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Top 10 Innovative Products

Top 10 Innovative Products: Here are 10 innovative products that will blow your mind and make you want to spend all your money. But you won’t be able to do it since most of these products are still just ideas but they are pretty darn cool! Product innovation usually involves improving existing items, but it can also involve creating new ones.

Top 10 Innovative Products
Top 10 Innovative Products

#1 Dust-trapping Dust Pan: The most annoying thing about cleaning with a broom and a dustpan is all the dust, hair, etc. that gets stuck on the broom and still leaves some amount of dust.  With this Broom Groomer dustpan, you sweep the dust into the dustpan and run your broom through the comb at the back of the pan.

Idea By: Quirky

Dust-trapping Dust Pan
Dust-trapping Dust Pan


#2 Single-Serving Butter Knife: You will never have to worry about your intake of butter again. If you’re counting calories and watching your intake, this knife will ensure you are getting your desired serving.

Designer: Yeongkeun Jeong

Single-Serving Butter Knife
Single-Serving Butter Knife


#3 Drip-catcher Coffee Mug: The worst thing about drinking coffee in the morning, especially if you’re dressed nice, is that coffee tends to drip and stains your clothing.  With this drip-catcher coffee mug, you will not have to worry about it again.

Designer: Yeongkeun Jeong

Drip-catcher Coffee Mug
Drip-catcher Coffee Mug


#4 Fry Holder with Ketchup Pocket

This is pure genius.  You will never have to worry about where to place your ketchup without making a mess. Innovative product creation and launch immediately affect the market it sells in. It can also improve old items by listening to consumer feedback and adding new features and technologies.

Idea By: IF World Design Guide

Fry Holder with Ketchup Pocket
Fry Holder with Ketchup Pocket


#5 The Toast Launcher: This may be more fun than useful, but with the right aim, you can turn around to a lovely stack of toast.

Designer: Ivo Vos

The Toast Launcher
The Toast Launcher


#6 The Color-Scanning Pen: You will never need to buy a pack of color pens again.

Designed by: Scribble

The Color-Scanning Pen
The Color-Scanning Pen


#7 A Nut Collects Shells: This will reduce mess and will give you a more stylish and retro way of collecting nutshells.

Desigend By: Claus Jensen & Henrik Holbaek (2010)

Price €99.95 – Available at Eva Solo– Buy Here

A Nut Collects Shells
A Nut Collects Shells


#8 In-Wall Extension Cord: This in-wall extension cord will make your wall plugs more accessible when you want to move to a different area where access wouldn’t normally be available.

Designer: Meysam Movahedi

In-Wall Extension Cord
In-Wall Extension Cord


#9 To–Go Sandwich box: You can take your sandwich on the go without worrying about making a mess.

Desigend By: Ana Gabriela Castañeda Solano

To – Go Sandwich box
To – Go Sandwich box


Top 10 Innovative Products

#10 Wall Outlet with a USB Charger: Save your electrical plugs for your other electronics.

Examples & Benefits of Innovation Products: Making an idea or invention of items or services that buyers wish to buy. Developing new products and services ahead of the competition can help a company’s reputation and success. Understanding product innovation and why it is important can help you develop professional skills in any field. To better understand product innovation, this article defines it, outlines its benefits, and explores many types and examples.

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Wall Outlet with a USB Charger
Wall Outlet with a USB Charger

How does product innovation help?

Among the many advantages of product innovation are:

  • Making useful things: Producing a product that customers want and that solves or improves a problem
  • Increasing a company’s sales and earnings
  • Encourage staff and rivals to keep coming up with new ideas.
  • Process improvement can save money on product manufacture and other business expenses.

Not fostering product innovation can lead to market share losses, lower profits, and high employee turnover rates. Product innovation typically helps one of the following:

  • Time: New computer software that helps architects develop blueprints and floor designs three times faster.
  • Improving input and energy required to reach an objective, as in rockets, satellites, and other aerospace technology.
  • Making items that save consumers money or that are less expensive to produce, such as energy-saving light bulbs or solar panel technologies.
  • Improving a product’s performance, such as a computer’s speed or storage capacity.
  • Improving a product’s durability, availability, or reliability.
  • Reducing risks linked with product production or use, such as enhancing product safety or sustainability.
  • Improving a product’s intangible components such as moisture-wicking garment fabrics.
  • Companies and enterprises can flourish in product innovation through encouraging creativity, open discussion of ideas, and a healthy connection with leaders.

What is product innovation?

Product innovation falls into four categories:

  • Making a new product, like a smartwatch
  • Cloud computing is an example of radical innovation.
  • A new way of production or procedure, such as mass customization
  • Inventing new ways to manufacture or create goods and services, such as renewable energy

What is an example of a new product?


A new vehicle line-up is released every year, frequently with new features, designs, or technology. Automobiles have evolved from having manual windows to having power windows, and now include advanced features like self-driving automation.


A product initially utilized by businesses and salespeople in the 1980s, cell phones are now an everyday item for most Americans. Cell phones are now used to replace other equipment such as cameras, video cameras, and gaming devices, and have evolved into smartphones.

Top 10 Innovative Products
Top 10 Innovative Products


Before the early 1950s, TVs only exhibited black and white footage. TV screen sizes grew from modest to huge, initially advertised as furniture. Over time, product innovation has led to thinner, lighter, and more affordable TVs with voice activation and smart features.


For a long time, computers were solely employed by governments or businesses. Computers that formerly took up a whole room have evolved into personal desktop computers and then into compact laptops that can be used nearly anywhere.


This utilitarian jewelry can now do more than just tell time. With the help of product innovation, you can send texts, track your daily steps, set alarms, make and receive calls and take notes.


Fabrics, textures, and styles were also improved through product innovation. For example, wrinkle-free textiles made for office wear eliminate the need for ironing, and moisture-wicking fabrics used in athletic gear keep you cool and dry while exercising.

Locks for bicycles

Even a simple gadget like a bike lock may be improved. Key locks are now solar-powered gadgets with keyless entry, GPS, and crash or theft warning technologies linked to your phone or computer.


This travel essential has evolved from handled carrying cases to storage on wheels to smart devices with charging ports, Bluetooth technologies, keyless locks, and GPS locators.


This solution solves the difficulty of capturing selfies, which has become more frequent with camera phones. Since its creation in 2014, the phone attachment or grip has become one of the most popular accessories on the global market.

Payment modes

Product innovation benefits electronic payments as well. Consider credit cards. Safeguarding your accounts with pin and chip technology helps secure your accounts, while proximity technology now enables tap payments without swiping.


Product innovation, particularly disruptive technology, has changed paid transportation options, such as taxis.


Products are developed to meet consumer needs while reducing the environmental effects.