be able to definitely recommend this product!
Absolutely fantastic company to deal with!

Vegepod Review

I bought a double pod unit within the summer, having seen them at the Southport Flower Show.
Delivery was within a few days.
Customer service is great, they’re very easy to talk to, both via telephone and e-mail.
Very helpful and obliging, nothing is just too much for them – I needed a replacement part and it had been despatched the primary working day

I would thoroughly recommend them!