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Pauline Hanson Facebook

Pauline Hanson Facebook: More than 550k people like Hanson’s Facebook show! Pauline Hanson claimed that more than 500,000 Facebook users watched her “Lonely Hearts” New Year’s Eve live feed. For six hours, until midnight Queensland time, Senator Hanson and her chief of staff James Ashby took calls from all over the nation on television in front of more than 550,000 viewers. According to her remark from earlier this week, this is a first for Australian politics.

Pauline Hanson Facebook
Pauline Hanson Facebook

Most significantly, she added, “the show gave me the chance to speak honestly to Australians across the country, with no issues off bounds.” Only about 100 of the roughly 720 calls that her team received and which ranged from family law to dairy farming to fires and indigenous issues were broadcast. It was also mentioned in the Al Jazeera show that Mr. Ashby and the party’s Queensland leader, Steve Dickson, met with US gun lobbyists. On Talkback, a New South Wales rural firefighter, a student from Hong Kong studying in Sydney, and a cleaner from Queensland’s Sunshine Coast all discussed their employment experiences back home.

Senator Hanson said on Facebook that the goal of the calls was to end loneliness as part of the Lonely Hearts 2020 campaign. She stated that she has received calls from women and men who are unable to visit their children about family law issues. My heart breaks for parents who are unable to see their children, she said. The Mandatory Code of Conduct for the Dairy Industry, which Senator Hanson championed, entered into effect on Wednesday, and the Family Law Inquiry, which she launched, will shortly get underway.

Pauline’s New Fight Down to a Smart 9-Year-Old

Another hit for Pauline Hanson. So what have you done? She unexpectedly got into a fight with someone in an unplanned Facebook video, where she ultimately embarrassed herself. This time, a nine-year-old is awake, and it is obvious that the nine-year-old is winning. Harper Nielsen, a nine-year-old Brisbane student, was taken into custody after she refused to stand during the national anthem at her school this morning.

Pauline Hanson Facebook
Pauline Hanson Facebook

She also made a persuasive case for why the song is inaccurate, telling the ABC that it “disregards the Indigenous Australians who were here before us for approximately 50,000 years” when it states “we are young.” “Advance Australia Fair” originally referred to “advancing the white people of Australia.” Pauline Hanson shows up after a few hours have passed. Pauline Hanson responded to the narrative in an unplanned video that was posted on social media. As Hanson gradually becomes drawn into her own thinking and becomes progressively agitated when she can’t escape, you get the impression that you’re seeing a strange patriotic timelapse. In any case, it’s something similar.

One of Pauline Hanson’s most famous quotes is “What heck is going on?” “I’m furious about this,” I reply

There are laws in our country,” Hanson insists before realizing that there is no law requiring listeners to rise from their seats when the national anthem is playing. When she tries to answer her opponent’s genuine point, it doesn’t go well. She responds, “Well, they were here 50,000 years ago, we’re not youthful and free,” in reference to the indigenous peoples. How about the native peoples? She immediately refutes the nine-year-claim old’s that “Well, it’s not about that.” However, Hanson isn’t letting up, calling the child “brainwashed” and threatening to “kick her in the behind.” because listening to the national anthem while sitting is less offensive than abusing children.

As you well know, I’m not new to standing my Ground

However, we’re dealing with a little child who has no idea about the past, the present, or what needs to be done to bring everyone together. No matter where we are from, we are all Australians. “This divides people.” She goes on to denounce “this transgender sex nonsense, this Safe Schools problem, and other examples of apparent ‘brainwashing’ in schools” in her subsequent remarks. Take into account the fact that Hanson is infamous for dividing people and claimed that Australia was being “swamped” with Asian immigrants when she first entered politics.

Pauline Hanson Facebook
Pauline Hanson Facebook

This is Hanson’s final opportunity, and she plans to use it against the nine-year-old. The only Indigenous Australians she can think of are Cathy Freeman and Warren Mundine, and she cites their example to demonstrate that “there’s fantastic, y’know, people of various cultural origins.” Aboriginality. They are seeking a sense of community. This youngster has chosen the wrong road because of her parents’ disregard, and I hold them accountable. No, she ought to be expelled from the school.


Pauline Lee Hanson (née Seccombe, formerly Zagorski; born May 27, 1954) established and serves as the party’s leader for the right-wing populist One Nation. Hanson has served as Queensland’s senator in Australia’s Senate since the 2016 Federal Election. In her home state of Ipswich, Hanson ran a fish and chip shop prior to entering politics. She was preselected for the Division of Oxley in Brisbane, where she had been a member of the Liberal Party since 1995, for the 1996 federal election. She lost the endorsement of the Liberal Party just before the election because of her divisive comments towards Aboriginal Australians, but her name was still on the ballot.

Hanson went on to co-found One Nation and become the only MP for the party in 1997 after winning the election as an independent. She attempted to switch to the Blair Division in the 1998 federal election, but she was unsuccessful. After rejoining One Nation in 2013, Hanson was re-elected as leader in 2014. She narrowly lost the 2015 Queensland state election, but she and three other party members won seats in the Senate in the 2016 federal election. She was re-elected in the 2022 federal election.

All eyes are on you:

Hanson lives on a sizable estate close to Beaudesert, Queensland. She also has a residence in the Hunter Valley in New South Wales. She and her younger children were constantly being watched by security agents for extended periods of time each day throughout Hanson’s first term in office. Hanson was essentially always escorted, even when she was accompanying her younger children to and from activities and school, where they were mostly hidden from public view.

Pauline Hanson Facebook
Pauline Hanson Facebook

After receiving the mail at Hanson’s office, the mail was transported to a different location and inspected before being returned to the office. It’s crucial to cite your sources. In 2006, Hanson attained his real estate license.

A list of books that have been released is provided below:

Soon after she was elected to the Australian Parliament, Pauline Hanson’s book Pauline Hanson the Truth: on Asian Immigration, the Aboriginal Question, the Gun Debate, and the Future of Australia was published. According to this book, among other things, Aboriginal women would eat their children, and tribes would cannibalize one another. These accusations of cannibalism, according to Hanson, were made to “show the barbarism of Aboriginal society,'” she told reporters.

According to David Ettridge, executive director of the One Nation Party, the allegations in the book were intended to dispel “misconceptions” about Aboriginal history. These alleged misconceptions are said to have an impact on the funding for indigenous welfare. He questioned whether it was possible to feel sorrow for those who devour the young bodies of their own children in light of the opposing belief that we ought to feel some pity for contemporary Aboriginal people in light of their past suffering.

According to the book, Australia will be led by a lesbian of Chinese and Indian ancestry named Poona Li Hung in 2050. After the book’s release, Hanson maintained for a while that it was actually “authored by some other people who actually put my name to it.” She also stated that despite the fact that a sizable portion of the book bore her name, she was completely unaware of its existence.