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Natalie barr salary

Natalie barr salary: Natalie Barr is one of our favorite morning show hosts in Australia. And, though she seems happy to keep up the early mornings (for the time being), the Sunrise star recently changed up her living arrangements. The 50-year-old presenter and her husband Andrew Thompson recently sold their four-bedroom family home in Mosman, a posh Sydney suburb, for $3.6 million, with a settlement on January 22.

Natalie barr salary
Natalie barr salary

In 2016, the couple paid $3.2 million for the home, which was sold one day before auction in early December. It’s easy to see why the Sunrise host chose to move in, with luxurious views of Sydney Harbour, incredible outdoor spaces, and a variety of high-class features. Natalie Barr’s net worth is estimated to be around $2.75 million dollars. She has put in a lot of effort and shown a high degree of engagement to get to where she is now. Her determination and hard work have allowed her to amass such a large net worth. She is a high-paid journalist and news presenter and her estimated salary is above $100,000. 

Australian journalist and television presenter Natalie Anne Barr (born March 19th, 1968) is one of the country’s best-known journalists. Currently, Barr is a co-host of Sunrise on the Seven Network with David Koch. She previously worked as a Sunrise news anchor. Natalia Barr is a journalist from Australia. News and television presenter is another title that she has earned for herself. She is presently a news anchor for the Sunrise program on the Seven Network. She and her family are currently residing in Sydney. She adores her hubby with all her heart.

The Husband of Natalie Barr

Andrew Thompson, a commercial television editor, is the husband of Natalie Barr. On December 9th, 1995, they exchanged wedding vows and began their life together as a married couple. Since then, they’ve been blissfully married. They are the proud parents of two adorable children. It was on September 26, 2001, that they welcomed their first child, Lachlan, into the world. Their second child, Hunter James, was born on June 3, 2005. She knows exactly how to divide her time between her family and her job. In addition to her husband, she has a cat named Flash whom she considers a member of the family and is really fond of.

She has everything she could ever want. accompanied by a caption, she shared a series of photos on Instagram. “I hired a small launch team.” Her favorite pastime is taking family holidays. On Instagram, she shared a photo with the comment, Our time together is over. Her job requires her to travel frequently, and she appears to enjoy it. After selling their home in Mosman, Natalie Barr and her husband Andrew Thompson have decided to remain a tenant in the area. They paid $2500 a week for a house that was posted for rent.


Currently, Barr anchors Sunrise on Seven, where she has been since July 2008. She co-hosts Seven Early News with Mark Beretta. The Seven News Sydney occasionally uses Natalie as a fill-in anchor. Chris Bath and Mike Munro were chosen as co-hosts of Sunday Night, new current affairs show, On April 16, 2018, Natalie appeared on Home and Away as herself, saying that Ava Gilbert had been kidnapped.

Natalie barr salary
Natalie barr Salary

Barr will anchor Sunrise with David Koch and Samantha Armytage on Monday and Friday, respectively, in June 2020, after Armytage sought a reduction in her workload. Barr, on the other hand, returned to reporting the news five days a week due to declining ratings. In January of the following year, Barr and Matt Doran were rehired as the show’s regular Friday co-hosts. After Samantha Armytage’s retirement, Barr was named Sunrise’s new co-host on March 14, 2021.

Natalie Barr Salary

2018: On April 16, 2018, Natalie appeared on Home and Away as herself, saying that Ava Gilbert had been kidnapped.

2008: Currently, Barr anchors Sunrise on Seven, where she has been since July 2008. She co-hosts Seven Early News with Mark Beretta. Barr is also a regular substitute for Sunrise co-anchors David Koch and Samantha Armytage and occasionally fills in for Seven News Sydney.

2003: Barr has been the Sunrise news anchor since 2003 after a brief spell as a fill-in host during the summer showed her popularity with the viewers. She has formerly hosted the Seven Morning News, the Seven Late News, and Sunday Sunrise on the network. Disgusting’ vitriol meted out to Sunrise host Natalie Barr after viral video on vaccine mandates. Co-host Natalie Barr of Sunrise claims she has received “disgusting” internet criticism after footage of a recent discussion went viral overseas, with some dubbing it “sickening”.

A recent feature on Western Australia’s prohibition on unvaccinated parents visiting their sick children in hospitals prompted “disgusting” internet abuse, according to Sunrise co-host Natalie Barr. On the “Hot Topics” part of the Seven breakfast show, Barr discussed the new rule with Perth Lord Mayor Basil Zempilas and Herald Sun columnist Susie O’Brien. Barr concluded his remarks by stating, “Other states have had various kinds of this – and people have had time.” All three spoke favorably of the restriction, which went into force on Monday (to get vaccinated). “Really?” you ask.

“Western Australia prevents unvaccinated parents from seeing their sick children in hospital. When parents are in their darkest hour, the media applauds their exploitation by the establishment. A vocal critic of the Australian government’s Covid-19 policy, former basketball star Andrew Bogut, branded it as “sickening.” The video has subsequently been seen more than 1.3 million times, with many viewers from outside the United States reacting badly. @MarkMcGowanMP is a sickening figure.

Andrew Bogut (@andrewbogut) on February 1, 2022:

A storm of vitriol had driven her to remove hundreds of Twitter users, Barr claimed in an interview with The Australian on Sunday, It wasn’t long before “swearing and nasty language” erupted, the 53-year-old said. “Once it started hitting the US and foreign websites and chat rooms, that’s when the abuse started,” he said.

There is a lack of respect for your opinion if you’ve taken a stance and offered your opinion, or they may send an image of the screenshot with horrible language written across it and email it to you.” According to Barr, she has been driven to tears by the online vitriol she has experienced since taking on the Sunrise post last year. Because she was fed up with waiting for aid to come through, Sunrise’s Natalie Barr took matters into her own hands and resurfaced her garden path on her own. In a video she posted on Instagram on Sunday, Sunrise co-host Natalie Barr showed off her skills as a landscaper.

Presenter 53 was captured on video repaving her whole garden path by hand after becoming fed up with waiting for others to help her. Laughing and crying with emojis, Natalie joked as she dragged the huge tiles into place. She happily uploaded a photo of her completed route with the hashtag ‘Better’ after heaving the massive tiles into place. When she first started working at 5:30 in the morning, Natalie gave an inside look at what she ate for breakfast while sitting behind the news desk.

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