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Mugsy Jeans Review

Mugsy Jeans Review: I want to love skinny jeans. Absolutely loved them. Initially, once I got myself a pair of Mugsy Jeans, I didn’t like them. It wasn’t until I started Wearing my Thursday Boots daily that I caught love for them. After being told that his “typical” straight leg jeans choice made him appear as if a grandpa, Leo Tropeano attempted to up his style game by trying a slimmer pair.

But after fitting numerous models by many various brands he left the dressing rooms unsatisfied – all of them were either too tight, too trendy, or a mixture of both. So he finally decided to make his own denim pants that blended embarrassment-free masculine looks, comfort, and affordability. Now, this young Chicago-based entrepreneur is selling them (quite successfully) directly online together with his brand Mugsy Jeans. He recently shared the story behind the brand’s birth and explained why Mugsy is at the forefront of recent men’s denim. The Mugsy Jeans review table below incorporates summarizes 35 Mugsy Jeans ratings on 49 features such as price point, large size selection and fair trade certified. You can also compare Mugsy Jeans against popular alternatives like Levi’s, True Religion, and Lucky Brand.

I used to own just two pairs of Mugsy jeans four years ago, but now I possess at least 10 and counting! On the weekends, these are my go-to jeans, considering I wear business attire or formal attire most days of the week. They are also the most comfortable pair of jeans in my wardrobe, they fit perfectly, and they have some really cool detailing. This is a brand that I admire and support wholeheartedly. Leo T. founded Mugsy Jeans, and he’s been instrumental in helping it grow into what it is now. If you ever find yourself in the Chicago area, be sure to look up the location’s hours and pay a visit! Lincoln Park is where the Mugsy store is located.

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You can view the top 50 brands in similar categories, such as denim & jean brands, fashion retailers, and fashion retailers. What’s cool about Mugsy is that it had been born out of my very own frustration with the jeans market. I’m a business guy by background and was publicly accounting for years and I knew I always had the itch to start out my very own company but I didn’t know what. Then Mugsy just came over organically. I used to be living in NY a couple of years ago and had recently graduated college and I knew that I needed to start out dressing better so I made a decision to start with jeans since jeans are a staple of each guy’s wardrobe.

Mugsy Jeans Review
Mugsy Jeans Review

Because I’ve been posting a lot of pictures of myself in Mugsy Jeans on Instagram lately, I felt it was about time I did a review of these amazing jeans here on my website. His clothing line has grown from jeans to shorts, bathing suits, and blazers. It’s impossible to choose a favorite from the offerings. All of them have a significant stretch component. Over the years, a number of my pals have purchased Mugsy and have since purchased other pairs! Anyone looking for more comfy apparel should definitely check out their stuff!

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For a modern fit,’ their products are true to size, which means they are slimmer than those seen in typical department stores. This excellent lining makes wearing a bathing suit for an extended amount of time quite comfortable. In addition, the EveryDay Blazer is a fantastic product that will stand out from all of your other blazers. It’s a great travel companion because it’s incredibly casual and doesn’t require you to worry about a wool blazer being wrinkled. On a recent trip to New York City, I wore the EveryDay blazer and loved it!

Comfort: It’s possible that these jeans will be the comfiest in your wardrobe. An unconventional denim blend gives it a unique look and feel, yet it actually works. I’d say they’re like sweatpants, but I don’t think you’d believe me if I said that. In addition to being quite comfortable, their chinos are ideal for wearing to work in a more relaxed setting. I use their chinos with t-shirts, polos, or untucked button-downs to achieve the “upper-casual” aesthetic that they are known for.

Fit: The perfect fit of these jeans ensures maximum comfort. From the knee to the ankle, the pants have a crisp taper for a modern silhouette and the fit is on the slim side. You can size bigger in the waist if you want the pants to be a little looser, and due to the stretch, they should still fit perfectly!

Details: The hem of Mugsy Jeans is adorned with a bright blue electric hem that runs along the inside of the thigh (where there is the usual messy overlap of fabric). When it comes to cuffing jeans, this is a must-have accessory. The electric blue ID hem on these jeans really pops when they’re cuffed. Also, Mugsy has this electric blue hem, which is fantastic for cuffing your pants, especially in the spring and summer months!

Detailed Product Description

I wanted to present you with more information on Mugsy’s current portfolio because they have continued to grow and launch new products. We’ll examine the brand and their best-selling clothes in detail, as well as what consumers have to say about it and any current deals, so you can decide whether or not Mugsy Jeans is right for you.

Mugsy Jeans Review
Mugsy Jeans Review

Denim: Two-way stretch fabric in Mugsy denim makes it feel like sweatpants are on your body. Additional benefits include a fashionable fit for an active lifestyle and flexibility that moves with you rather than against you. Every shade of blue you can imagine, as well as more neutral tones like grey and black, are all available!

Shorts and a chino: With these, comfort is an understatement. Perfect for taking you from the office to happy hour in style! Because they’re composed of the same fabric as their chinos, these shorts are incredibly lightweight and flexible. You’ll want a pair of these when it’s hot outside so you can stay cool and comfy. All summer long, I wear these shorts and they’re always super comfy. The only thing I’d modify is the back pockets, which now lack a button closing.

Mugsy Jeans are designed for the modern man who is sick of squeezing himself into tight, baggy trousers. To assist guys in elevating their game, the brand offers stretchy, durable jeans, chinos, joggers, and shorts. Jeans, in today’s environment, can no longer be taken for granted as just jeans. To keep up with the times, we must adapt our wardrobes as well. Men’s Health, Forbes, Esquire, Inc., and ESPN have all lauded the brand for its innovative approach to men’s wear. On Instagram, they have a following of over 23,000 followers.

A brief history of Mugsy Jeans

Leo Tropeano, the founder of Mugsy Jeans, set out in 2016 to revolutionize the way men’s jeans were made. When Tropeano was just starting out as an entrepreneur, he had no prior expertise in the apparel sector. He relied on the money he earned from odd jobs to fund his fledgling business.

Mugsy Jeans Review
Mugsy Jeans Review

After a coworker told him that his baggy jeans weren’t too hot, he came up with the notion. Other brands he tried were either too stiff or too tight, or they were just plain ugly. Hence Mugsy Jeans was born by Tropeano’s creative mind. While learning how to operate a business on his own, studying graphic design, and experimenting with photography, the creator was able to find the perfect fabric mix (stretchy, long-lasting, easy to clean) and launch his brand into the global marketplace. The brand, which is based in Chicago, Illinois, aspires to become more than just a place to try things before you buy them.

I used to be shocked that I couldn’t find a far better fit – something more stylish that wasn’t super uncomfortable. So a light-weight bulb quite went off in my head and that I thought maybe this is often a drag I want to unravel. So I started from there. I developed a fit with more room within the crotch where guys need it most than a more tailored slot in the legs where you would like it to be more stylish and that we went from there. That was probably four years ago. I didn’t launch the road until the summer of 2015 but I spent a couple of years developing it.