Summer Walker Break Up

Summer Walker Break Up
Summer Walker Break Up

Summer Walker Break Up: Summer Walker’s tumultuous relationship with London On Da Track seems to be coming to a head at the moment. A vicious attack on her ex-Instagram boyfriend’s account has been unleashed by the singer, who had been seeing him on and off since 2019 until calling it quits early this year.

A message from London about individuals who forget about those who have assisted them did not go over well with the mother of a single child. The music producer added in a tweet, “Thank you for your support.” “Never feel guilty about helping someone and then having them forget about it when they are in a better circumstance. A river that loses sight of its source will eventually dry up.”

The couple began dating in 2019 and immediately rose to the top of the hip-hop world’s most popular couples list.

Summer’s first album Over IT, released in October of this year, was mainly produced by London-based 29-year-old producer London, who worked on the record for a long period of time.

Summer allegedly stated on Instagram that she was single in the summer of 2020, prompting speculation that they had ended their relationship.

Summer Walker Break Up
Summer Walker Break Up

“I always seem to wind up with a male chauvinist, for some reason. Because I am an alpha female, I believe that when I think for myself and make my own judgments, it is seen as disrespect.”

“God bless him, he’s still a wonderful guy on the inside,” she stated in her letter.

A day later, the duo seemed to have reconciled, as they shared many photos of themselves together on social media.

After the birth of their daughter in 2021, the pair decided to call it quits.

In terms of their relationship, what have Summer Walker and London on da Track stated about one another?
Summer has shown her dissatisfaction with London’s performance as a parent in a number of ways.

Summer Walker attacked her ex-boyfriend in a recent Instagram post, referring to him as a “ghetto baby daddy from hell.”

In response to London’s treatment of their daughter, Summer voiced her displeasure.

Summer made her thoughts about London quite apparent on Instagram, stating, “you ain’t sh*t,” in the caption.

London On Da Track has two children from prior relationships, one of them is named London.

Summer has gone up about London’s connection with his other children, calling him “selfish” and accusing him of being “apathetic.”

She turned to Instagram, where she said, “I did all I could to persuade him to spend as much time with his other children as possible. He doesn’t want to since he is self-centered “…..

In March 2019, a video of London On Da Track clutching someone’s neck became viral on Instagram after it was shared by a friend of his.

Summer Walker Break Up
Summer Walker Break Up

When Summer mentioned it hurt, many were concerned since the producer did not let go of her hand in the video.

He was defended by Summer on Instagram, who said, “London was playing y’all buggin he would never attempt to respond damage me.”

Summer Walker and London on da Track have a total of how many children?
In March, the singer and producer became parents to their first child together.

Summer revealed the news of her and London’s impending pregnancy with a romantic Instagram image of her growing baby bulge.

In the adorable photograph, the R&B singer cradled her growing baby tummy and beamed at the camera.

To her X fans, Summer just posted a cute image of her kid, stating, “omg I want another one quickly.”

London is the father of three children: his daughter with Summer, as well as a son and daughter from a prior relationship.