Phish Concert San Francisco Death

Phish Concert San Francisco Death
Phish Concert San Francisco Death

Phish Concert San Francisco Death: Initially, a spokesperson for the famous jam band referred comment inquiries to Chase Center authorities. Neither Phish nor the event organizer Another Planet Entertainment, headquartered in Berkeley, have made any social media comments on the occurrences.

Anastasio identified all three fatalities on Tuesday, stating that the second fatality was Keith Thompson, the spouse of one of the band’s friends, Carrie Thompson. He is now hospitalized.

“We want to give him our love,” the singer said.

According to San Francisco police, a concertgoer who died after falling from the top level of a basketball stadium “leapt from an elevated section of the venue.”

“Immediately before to the victim leaping, he seemed to be in no physical contact with any person or barrier/railing,” Officer Grace Gatpandan said in a statement Tuesday.

The American jam band Phish was playing at Chase Center Sunday when on-duty cops were notified just before 9 p.m. to a guy who had reportedly fallen and required medical assistance, police said. The 47-year-old guy was pronounced dead.

Phish Concert San Francisco Death
Phish Concert San Francisco Death

Officers on duty were notified almost an hour later, at 9:45 p.m., to another man who had fallen. He, along with the guy he fell on, was transported to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. The police have not said what triggered the incident.

The Golden State Warriors play their home games at the Chase Center.

According to a spokesman for the venue and the Warriors, the stadium was safe.

“Chase Center was constructed and is managed in compliance with all applicable safety rules and regulations governing similar facilities in the state of California and the city and county of San Francisco,” Kimberly Veale said.

According to CBS station KPIX, the guy wounded in the second fall had relocated from his allocated seat in the top tier to a flatter, more sheltered location because he “didn’t feel comfortable dancing there.” Evan Reeves of Oakland, whose leg was damaged in the accident, was permitted to see the remainder of the performance by an on-site doctor while waiting for his wife to pick him up and take him to the hospital.

He also named Evan Reeves, a 44-year-old Oakland resident who Thompson hit. Reeves fractured his leg but was allowed to complete the performance in a wheelchair by the venue’s on-site doctor before being transported to the hospital.

“Therefore, Evan!” To the applause of the crowd and a drum fill from the band, Anastasio said.

He immediately adopted a more solemn tone in response to the tragedy.

“We extend our love and condolences to the Prosser family,” Anastasio added. “However, I’d want to briefly say a few words to everyone. I’m sure this impacted everyone, and some of the individuals who were in the vicinity of this incident felt a great deal and saw this. I’m extending my love to everyone… we all are, speaking as a band.”

Phish Concert San Francisco Death
Phish Concert San Francisco Death

Warriors and Chase Center spokeswoman Kimberly Veale told The Chronicle that venue management is awaiting “findings from appropriate authorities” before commenting on the events.

“Whenever you have a sequence of activities involving big numbers of people, things will happen,” Anastasio said. “However, I’m not sure I can really explain how much we feel a sense of belonging to this community of individuals who are here tonight and every night.

“We are well aware and believe that we are simply four more members of this group who happened to be up here when you guys stood there. However, when something like this occurs, it profoundly affects us, and we want to express our love.”