Sleepys Mattress Review

Sleepys Mattress Review

Sleepys Mattress:

Sleepy’s Mattresses may be a reputable retailer within us owned and operated by Mattress Firm, selling an array of the foremost reputable brands out there. The company’s founder created the primary store in 1931, namely Bedding Discount Centers. a few decades later, the owner’s son, Harry who had learned the trade, opened the primary Sleepy’s, home of the sole Mattress professionals in 1957.

Different mattress experts were trained to serve customers and ever since the corporate has grown strong with now over four decades of experience, becoming the most important privately-owned and operated specialty mattress retailer in America. It now has over 1000 stores across the states and a site with good customer service, which you’ll easily navigate.

Sleepys’s Specifics:

Sleepy’s is during an ll|one amongst|one in every of”> one among the most recent Mattress Firm brands to return onto the market — coming with both mattresses in a box and in-store offerings. Mattress Firm is using the legacy brand, Sleepy’s, which was once a well-liked mattress store chain as to how to entice customers. These mattresses feature all-foam and encased coil mattresses. While most customers like their Sleepy’s mattresses initially, there have been some that complained about durability.

Sleepys Mattress

If you’re concerned about future comfort, take a glance at our list of top-rated mattresses. Definitely, Brooklyn Bedding and Nectar mattresses cushions-rated comparable mattresses for concerning competitive prices.

Quality of Materials:

Sleepy uses a spread of mid-grade materials in their mattresses. All of their 3 mattresses contribute slightly to various materials. Overall, the large highlights are the pocketed coils and therefore the gel phase-change material. These elements are existing also in other top mattresses at contentious price points.

We’ll undergo each of their mattresses intimately below:

Sleepy’s Cool is their hottest mattress and has some nice features like cooling gel and contouring memory foam.

120 Night Sleep Trial:

As a neighborhood of Mattress Firm’s 120 Night Sleep Trial, you’ll try a mattress and if it’s not an honest fit you, you’ll exchange and/or return it within 120 days of delivery. First, there’s a $79.99-$99.99 re-delivery fee for your exchange. If the new model doesn’t compute, you’ll return the mattress with a return delivery fee of $79.99-$99.99, plus a restocking fee of 10% of your original mattress price, up to $250. The mattress must not be stained or unsanitary. They recommend you employ a waterproof mattress protector to avoid any issue. There are a couple of other legal addendums also, like don’t remove the tags.

Sleepys Mattress


Being a Mattress Firm branded line, Sleepy’s also serves from the warranty program. a conventional warranty comes together with your purchase and lasts for 10 years. it’s handled directly by Mattress Firm. you’ll submit your claim directly through the web site. you ought to get a reply from customer service within 5 business days.