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Simon Konecki Wiki: A businessman and entrepreneur from New York City, Simon Konecki (born April 17, 1972) is a British national who was born in the United States. “Adele” is a prominent singer in the business, and he is well-known in the industry as her ex-husband. Aside from that, he is a very successful businessperson. Simon is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a philanthropic organization called “Drop4Drop,” which he founded in 2008.

He is also a humanitarian in his spare time. At Lehman Brothers, Simon Konecki also worked as a foreign currency broker for a period of time. He is constantly striving to create a project that is ecologically beneficial while also benefiting the less fortunate. Simon Konecki is the CEO of a charitable organization, and he was born in April 1974.

The majority of his childhood was spent in New York, but he and his family relocated to London when he was ten years old.

Simon went to Eton and was a contemporary of Tom Parker-Bowles and Bear Grylls, as well as other notable figures.

His previous experience includes serving as a director of EBS, a subsidiary of trading behemoth Icecap, and leading teams of senior brokers at Lehman Brothers.

Simon Konecki Wiki
Simon Konecki Wiki

Nonetheless, driven by a desire to make the world a better place, he left up his city life to co-found Life Water, an environmentally conscious brand of bottled water in the United Kingdom, with his friend Lucas White.

As a result, they founded the non-profit organization Drop4Drop, which advocates for the provision of safe drinking water in developing nations.

Simon is the ex-husband of Adele, who is a well-known singer. Everyone who is a fan of Adele is aware that she filed for divorce from Simon in the year 2019. Adele set a divorce settlement of $ 140 million in April 2020, according to TMZ.

Simon was born on the 17th of April, 1974, in New York, to his parents, who raised him. Simon Konecki is 45 years old, and he lives in the United Kingdom (as in 2019). His father, “Andrew Konecki,” is the owner of a successful family company, while his mother, “Rosemary,” is a stay-at-home mom.

He spent his first ten years of boyhood in New York City alongside his sisters, Victoria Konecki and Alexandra Konecki, who are also actors. Afterward, in the year 1985, his family relocated to the United Kingdom, specifically to London.

Adele’s ex-husband went to a top boys’ school for his education before meeting Adele. Following that, he applied to and was accepted into Elton College for his graduation.

In his adult life, the English businessman was married twice. He had an extramarital affair with his first wife, “Clary Fisher,” in the year 2003. Simon and she were married in the year 2004 after they had been together for a year. There was a chasm between them from the very beginning of their marriage.

Simon Konecki Wiki
Simon Konecki Wiki

As a result, this relationship did not survive long, and he eventually divorced his first wife in 2008. After that, he was able to devote more time to his career. In 2011, he met the famous artist Adele for the first time. From the very first encounter, both of them had a strong like for one another.

On October 19, 2012, Simon Konecki became the father of his first child, a son called “Angelo James Konecki,” after one year of dating. Following that, the pair made the decision to work on strengthening their relationship.

After some time had passed, he tied the knot with his second wife, who they married in the year 2016. The pair had a happy marriage. Adele also lends a hand with Simon’s charitable foundation, “Drop4Drop.” Due to various miscommunications, both of them made the decision to file for divorce in the year 2019.

Following their divorce, his wife became the legal guardian of the kid. Adele, the renowned singer, reached a settlement with her ex-husband for $140 million in April 2020.