Mugsy Jeans Review

Mugsy Jeans Review

What is Mugsy Jeans?

I wont to love skinny jeans. Absolutely loved them. Initially, once I got myself a pair of Mugsy Jeans, I didn’t like them. It wasn’t until I started wearing my Thursday Boots daily that I caught love for these.

After being told that his “typical” straight leg jeans choice made him appear as if a grandpa, Leo Tropeano attempted to up his style game by trying a slimmer pair.
But after fitting numerous models by many various brands he left the dressing rooms unsatisfied – all of them were either too tight, too trendy, or a mixture of both. So he finally decided to make his own denim pants that blended embarrassment-free masculine looks, comfort, and affordability. Now, this young Chicago-based entrepreneur is selling them (quite successfully) directly online together with his brand Mugsy Jeans. He recently shared the story behind the brand’s birth and explained why Mugsy is at the forefront of recent men’s denim.

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Mugsy Jeans Review

What’s cool about Mugsy is that it had been born out of my very own frustration with the jeans market. I’m a business guy by background and was publicly accounting for years and that I knew I always had the itch to start out my very own company but I didn’t know what. Then Mugsy just came over organically. I used to be living in NY a couple of years ago and had recently graduated college and that I knew that I needed to start out out dressing better so I made a decision to start with jeans since jeans are a staple of each guy’s wardrobe. I used to be shocked that I couldn’t find a far better fit – something more stylish that wasn’t super uncomfortable. So a light-weight bulb quite went off in my head and that I thought maybe this is often a drag I want to unravel. So I started from there. I developed a fit with more room within the crotch where guys need it most then a more tailored slot in the legs where you would like it to be more stylish and that we went from there. That was probably four years ago. I didn’t launch the road until the summer of 2015 but I spent a couple of years developing it.