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Royal Wolf Container Prices

Royal Wolf Container Prices: Price & Speed containers are now owned by Royal Wolf. It has been announced that Royal Wolf Australia has bought the container rental and sales divisions of Price & Speed Containers, as well as the modification section. A quarantine facility, container depot operations, permanent cold storage, and a container rental, modification, and sales business are all based at the Botany site in Sydney’s south-eastern suburbs.

Royal Wolf Container Prices
Royal Wolf Container Prices

In Australia, the Kevin Malouf family-owned business Price & Speed Containers sells new and used storage containers for a variety of uses such as storing goods, providing temporary housing for construction workers, providing cold storage, and setting up mobile bars and other modular site facilities. British company Price & Speed Containers was an obvious choice for Royal Wolf, according to Royal Wolf CEO Neil Littlewood. The acquisition enhances Royal Wolf’s business in Sydney, which already exists. About 570 of the company’s 720-unit rental fleet is now in use by 230 different customers. As Neil explains, “We are thrilled to have so many new consumers joining the Royal Wolf family.”

Royal Wolf has a comparable mix of units in its fleet, although Price & Speed has a younger fleet and more refrigeration units. According to Neil, “We are optimistic that this acquisition will expand and strengthen our market-leading position in Sydney and New South Wales.” The acquisition process is expected to be completed successfully. The 26 years of Royal Wolf’s existence have been dedicated to service and innovation. We will continue to provide containerized solutions throughout Australasia, including container rental, container sales, and container design innovation.

Shipping containers for hire and for sale

Our shipping containers can be used for a variety of purposes, including residential, commercial, and industrial. Royal Wolf can help you select a shipping container that meets your needs, whether you need a storage container for your home or a modified shipping container for your farm. Royal Wolf offers shipping containers in a variety of sizes, including 10ft, 20ft, and 40ft containers. 1300 651 700 is our sales and rental phone number if you have any questions or concerns.

Royal Wolf Container Prices
Royal Wolf Container Prices

The following shipping containers are available for hire/sale/modification:

Royal Wolf is pleased to be Australasia’s largest provider of shipping container hire, sales, or specialized modification with more than 25 years of experience and company-operated locations throughout Australia and New Zealand. With the introduction of our new Wolf Lock Safety Container, we’re able to offer even more storage options to our customers. Shipping containers can be purchased or rented from Royal Wolf’s 24 facilities around Australia. For a variety of purposes, shipping containers can be found in various sizes ranging from 8 feet to 40 feet in length. They can be used for everything from general storage to intermodal freight to removals to retail to mining and defense. We can offer shipping container modification services if you have unique needs.


Since its invention more than 60 years ago, shipping containers have revolutionized global trade. With the advent of personalized container solutions, they’re doing it all over again. Australia’s leading supplier of shipping containers, Royal Wolf, has developed unique transport container products for its Intermodal and Freight customers to meet their specific needs. According to Royal Wolf’s National Intermodal Manager Michael Horne, “We are problem solvers.”. “We don’t offer a shipping container solution that fits all because every one of our customers has highly specialized and distinct needs when it comes to logistics and containerizing their freight,” says a company representative.

Perfect for delivering items to Numerous locations

In addition to the standard 20-, 25-, 40- and 48-foot curtain-side and hard-sided containers, the company also offers a variety of side-door containers, which are perfect for delivering items to numerous locations. There are “thermally efficient” lightweight refrigerated containers (reefers) available from Royal Wolf as well. It is becoming more common for Royal Wolf to adopt a container solution to a company’s specific logistics and transportation needs, which helps boost efficiency and minimize damage to the freight.

Royal Wolf Container Prices
Royal Wolf Container Prices

The correct container, according to Mr. Horne, is critical for logistics companies transporting goods throughout Australia to maximize loading and capacity for their items. A wide variety of items are transported in our shipping containers, from food and household goods to industrial equipment. Everything from nappies and vehicles to frozen prawns and cement is included on this list. If products are to arrive at their destination in good condition, logistics businesses must guarantee that they are properly packed during transportation. “We’re working on ways to make this happen,” we say. Toll, Linfox, Pacific National, K&S Freighters, and Northline are among Royal Wolf’s most important logistics and freight customers.

In a recent project for Linfox, the company built a lightweight container with aluminum mezzanine decks that allowed pallets to be double stacked without fear of harm to the bottom layer. The container’s tare weight was decreased by 2,000 kilograms as a result of the devised solution, which saved our customer money on rail fees without impacting the quality of the products being transported. Mr. Horne believes that rail transit in the mid-2020s and beyond will become more significant for logistics companies as a result of the Inland Rail project currently under construction. Royal Wolf will continue to make investments in cutting-edge technology to better serve our clients now and in the future.

Environmentally friendly and cost-effective transportation

“We are in favor of environmentally friendly and cost-effective transportation methods, such as rail.” Companies are seeking ways to cut costs, and we can provide them with a straightforward but extremely effective containerized solution to that problem. Royal Wolf has 24 locations around Australia where you can buy or rent secondhand shipping containers. Used and second-hand shipping containers are available for sale at our facility. Customers can select the ideal shipping container for their needs and budget by choosing from a choice of sizes and quality grades (eight-foot, ten-foot, twenty-foot, or forty-foot).

Royal Wolf Container Prices

Our 10ft shipping containers can be hired or purchased, and they are a sturdy and safe portable storage solution. Compared to a regular storage container, Royal Wolf’s 10ft shipping containers have an additional 30cm in height and 6cm in breadth, making them ideal for people with limited space. While the increased height is useful for taller objects, the extra width only leaves allows for two Australian standard pallets to be placed side by side on the floor.


  • All-weather and vermin-resistant
  • Safely keep all of your extra personal and professional belongings.
  • Corrosion-resistant steel of high tensile strength
  • The setup is a snap.
  • Totally secure
  • Totally transportable
  • Adaptable to a wide range of uses
  • Allows them to fit in confined locations with a small footprint because they are half the size of a normal shipping container.
  • Infallible in every way
  • It’s perfect for home renovations and workplace expansions, as well as extra storage.
  • It is possible to obtain certification for free for international freight and domestic rail travel.

Often referred to as “one trip,” Royal Wolf’s 10ft shipping containers have been carried to Australia with cargo to save money on shipping costs. They may have small blemishes, scuffs, or dents. At no additional cost, we will certify your one-way containers for international shipping or domestic rail transport.

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