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Rochelle Hager Net Worth

Rochelle Hager’s net worth: ($ 100Thousands) Rochelle Hager’s Net Worth is Estimated 1 million Approx per Show. The highlights of a Tiktok star Rochelle Hager come with a piece of disconcerting news. On 29 March 2021, in a car accident, the TikTok star lost his life. She was one of the famous Internet figures. Her TikTok videos with her partner Brittany have got enormous popularity and fame.

Rochelle Hager Net Worth
Rochelle hager net worth

Roe was another name for Rochelle Hager. Her death was confirmed by Brittanie, who was her partner. Brittanie shared the news of her death on TikTok. She shared a video of Rochelle and her car accident on March 29. On TikTok, she had over 1.2 million likes and over 123,000 followers. Known Tiktoker Rochelle Hager is a supporter of the LGBTQ community. She dies on Monday, March 29, 2021, due to a bizarre accident. Maine, Knowlton Corner Road in Farmington was the scene of the collision.

Death Factor in the Case of Rochelle Hager

Police in Farmington discovered that a tree had fallen on Rochelle’s Nissan Rogue 2015 during a wind storm and that she had died instantly as a result of the impact. Hager and her fiancée Brittanie were talking on the phone when the accident occurred. As far as Brittanie is concerned, it all happened in a flash. “Her vent is mounted with a phone. “All I could hear was a smash, and then nothing.” According to the sources, Roe’s automobile was hit by a tree because of the strong winds.

Roe was driving at the time. I couldn’t save her. Locals rushed to the scene, but Roe had already died. When Brittanie Lynn Ritchie posted a picture on Instagram on March 30, 2021, she said, “We need you, make sure you simply come home. Because of your influence, I am unable to carry out my lifestyle without you.

What is Rochelle Hager’s current age?

Does Rochelle Hager look like she’s been around for a while? Since she was born on November 30, 1990, she has been 31 years old as of 2021. In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, she was raised by her parents. Her mother and father are largely unknown. On the other hand, you may count on us to keep you updated as soon as possible. Hager has a younger sister, Deanna Marie, whom she adores and with whom she frequently exchanges Instagram images. In Florida, Hager studied at a culinary school.

Who Is Rochelle Hager’s BF?

Her marriage to Brittanie Lynn Ritchie, a well-known TikToker, ended at the age of 28. They met in June 2020 through a common friend and plan to wed in October 2021. Jensyn, a 9-year-old daughter, and Trestyn, a 4-year-old son, are Brittanie’s children from her previous marriage. Jensyn gets a lesson in cooking from Hager. Ritchie Hager tweeted a picture of himself and Rochelle Hager, captioned “I shall for good be there to chortle with you,” “to lift your spirits when they are low,” and “to appreciate all of our adventures in existence together” on Feb. 5, 2021.

Rochelle Hager Net Worth
Rochelle Hager Net Worth

“Screaming happy 31st birthday to the female who made me feel in love yet again, who typically takes my mental well-being first and who has grown to be my oldest son’s very best pal,” Brittanie wrote on Instagram on Nov 30th, 2020. You have no idea how well I know you. “Baby, I really like having you around.” A pine tree toppled on Rochelle Hager’s automobile in Maine, killing the TikTok star and LGBTQ advocate. The Sun Journal said that the executive chef, a 31-year-old woman from Waterville, was noted for her energy.

Rochelle Hager’s Net Worth

A pine branch struck the roof of Hager’s 2015 Nissan Rogue as he drove south on Knowlton Corner Road in Farmington, according to the local newspaper. According to the Sun Journal, the woman died instantly. Ritchie informed Central Maine that she was talking on the phone with his fiancee, Brittanie Lynn Ritchie. According to Ritchie, “we were getting married on October 16 we had already bought the venue, the photographer and everything.”

When Hager’s life was suddenly disrupted, Ritchie and Ritchie were planning their wedding. Ritchie revealed to that he and his fiancee plan to tie the knot on October 16, 2021, as previously reported. On the day of Hager’s death, they had spoken by phone. “It went by in a flash,” Ritchie said. Using his air vent, he has a phone connected to it. Nothing happened after I heard a crash. He didn’t anticipate the tree’s approach. In the blink of an eye, ” In addition to her time at TikTok, Rochelle formerly held the position of executive chef at The Woodlands in Waterville and the position of chef at Amici’s Cucina. On the 29th of March 2021, we had to say goodbye to her.

Ritchie thanked his TikTok fans in a video he shared about his loss

For all of your help, I’d want to express my gratitude…. Many of you have inquired about what happened, and I was unable to respond because I was not yet ready. She sobbed as she said, “It’s brand new.” That was until today when I went to get her belongings out of the car. “There was a tree falling down.” Hager’s TikTok account, where he posted videos of his regular activities, has nearly 200,000 followers. Hager Had a Significant Impact on the Senior Community as a Chef at The Woodlands

Infancy and Childhood

Rochelle Hager was born in Florida, United States, under the sign of Sagittarius. Her parents were devout Christians, and she was born on November 30th, 1989. She was an American national and an ethnic American-white because of her birth in the United States. Her ethnicity was described as “white,” and she had just turned the big 3-0. Human Body – Weight and Height. Rochelle Hager had an ideal height and weight for her age and size. Her physical appearance may be described as average. Short black hair and dark brown eyes were her only distinguishing features.

Friends and coworkers at The Woodlands remember Hager fondly for her work as executive chef. The Woodlands’ director of operations, Benjamin Smith, told that Hager is seen privately by the senior community. Elderly residents in Woodlands in Park Residences often need assistance beyond the scope of their jobs, and their caretakers often go above and beyond. In the words of Smith, “she has had a huge impact on the residents he helped.” An employee’s attitude or aura can make all the difference in the lives of the elderly people we assist,” says the author.

In addition, she had been drug-free for ten years. Moreover, her fiancé claimed that she was standing up for that neighborhood. “We had a large number of TikTok fans, and our focus was on spreading joy and laughter to as many people as possible. The kind of person she was, “Ritchie said in an interview with” She was a strong champion for overcoming addiction and has been sober for over a decade now. He went to culinary school in Florida when she got over it. I had a terrific time. “

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