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Turpin Sisters Full Interview

Turpin Sisters Full Interview: Having pleaded guilty to 14 felony counts including torture and false imprisonment, her parents, David, and Louise Turpin are currently spending 25 years to life in state prison for their daughter’s Crimes. Jennifer Turpin, who assisted her sister in preparing for the escape, expressed her admiration for Jordan while watching the Sawyer interview.

She was also able to hear Jordan’s harrowing 911 call and see her conversation with responding officers thanks to Jordan’s body camera, which she said made her “so proud.” According to her, “I believe that is why I sobbed the most.” “I couldn’t have been more pleased with myself.” Jordan Turpin expressed his gratitude to the public for their support, saying it “means so lot to me.” “I’d lived my whole life believing that I didn’t matter and that I wasn’t loved,” she stated. “I’ve always had my siblings, and just my siblings, to rely on for support.

So when I realize that other people are concerned about me, I’m not sure what to make of it. It’s difficult for me to comprehend.” Jennifer Turpin and her sister Jordan Turpin will appear on “Good Morning America” on November 22, 2021. Following their arrest and sentencing, the Turpin children were forced to pick up the pieces of their lives and cope with the prospect of starting again after spending years apart from the rest of society. Some children claim that, despite the influx of public contributions to assist them, they have been abandoned by the state’s social services system.

Turpin Sisters Full Interview

“There are resources available to them that they are unable to access. They’re squatting in filth, and “The district attorney for Riverside County, Mike Hestrin, told ABC News that some of the adult children were involved in the case. “It is because they are living in crime-ridden areas. There is money available for their education, but they are unable to use it. This is the second time that they have been harmed by the system.”

When Jennifer and Jordan Turpin discovered for the first time that their parents’ captivity had come to an end, they shared their experience with Diane Sawyer in an exclusive interview with Diane Sawyer. Jennifer and Jordan Turpin are determined to make themselves the heroes of their own story, rather than the victims of others’ tragedies, despite their constant battles to get back on their feet and establish new routes ahead. Working at a local restaurant, Jennifer Turpin is also composing Christian pop music, which she wishes to share with the rest of the world. She also has ambitions to become a published novelist.

“I have my own house, and I just purchased a vehicle,” she said. “I have a kitty cat and a rabbit who are both gorgeous. Even when the going gets tough, I like my work.” Jordan Turpin completed her high school graduation in a year and is currently enrolled in college courses to further her education. She expressed an interest in pursuing a career as a motivational speaker. “It’s been quite difficult for me to comprehend why, you know, everything has transpired throughout my whole life,” Jordan Turpin said. “If I can utilize everything I’ve been through to make a positive influence in the world, I believe it will help me recover.”

What happened to Jennifer Turpin?

It wasn’t long after Jennifer Turpin’s children escaped their house of horrors that the 31-year-old turned to music as an outlet. While in the hospital room, she had her first taste of freedom and just started dancing. It was because of the music, she said to Sawyer. “I cleared a little area of the floor before I started dancing.” A fan of Christian pop singer Kelly Clarkson, she told Sawyer that her fantasy song is “Broken & Beautiful.” A published author is something that Turpin has hoped to achieve, although she hasn’t specified what kinds of novels she plans to create.

Turpin Sisters Full Interview

However, for the time being, she is employed in a restaurant and enjoys nothing more than going for a walk to get some fresh air. “Just being able to walk is a blessing in and of itself… She told Sawyer she wanted to go for an hour-long walk with her music. People take these simple things for granted, these little things that I think about it.

Jennifer Turpin and her siblings vanished without a Trace: On January 14, 2018, police responded to a 911 call from Jordan Turpin, who reported that his family was being held hostage and that several of his siblings were shackled to their beds. According to an exclusive interview with Sawyer, Jennifer recalls how her family’s home in Fort Worth, Texas, gradually became covered with dirt, trash, and mold after their move there. It wasn’t long before Louise, her mother, became prone to mood swings and would lash out at her children for even the most trivial of things. “I didn’t know what to expect from her,” she stated.

“Is she going to call me stupid or anything if I ask her a question?” will be pleasant and answer my query,” or will she yank me across the floor?” Gradually progressing from a state of neglect to outright cruelty, Turpin recalls being yanked from school to only learn the grade they were meant to be in in the event that anyone inquired about their whereabouts. Turpin attended school for three years, from first to third grade, during which time she wore the same clothing every day and was shunned by her fellow students. Turpin guessed that he might have smelled.

Turpin Sisters Full Interview

It was only later that I realized how stench-inducing our trash-filled homes were, but I didn’t understand it at the time I smelled. She admitted to Sawyer that she had once gone away, but she had returned the next day because she was frightened about her siblings. Turpin said her parents began chaining her brothers to the bed, often for months at a time, in the lead-up to their eventual release. After Jordan was nearly choked to death, the prospect of an escape began to take shape.

Over the course of two years, Turpin claims her sister took images of their mistreatment in order to plot her escape and seek help. They realized they had no time to lose when their parents declared they would be moving to Oklahoma, Turpin recalled telling her younger sister. In less than two hours, the police arrived with body cameras and arrested Jordan and Louise’s father and mother.


The six minors were placed in two foster families after spending several weeks in the hospital. Heart damage owing to deficiency of nutrition, cognitive problems, and neuropathy were all addressed by doctors. Five of the younger children were placed in foster care with a home where it was alleged that abuse had occurred. When they were adopted by that family in October of this year, they were being abused at the time. At least one Turpin child was allegedly victimized by the foster family, who were arrested and charged with many counts of child abuse.

ABC’s 20/20 did an investigation on the Turpin case for the special Escape from a House of Horror in November 2021, and the findings revealed that some of the children are now neglected by Riverside County social services, some are homeless, and none of the donated funds can be used by any of the Turpin children.

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