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Mybiglots Net: The company, now Big Lots, was founded by Sol Shenk in 1967. Shenk liked to make crazy closing agreements, particularly on car parts and vehicles of all kinds. In 1970, Merged International began its operations. In 1970. The Odd Lots / Big Lots closeout chain was founded by Consolidated in 1982.

Mybiglots Net

We are dedicated to making a major difference in a better life by offering unrivaled value by surprise and joy, creating the best place to work in the culture, rewarding shareholders with steady growth, and doing the right thing. In 2001 we converted our range of shop names and identity to one national brand: Big Lots. A common national brand is a consistent purchasing power for our customers. The name Big Lots enhances a common corporate culture from coast to coast with our 35,000 workers. Employees of can log in here. Try logging in with your employee login information at Mybiglots Net.

Using the official links that we’ve supplied here is the simplest way to do so. All of our links are always up to date because we update them often. We’ll always have the most current and official links if you need to access Mybiglots Net Employee Login again. To access Mybiglots Net Employee Login, all you need to do is follow these simple instructions. There are a lot of websites out there that will try to confuse you into doing it in a confusing manner. There is, however, a far simpler method. It’s as simple as following the guidelines provided here.


  • Step 1: Click on the official link below to access the Mybiglots Net Employee Login login page. When you click on the link, a new tab will open in your browser, allowing you to continue reading the instructions and, if necessary, perform the suggested fixes.
  • Step 2 – Login with your username and password. Either when you signed up for Mybiglots Net Employee Login or by virtue of your authority within Mybiglots Net Employee Login, you received these.
  • This is the third and last step, and it should show you that you have been successfully logged in. You’ve successfully logged in to Mybiglots Net Employee Login. Mybiglots Net Employee Login troubleshooting information can be found here if you can’t log in.

Employee of

Please see below for the mybiglots net employee portal. Here you’ll find a list of all of the Mybiglots Net Employee pages and logins, as well as the contact information for each individual mybiglots employee. Employee portal pages on the mybiglots net website are continuously updated by the company. You can contact my big lots directly if you have any issues about the portal access process for mybiglots net employees.

Mybiglots Net
Mybiglots Net

A considerable number of accounts are stolen and traded on the black market every day, despite the fact that everyone cares about internet security. Avoid using public computers to access your financial accounts. You’ll be alerted to the dangers if you use one of the more popular browsers. If you receive an email from your bank, do not click on the link in the email; instead, contact the bank directly. Log in to Oracle PeopleSoft. It is forbidden to gain access to this system without permission. This technology, along with its host network, is made available exclusively for use by Big Lots. Everything else is strictly forbidden. Big Lots may monitor, record, and use the system and any data that is placed on or provided to the system. Consent to this policy is implied by the use of the system.

Activation of Oracle PeopleSoft. It is forbidden to gain access to this system without permission. This technology, along with its host network, is made available exclusively for use by Big Lots. Everything else is strictly forbidden. Big Lots has the ability to monitor, record, and use the system and any data placed on or transferred to the system. Consent to this policy is implied by your use of the system… We, Big Lots, reserve the right to alter the terms of our benefit plans and procedures at any time and for any reason for current and former workers and retirees alike without prior notification and at our sole and absolute discretion.

MyBigLots, an online site for Big Lots Retail Stores employees in the United States of America. So that they can use this web gateway to obtain their pay stubs, business vouchers, and other perks. Employees can use the site to manage and update their profiles as needed. Aside from receiving and exchanging emails, workers can use the portal’s email feature to communicate directly with coworkers and bosses alike. As previously mentioned, all of the employee-chosen deductions from gross pay for the aforementioned purposes are subject to management and revision at any time.

Login Instructions

The Big Lots Associates Web Portal Registration Process. You can only register an account for yourself on the portal if you have been hired by the Big Lots Stores’ HR Department or Administration. Using the employee login credentials, such as the employee ID and password, an individual can access his or her own account on the employee login site once they have selected those credentials. Requirements for the My Big Employee Self-service Portal login.

Mybiglots Net
Mybiglots Net

To gain access to the Big Lot’s employee web page, employees of the retail behemoth must meet a set of criteria. Like, for example

  • The original URL of the aforementioned website.
  • Company-issued identification and password.
  • The use of a secure online browser, such as Google Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer.
  • Laptop, PC, Tablet, or Mobile Phone are all examples of a compatible device.
  • Last but not least, you’ll need access to a dependable high-speed internet connection.
  • To use the login site, the device must be connected to the Big Lots host network at all times.
  • Steps to Login to Your Big Lots Associates Account on the Company’s Website.
  • Using the thorough methods below, you can quickly log in to your My Big Lots online account without any problems at all.
  • To begin, open a web browser on your computer or mobile device and go to to access the Oracle PeopleSoft Sign-in page.
  • When you get to the login screen, use your employee ID and the default password that was provided to you.
  • Then, click on the “Sign-in” option that is located underneath these areas.
  • Your profile is now available on the web portal.
  • Big Lots Inc. owns and operates a number of other websites.

It’s not just the “MyBigLots” website that the retail behemoth has set up for its own staff and consumers. The features and functionalities of these online portals are outlined in detail below.

Strive hard!

This is also a company-run employee portal. Unlike the “MyBigLots” website, however, this portal gives its users a variety of options and features. Employees can access their daily work schedules using this application, which can also be updated or traded by submitting an application on the portal here. In addition, they can look at their timesheets to see how often they were present during a particular time period. Employees can also submit and track their leave requests through the web interface, as well.

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This website primarily serves as a job board for those looking to work for Big Lots Inc. Individuals can search for jobs, apply for them, and get alerts when their favorite one is available on this site. Candidates can also upload their resumes, diplomas, and other credentials, as well as keep their profiles up to date, via the web portal.

Big Lots Inc. Provides a Variety of Benefits to Its Employees

This is the 401K Retirement Plan. Employees who meet the requirements of the company’s Bonuses programs will be eligible for a bonus. The Educational Assistance Program is available to employees who are currently enrolled in a postsecondary education program. Employees who are migrating can get help from the firm. Employees of Big Lots can take advantage of special discounts and deals when shopping at any of the company’s retail outlets across the country. Company-sponsored vacation plans are available to qualified employees.

Mybiglots Net

Additional Advantages

  • The corporation of Big Lots cares deeply about its employees, providing a wide range of benefits to those scattered around the United States’ 47 states.
  • Employees can select from a variety of healthcare insurance plans.
  • Dental and vision care are also covered by your health insurance.
  • Life insurance policies paid for by the company.
  • Insurance for both short and long-term disability.
  • Prescription coverage is one of the medical benefits offered to employees.
  • Paid sick leave, maternity leave, and paternity leave.


The “MyBigLots” web portal’s login procedure, account recovery, and password change may all be found in this article. Additional information on the portal’s features and requirements can also be found in this section. In addition, we’ve compiled a list of the most common technical problems that visitors to our website have reported, along with suggested fixes. We’ve covered all you need to know about the business, including its background, products, and services. locations of services, etc. Also available are brief summaries of the company’s various applications.