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    Top 20 Quotes about Strength

    Strength is actually a limit composed by your brain. It could be increased or even decreased depending upon the mindset you are taking with you. It heavily depends upon the dimensions of your thinking and believing. Motivation increases your strength…

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    Top 20 Quotes about Moving On in Life

    We all comes to a stage in our life where we have to move on because sticking to that old same thing will give nothing than pain to us. We have some emotional attachments but we have to hold them…

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    Top 20 Motivational working out Quotes

    Working out and losing fat or building up the body to get into the shape is dream for all of us but it requires hard work and hard work can’t be done without motivation. Motivation is always required when we…

  • 27 trekking quotes

    27 Trekking Quotes

    Trekking is such a hectic but adventurous hobby to attain . Those who love mountains and love to live among them must have this adventurous will to trek and conquer the world . They are so ambitious to reach the…

  • 20 Famous explorer quotes

    20 Famous Explorer Quotes

    Exploring nature and universe has the key role in inventing a lot of things and phenomenon that we have not known before and explorers in every age has shocked us with their discoveries . Instead of this , there should…