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Stephanie Davis Baby Dad

Stephanie Davis Baby Dad: Jeremy McConnell has fired back at those who have questioned his connection with his two-year-old son, Caben-Albi, claiming it’s “painful” not to be able to visit him after his tumultuous Relationship with Stephanie Davis ended in a divorce.

Stephanie Davis Baby Dad
Stephanie Davis Baby Dad

Jeremy, 29, met Hollyoaks actress Stephanie while competing on Celebrity Big Brother, and he and his girlfriend Katie McCreath, 35, are now expecting their second child together. Stephanie Davis is an ex-Hollyoaks actress who made news in January 2016 when she entered the Celebrity Big Brother house and fell in love with Jeremy McConnell, despite the fact that she was already seeing someone else. A year after they announced their separation, Steph said she was expecting a child with her boyfriend, Chris. A year after Stephanie Davis gave birth to Caben-Albi George Davis, Jeremy Mcconnell has come out for the first time, admitting he believes he is the biological father of the child.

When Steph and Jeremy first began seeing one other in the Celebrity Big Brother house last year, their relationship was fraught with tensions. When Steph cheated on her boyfriend Sam Reece with Jez, the CBB housemates began dating outside of the house, but Jeremy was subjected to a slew of infidelity rumors, the couple split up and got back together (a few times), and then Steph revealed that she was pregnant with his child. ‘If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t be here!’ Steph Davis, who recently divorced her fiancĂ© and had a miscarriage, sobs in front of her 4-year-old son Caben and tells him that she feels like the “worst mom” in the world.

Broke Romance With Oliver Tasker

She just broke her romance with Oliver Tasker following a miscarriage in September. On Thursday night, 28-year-old Stephanie Davis sobbed over her desire for a family unit, telling Caben, 4, that she feels like ‘the worst mother’ for ‘letting people into his life.’ The single soap actress shared a slew of personal videos on Instagram Stories, declaring, “Without Caben, I wouldn’t be here, and I feel terrible and horrible for him.” Heartbreaking: Stephanie Davis sobbed in front of her four-year-old son Caben on Thursday night, saying that she feels like “the worst mother” because she wants to create a family.

Stephanie’s divorced ex-husband, Jeremy McConnell, is the father of her child, which she told Caben after staying up late to put up Christmas decorations at his request. He appeared to have an old appearance, as she described him to her fans. It hurts my heart since he appears to be much older than he is. He’s always been my best buddy, and we’ve both struggled with the present issues. Her ex-husband, Jeremy McConnell, fathered her child, Jeremy McConnell after she remained up late on her own to decorate for the holidays.

Stephanie Davis Baby Dad
Stephanie Davis Baby Dad

Stephanie referred to her son as “the little man of the home” and said that the weight of the world is “on [her] shoulders” as tears streamed down her face. “It’s been a challenge,” she admitted. Prior to his birth, the prospect of seeing him without his spectacles broke my heart because he has always been our family’s mascot. It would have been good if I could have helped him out a little more. Plus, there’s more. Isn’t that how it goes every now and then? And now all that’s left is to keep going.

What can I do to learn more about Jeremy McConnell?

Jeremy and Stephanie dated for a few months after their time on Celebrity Big Brother in 2016. In May of the following year, Jeremy’s child was born to her, and she maintained her idea that the child is hers. Jeremy first rejected Steph’s pregnancy, but he later ordered a paternity test. He knew he wasn’t the baby’s father because she had her period after they broke up. He called his ex for a paternity test after the child was born while on vacation in Thailand. For the first time, Jeremy spoke out to The Sun Online, pleading with his ex-girlfriend to finally tell him if they are Caben-parents. Albi’s

In some ways, I believe the world is resting on our shoulders right now. I put up the tree for him now that he’s recovered, and he’s resting well. Right now, I believe I am the worst mother on the planet. ‘It’s been a little rough, but that’s life, right? I’m all over the place tonight.’ Despite the fact that she cried and admitted to feeling depressed, “Stephanie referred to her son as “the little man of our house,” referring to him as “the universe on her shoulders.” Stephanie later posted another video in which she reassured her fans that she was alright. It’s that time of year again, isn’t it? The going becomes difficult.

He stated, “I feel I am the father.” I see myself in the baby when I look at it. When I mentioned in the first two weeks of April that there was some doubt regarding the baby’s paternity, I never said it wasn’t mine. “I have no idea who she was sleeping with before we left for Cape Verde,” she says after a two-week split. Jeremy Kyle of This Morning used the same company, AlphaBiolabs, to conduct a live DNA test. On Twitter in February, Jeremy confirmed that the child was definitely his. With a picture of the infant monkey, the former CBB star stated on Twitter, “I’ll love this monkey with every piece of me.”

What about the other ‘rumored fathers’?

Johnson, Ishmael Joshua Ritchie revealed that Steph could be the father of Steph’s child during a talk about his anxieties that Steph would show up on his doorstep with her baby. I had a sexual relationship with Steph a year ago “On Dan Wootton’s Facebook live program, Joshua claimed. There’s a chance she’ll show up on my doorstep with the baby any day now. She gave birth to her baby on January 13 after a grueling 48-hour labor and delivery process. According to her spokesperson at the time, “We can confirm that our client Stephanie Davis has given birth to a baby boy in Liverpool today.”

Stephanie Davis Baby Dad
Stephanie Davis Baby Dad

“Both mother and child are doing well.” Despite the fact that he is no longer in Caben’s life, the tattooed reality star maintains that he is a “very loving father.” As he went on to say, “I never claimed the baby wasn’t mine; all I said was that there was a niggling question since she had been with other guys during the first two weeks of April.”

In June of last year, Jeremy categorically denied being the father of the father, telling Ireland’s TV Now Magazine: “I’m not planning on becoming a parent. If she is expecting a child, it is not my fault. “If I were a father, I’d be a hundred percent no, one hundred and ten percent the greatest father on the planet.”The effusive homage came to a close with: “Thank you for opening my eyes to the fact that real love exists and how easy it is to adore someone like you. “You will always be the love of my life, forever and always. Stephanie’s e-mail address is [email protected]” Compared to the days when she was suicidal, trying to find a job, and fighting an alcohol addiction, Steph has made a remarkable recovery.

Last year, she claimed she would have been “dead and buried” if it weren’t for Caben Albi, who was born in January 2017 – just after she and Jeremy had ended their relationship. Now, the Irish model has stated that he not only wants to collaborate with Steph in order to provide the best possible care for their kid but that he also chose to remain quiet and away from her throughout her pregnancy in order to avoid causing her or the baby any worry.

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