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Swan and Edgar Watches Review

Swan and Edgar Watches Review: The Swan and Edgar London watch’s packaging was not particularly appealing. However, once you open the square box, your interest is piqued. The watch’s dial is Stunning. There’s a lot going on, and it’s very appealing. The moon phase function was the feature that stood out the most to us. The rose gold against the white background makes the watch glisten and makes you want to put it on your wrist.

Swan and Edgar Watches Review
Swan and Edgar watches review

The minute counter is represented by the first index. It is written in plain black numerals that are large enough to read. In addition, there are bars between the 5-minute intervals. Even though the first index is not as visually appealing as the second, it is more functional. The wristband is very good. He is strong and not too rattley when you close the butterfly deployer with a satisfying click. The mid and end links are all strong – much better than the bracelets you tend to find in this price range for watches. Overall, the Swan & Edgar World Timer impressed me.

I expected a much more fashionable look from the renders on the website of the brand, but I have been pleasantly surprised to receive a solid-motion watch that looks good and oozes build quality. You’ll get a lot of attention to your money when you go beyond the sheer dimension and don’t mind wearing an homage to the Omega Speedmaster. This week, we’ll be taking a look at Swan and Edgar London, a company that’s closer to home. Adexe watches were the final UK-based watch we assessed. The model we’ll be looking at is the Rose Complexity Automatic.

The First Sight

Packaging for the Swan and Edgar London watch was a little less than appealing. Your interest is piqued, though, as you open the square box. The watch has a gorgeous dial. A lot is happening, and it’s all quite interesting. The moon phase function was the aspect that caught our eye the most. The contrast between the rose gold and the white dial is stunning, and it makes you want to wear the watch on your wrist right away. Since the Swan and Edgar watch values and production processes have remained the same for the past four generations, we are quite excited to evaluate this timepiece.


The minute counter is listed in the first index. It’s written in huge, legible numerals in simple black ink on a white background. In addition to the five-minute intervals, there are bars. In spite of its lack of style, the first index serves a more practical purpose. Rose gold-colored Roman numerals make up the second index. However, each hour is represented by two Roman numerals instead of one. The second numeral is formed by reflecting the first. The new design adds character and vitality to the dial, which is a good thing. The numeral is legible thanks to the reflection, and the rose gold contrasts well with the white background.

Hands and Dial

I’m reminded of my old Tag Heuer Aquaracer when I look at the dial, which has a horizontal line pattern similar to that. Aside from looking plasticky in low-light situations, the reflective surface is attractive when lit from the sides by the sun. I’ve seen better on other Swan & Edgar models, but the applied marks are edged in metal and look nice. The dial appears flatter than I expected when viewed from an angle. The mineral glass crystal has a date magnifier built into it. The moon phase can be found on the dial at 12 o’clock. In a way, it’s like watching a model of the moon come to life in tiny.

Swan and Edgar Watches Review

Even while it isn’t a need on a daily basis, it adds a lot to the watch’s aesthetic appeal and elegance. One of the watch’s most notable features is the function, which occupies a significant portion of the dial. I like the combination of the rose gold surrounding the moon phase and the blue color. Every 29.5 days, a new moon will pass through the aperture, completing the cycle of the function. Movements from a likely Chinese origin can be seen inside (Swan & Edgar do not specify what it is). Normally, I don’t examine the watch’s timekeeping accuracy as part of my reviews, but for the week that I had it, there were no issues.

Swan and Edgar Watches Review
Swan and Edgar watches review


Size: 43mm by 15.5mm It’s a big case, and it’ll take up a lot of room on your wrist. A huge dial, on the other hand, makes sense given the dial’s features and details. The watch’s lugs are curved, which serves to reduce the watch’s overall width. The case is well-fitting and pleasant to wear. Despite the bulky casing, swiping the wrist is easy. The mineral crystal lens provides the best possible clarity. While some glares and reflections may occur due to the position and angle of the watch, they aren’t a big deal. The lens is also slightly curved and domed around the edges, making it easier to read the index.

Dauphine-style hands are used on this watch. This is in keeping with the watch’s theme, which is basic and elegant. The rose gold color of the hands makes them easier to see against the white background. A unique rotor and an open back casing make the back casing far from boring. The rotor’s design and pattern are identical to those of the inside dial. The single, respectable-sized crowns complete the design elements on the case. Swan and Edgar London’s emblem is etched on the crown, which is a push-and-pull design with teeth cutouts.


Leather is used to make the strap, which has been hand-waxed tobacco brown. The strap is comfortable to wear because it fits snugly around the wrist. There is a lot of padding in the strap, which makes it quite comfortable. Enough slots are available to accommodate smaller wrists. Because there are no fast-release pins, this strap is the only real drawback.

Swan and Edgar London’s Limited Edition


A hand-assembled 210 Part 20 jewel movement powers the Swan and Edgar London Complexity. We don’t know the precise model or brand of the movement, but it’s trustworthy and the time accuracy is close to flawless. Every day, you may expect a time accuracy of about +/-10 seconds. A 42-hour power reserve can be expected if the movement is fully rotated.

Overall, the casing of the well is elegant. When it comes to its appearance, this watch has a shiny and attentive appearance thanks to the rose gold nickel-free IP coating. On the other hand, I discovered that the Swan & Edgar Sovereign Automatic was just a hair too big for my 7.5′′ wrists. The smaller-wristed should exercise caution. The inner dial includes a patterned/engraved design to complete the look.

What should you do: make a purchase, narrow down your options, or stay away entirely?

As is customary, let’s begin with the cost. London Complexity by Swan and Edgar costs $190 (€214) or $240 (USD). If you’re looking for a great watch at a reasonable price, this is it! Because of the watch’s many features and attractive appearance, it’s more than just a beautiful piece of jewelry. If rose gold isn’t your style, you can also get the watch in steel. Visit Swan and Edgar London to learn more about the model.