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Shark Iz251uktdb Review

Shark Iz251uktdb Review: Recommendation: Shark IZ251UKT Anti Hair Wrap Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner Flexible and powerful, the Shark IZ251UKT Anti Hair Wrap Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner with Flexology and TruePet delivers outstanding cleaning results. The IZ201UKT is a one-battery version of this vacuum cleaner.

Shark Iz251uktdb Review
Shark Iz251uktdb Review

Since the debut of its Anti Hair Wrap technology, which keeps rollers free of hair buildup, Shark is now expanding the technology’s application to additional goods in its line. With Flexology and TruePet technology, the Shark IZ251UKT Anti Hair Wrap Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner is the latest model to reap the benefits. To save time, we’ll stick to Shark IZ251UKT for the rest of this review. The IZ201UKT is a one-battery version of this vacuum cleaner. When it comes to vacuum cleaners, Shark is recognized for its incredibly adaptable designs, and this trait carries over to its cordless models as well. The IZ251UKT uses the same Flexology technology as previous Shark cordless vacuums. When folded in half, the wand can stand on its own, making it easy to wheel the vacuum into a cupboard for storage. Even when completely extended, the IZ251UKT tips over due to the weight of the batteries and bin.

  • The Shark IZ251UKT’s design and features make it a joy to use.
  • It’s easy to maneuver this vacuum cleaner just about everywhere.
  • The use of two batteries extends the battery life.
  • The controls are fantastic, with a button that allows you to activate the boost mode when necessary.

On top of all of that, there’s the motorized pet brush, which is designed to remove pet hair from furniture and the like; it can also be used to clean up stairways. Because the bin protrudes slightly, the motorized pet brush can’t get the proper amount of touch with it. The supplied 0.7-liter bin will need to be emptied a few times during a typical house cleaning. As long as the bin and filter are attached, they can be dumped into the bin while in handheld mode. I was able to aim and point all of the garbage directly into the bin, making the process of cleaning it out a breeze.

The vacuum Cleaner is fully Stretched

If the vacuum cleaner is fully stretched, Flexology reduces the vacuum’s height by about half to 1180x260x245mm. Unlike the Hoover H-Free 500, which requires you to remove clips, the Shark vacuum just presses a button and folds. Flexible wands can be bent away from you and moved over the floor without you having to bend down yourself, making it easier to get under furniture. An ingenious approach that makes it simple to get your hands on a shark like the IZ251UKT.

The DuoClean floor head is used while the vacuum cleaner is in stick mode. All sorts of floors can be tackled with this tool’s two rollers (one soft, the other brush). Additionally, this model features Shark’s Anti Hair Wrap technology, which uses combs to prevent hair from being tangled around the rollers. This is a great feature. We had no issues with the floor head coming up clean in our tests. It is possible to use this vacuum cleaner in handheld mode, with or without the extension wand, because it is a cordless vacuum cleaner. Despite its 4.1kg weight, I had no difficulty raising the Shark IZ251UKT up to clean the ceiling. The attachments can be used in handheld mode. You’ll get a crevice tool, an upholstery tool, and a velvet-like dusting brush with anti-allergen strips. Using the switch on top, you may choose between carpet and hard floor settings on the vacuum. The speed of the DuoClean head’s motorized brushes is only affected by this. The suction power can be increased for more tough areas using the Boost mode, which is activated by a separate trigger.

  • The Shark IZ251UKT is an excellent performer when it comes to cleaning up messes and pet hair.
  • Hard and carpeted floors operate well; edge pick-up might be improved.
  • Will not get tangled in pet hair when sucking it up.
  • More than enough time is provided by dual batteries to deal with a whole house.

The Shark IZ251UKT performed admirably on its default power setting. When a teaspoon of flour was smeared all the way up to the skirting board on the carpet, the majority of the flour was removed in a single pass, with the exception of a small amount on the skirting board.

Using a slider, a dirty carpet, and a clean one:

Once again, this Shark IZ251UKT performed admirably on a hard surface, removing every last particle of my spilled rice in the process. That’s impressive given that I utilized the regular power hard floor mode. Dirty carpet (left) vs. Clean carpet (right) – drag the slider to see the difference! Using my four cats’ hair, I combed it into the carpet’s fibers. With the Shark IZ251UKT in carpet mode, I used the Turbo button to sweep it. This swab removed all of the hair.

What’s your opinion on the Shark IZ251UKT Anti Hair Wrap Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner?

The Shark IZ251UKT is a good value for the features it offers, including twin batteries and a variety of accessories. All surfaces are well-served, and I appreciate the ease with which the Boost mode can be activated for more difficult spills. As with Shark’s other vacuums, this one features the same remarkable Anti Hair Wrap technology. Pickiness aside, I’d want to see the IZ251UKT stand up when extended and improve edge pick-up. But if you’re looking for a different type of cordless vacuum cleaner, check out my list of the best cordless vacuum cleaners.


Since this vacuum is so easy to set up and use, you won’t have to worry about any of that. Carpet, hardwood, and a flight of stairs In my experience, the Shark Anti Hair Wrap & DuoClean IZ251UKTDB consistently removed hair from my floors and left the carpet, tiles, and parquet looking spotless. In order to minimize the time I spent vacuuming, I didn’t have to go back over regions where debris had been missed.


The floorhead of this vacuum cleaner was easy to control and did a good job up to the edges, but it didn’t get as close to the skirting boards as I’ve found with some other vacuums from the same company. Even though it weighs only 4.1 kilograms, I didn’t feel it was too heavy to carry up and down the stairwells. If you find upright and cylinder vacuums difficult to maneuver between levels, the slender profile of this vacuum could be an excellent alternative. Because of the vacuum’s cordless stick design, the weight is focused at the top, so it may take some getting used to if you aren’t used to this sort of vacuum. For me, using the wand to vacuum above the floor was a two-handed effort, even when using the portable vacuum for stairs or upholstery.

Shark Iz251uktdb Review
Shark Iz251uktdb Review

Using reflexology, Shark’s tool may be slanted from a straight position to one that’s more natural to the user’s hand. It’s a good investment because it allows you to vacuum beneath mattresses and other furniture with legs. The floorhead wasn’t as easy to steer as it is when used with the rigid wand, but that was the only drawback for me. However, it was still a valuable feature that allowed me to do a full cleaning of each room’s floor. For those who have difficulty cleaning their staircases with their current vacuum, this model may be a good option. I utilized the handheld to perform the task and was delighted by how light it was. Teamed with the motorized pet tool (see below) it did an exceptionally thorough job and was easy to use on steps and risers, especially on the irregularly curved first step.

I was pleased with the Shark technology’s performance as well. Anti Hair Wrap is a feature that prevents hair from building up around the brush roll, whether it’s yours or the hair of your four-legged family members. My conclusions? This is unquestionably true. I saved a lot of time and effort by not having to unwind and clean out the brushes of the floorhead or the motorized pet tool because neither human hair nor the bountiful contributions produced by my small animal companions got caught in them.

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