Twitch Earnings Leak

Twitch Earnings Leak
Twitch Earnings Leak

Twitch Earnings Leak: According to reports, the highest-paid Twitch channel received just short of $10 million from the Amazon-owned business in the previous 24 months. An unidentified hacker seems to have released the full contents of Twitch earlier today, including its source code and details on user payouts.

After that, a corporate source verified to VGC that the stolen information is genuine and that Twitch is aware of the incident. [UPDATE: Twitch has verified that the leak is genuine.] [COMMENTARY:

According to one cyber security expert, if the Twitch breach is verified in its entirety, it “will be the largest leak I have ever seen.”

Streaming network Twitch has been the target of a data breach, which has allegedly revealed private corporate information as well as broadcasters’ profits to the public.

On Wednesday, more than 100GB of data was uploaded to the internet.

It seems that Twitch’s top broadcasters have individually earned millions of dollars from the Amazon-owned business over the last two years, according to the papers.

Twitch acknowledged the breach and said that it was “working with haste” to determine the scope of the problem.

“We will keep you informed as soon as more information becomes available,” the firm stated in a statement shared on Twitter.

BBG Calc, a Fortnite broadcaster, told BBC News that the earnings list “had my amount just right.”

Twitch Earnings Leak
Twitch Earnings Leak

According to the BBC, another streamer verified that their profits were “correct,” while a third individual who was intimately associated with a high-profile player claimed the figures were “roughly right.”

Individuals behind the leak also claimed to have the source code for the video platform as well as the video platform itself.

Although it has subsequently been reported that the leak does not seem to include any personal account information that may jeopardize the security of user accounts, it does contain information on how much money Twitch has paid to broadcasters since August of this year.

That does not include the income generated by the channel’s owners from the popular YouTube channel they run, which reduces down copies of Twitch videos for YouTube viewers, and it does not include any advertising deals or other kinds of money produced by the channel.

It should be noted that these statistics only reflect money given directly to users by Twitch, and do not include money made from subscriptions or advertising income, as pointed out by Twitter users know something.

What it does not include is any money that broadcasters have made outside of Twitch, such as product sales, YouTube income, sponsorships, or any external contributions from fans.

The data reveals that 81 Twitch broadcasters have been paid more than $1 million by Twitch since August of this year, despite this caution.

Twitch Earnings Leak
Twitch Earnings Leak

Critical Role, a group of voice actors who stream Dungeons & Dragons sessions, comes in at the top of this ranking. As a result of Twitch payments over the last two years, they have earned more than $9.6 million, according to the leak.

Overwatch player xQcOW, Counter-Strike platers summit1g, Fortnite player Tfue, and FaZe clan co-owner Nickmercs are among those who have earned more than $5 million since August 2019.

Known as “Critical Role,” the channel is run by a group of voice actors who describe themselves as a “bunch of nerdy-ass voice actors.” They broadcast everything from elaborate “Dungeons & Dragons” campaigns to talk shows to lo-fi music.

Twitch streaming channel Critical Role is among a group of more than 100 popular channels whose revenue data appears to have been compromised as part of a massive Twitch data hack. Twitch confirmed the hack on Wednesday afternoon but did not provide any additional information about the data that was stolen as a result of the security breach.

On the anonymous message board 4chan, a torrent of a 125-gigabyte file containing information gleaned from the hack is currently circulating.

As the contents circulated on Wednesday, people began highlighting choice details from the data — such as the 100 highest-paid Twitch channels: