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Sugar Metallic Liquid Lipstick Review

Sugar Metallic Liquid Lipstick Review: Sugar Amethyst Twist Lipstick is for those who are obsessed with black matte metallic lips and wish to go bold and gorgeous. People looking for vegan or cruelty-free items will be relieved to learn that this is a possibility. Metallic lipsticks, in my opinion, say “bold” better than anything else! Sugar Cosmetics’ SUGAR Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick series has just received six new metallic colours, and I am overjoyed.

Sugar Metallic Liquid Lipstick Review
Sugar Metallic Liquid Lipstick Review

Yes, this is correct. Furthermore, I am EXTREMELY HYPED!!! Let’s get down to business:

What is the business’s claim?

Your search for the ultimate “one-coat wonder” lip balm is over. With just one swipe, the SUGAR Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick will last all day and into the night, giving you a full-blooded surge of colour! You may wear this lipstick all day because it is date-proof, wine-proof, and coffee-proof. With so many stunning colours to choose from, it’s difficult to tell if you’re ready to commit to a long-lasting lipstick.

Finding Work:

For the best effects, apply it to your lower lip first, then your top lip. We suggest starting with the lower lip, pressing your lips together, and then filling in your Cupid’s bow. Close your mouth to give your lips more gloss.


All you need is one stroke to get an opaque, long-lasting colour that doesn’t budge or fade during the day. Mattifying Fix has a considerable amount of Vitamin E and is available in 36 gorgeous colours, ensuring that your clothing stands out.

Here are some more facts to Consider:

Tan Fan, Plum Yum, Rust Lust, Tangerine Queen, Rethink Pink, Wine And Shine, Suave Mauve, Greige Rage, Don Fawn, and Teak Mystique are among the colours available. This product has been dermatologically tested and approved to be 100% safe for your skin.

Sugar Metallic Liquid Lipstick Review
Sugar Metallic Liquid Lipstick Review

Additional Components:

Some of the ingredients in this product have been demonstrated to be safe and effective for use on the skin, including Vitamin E, Propylparaben, Propylene Carbonate, and Vitamin E. The Lipstick’s outside package has a stunning matte finish and displays the brand’s distinctive graphics. It has all of the necessary information. The lipstick itself comes in a rectangular, clear tube with a matte blacktop. The black cap has the “Sugar” symbol and shade name, as well as the number. It’s quite robust, making it excellent for travel. You’ll notice a lipstick bullet-like appearance at the end of the transparent tube. This is both sleek and modest!

An applicator is used to apply the product

A sponge applicator is included in the cap. It’s simpler to hold with a longer applicator stick. It’s a good idea to apply the product to your lips, especially the outside corners. The compact size of the wand allows for more control and precise application. The metallic tones are all gorgeous! Because they aren’t glitzy or reflective, you can wear them from day tonight. The fact that all of the colours work for all skin types is, in my opinion, the best feature.


In comparison to their non-metallic counterparts, metallic lipsticks last up to 12 hours longer on my lips. This is a fantastic idea. When you eat anything oily, it begins to wear off a little in the centre of your lips, but it does not move, smudge, or transfer. Furthermore, there was no smudging, fading, or feathering! To completely remove the smudge- and transfer-proof composition, utilise oil-based cleaners.

Colouration, Texture, and Formula:

Because these are extremely matte lipsticks, the formula is drying. It goes on softly and rapidly dries to an ultra-matte finish without any tugging. Even though these metallic lipsticks have a beautiful metallic finish, I find that they still appear soft and settled on the lips when worn. Each colour is highly pigmented and provides a rich, full-coverage colour. It won’t budge when it dries. Before applying this lipstick, make sure your lips are thoroughly exfoliated.

Sugar Metallic Liquid Lipstick Review
Sugar Metallic Liquid Lipstick Review

“Drop Dead Red” has amazing pigmentation, and only a small amount is needed to cover the lips. One application is sufficient. The application is not streaky, however, if the liquid lipstick is applied in many strokes, some areas of the lips appear darker. Although the liquid lipstick feels a little sticky when applied, this sensation does not last long. Because it dries so quickly, you can’t press your lips together as you would with other lipsticks because it would make the overall look patchier. Although the layering was not thick, the overall experience of the lipstick on my lips was strange.


  • Matte metallic shine with a little gloss.
  • The colours are all acceptable for all skin tones.
  • The colour is quite vivid.
  • Longevity is an advantage.
  • Outstanding craftsmanship.
  • Non-transferable.
  • Smudge-proof.
  • Fade-proof.
  • It has a very mild fragrance.
  • Dermatologically has proven safe for your skin.
  • Travel-friendly
  • Affordable
  • Because sugar is used in sugar cosmetics Do not use metallic liquid lipsticks on me.
  • Lips are abrasive.
  • It is difficult to remove.

Another of my favourites is the Real Teal, which is a colour you don’t see very often. I couldn’t figure out how to make it work with the transformer, Also, this lipstick makes my lips really dry, so I use a lip balm underneath it, which helps a little. If you’re going to use these liquid lipsticks, make sure you wipe your lips first. It will stick to the rough areas, making them much more noticeable. It creeps into the lips’ fine creases.

You see that we have a wide range of colour and coverage options

The new Melted lipsticks have a much thinner consistency than the originals, but they are still very smooth and lightweight. Among the metallic lipsticks I’ve tested, these accentuate my lip lines the least. On the other hand, the matte metallic finish appears to be inconsistent. Some colours, such as I Wanna Rock With You and Give It To Me, have a strong reflecting finish, whereas others, such as Pillow Talk, have a more satin-like finish. I don’t mind the more satiny formulas because they dry down like mattes.

Rust Doesn’t Need Anything Else If It Doesn’t Have That Sweet Smell Long-Lasting Lipstick

You may now have access to the lipstick of your dreams. Sugar Nothing Else Matter Longwear Lipstick is sure to make you swoon. Sugar is a lip colour with a smooth application, powerful water resistance, and an excellent opaque matte finish that isn’t heavy on the lips but provides velvety pleasant wear. These 11 extraordinary colours, each with a long wear life, were hand-picked to suit every mood. This is the finest option for ladies who prefer living their life on their own terms and are not bothered by the outside world in any way. Nothing else seemed to matter….

MAB’s Recommendation:

Metallic lipsticks are my absolute favourite Sugar Cosmetics creations, and I’ve always liked the idea of a metallic lip. This lipstick has a slight metallic sheen that I adore! These lipsticks are both flexible and pigmented, as well as comfortable on the lips. They can be worn without any other cosmetics, unlike other lipsticks that require a full face of makeup to appear beautiful. These are perfect for adding a splash of colour to any outfit! The product’s long-term wearability was the most surprising feature. You can elevate your make-up game to new heights with Sugar Smudge me not’s new metallic lipstick line.

Look no further if you’re seeking a metallic lipstick that’s both ultra-matte and long-lasting!