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Keith Washington wife

Keith Washington’s wife: Marsha Jenkins, Washington’s first wife, divorced him, inspiring him to write a novel called The Other Side of Through, based on Jenkins’ Marriage to Washington, a fictional tale. In June 2009, he married Stephanie Grimes, his longtime friend and the general sales director of Detroit’s WGPR-FM 107.5, in a lavish ceremony. At the time, he also stated that he planned to release a new album.

Keith Washington wife
Keith Washington wife

According to Forbes, Keith Washington, an R&B singer and composer from the United States, is worth $500,000. Born in the 1960s, he went on to become a Detroit, Michigan-based American R&B singer who had a No. 1 success with the track “Kissing You” in the United States in 1991. A scene from the ABC soap opera General Hospital featured the popular song as the background music. For Best R&B Male Vocal Performance, Kissing You was nominated.

An award for best R&B/Soul single-male went to the song in 1992. For one week, the song also topped the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. If Keith Washington’s music seems a little antiquated to you, here are some intriguing facts about him that you may not have known: Keith Washington: 12 Things You Didn’t Know About Him

Life in My Formative Years: A Detroit native, Keith Washington was born on November 15, 1960. Exactly one hundred ninety-five days from now, Keith Washington will be 60.

The decade of the 1990s: He was a rising star in the 1990s urban contemporary ballad scene. “Kissing You” from his 1991 album “Make Time for Love” was the first song that made Keith a household name in the United States. General Hospital used this song as background music for an episode of their soap opera, ABC’s General Hospital.

Keith Washington wife

Becoming a Grammy Award Winner: He won a Grammy Award for Best R&B Vocal Performance Male with “Kissing You” and a 1992 Soul Train Music Award for Best R&B/Soul Single – Male for “Kissing You”

Collaborations that Work: With his popularity came collaborations with well-known artists like Kylie Minogue and a few acting appearances in shows like Martin, General Hospital, and Poetic Justice on television. His third album, You Make It Easy, was released in 1993. Gerald Levert and Miki Howard were among the others with whom he worked on the project.

Radio: He reappeared in 1998 with KW after a lengthy sabbatical during which he recovered from his divorce. On Detroit radio station WDMK-FM 105.9, Keith Washington hosts the nightly “slow jams” show “Kisses After Dark,” which features a mix of hip-hop, R&B, and soul music (Kiss-FM).

Genres: It’s no secret that Keith Washington has a wide range of musical interests. Keith Washington is most known for his contemporary R&B, Jazz, and Soul music style…

Personal life: On the personal front, his first marriage to Marsha Jenkins ended in divorce, prompting Jenkins to pen a memoir, The Other Side of Through, based on her memories of Washington and the marital problems she had, including the singer’s infidelity. WGPR-FM 107.5 general sales manager Stephanie Grimes, Keith Washington’s longtime lover and future wife married him in June 2009. At the time, he also announced plans to release a new album.

Keith Washington wife
Keith Washington wife


Washington had a few acting roles to his name. The closer I get to you” was the first duet he sang with Tisha Campbell-Martin in an episode of Martin titled “A Woman with a Past.” Singers such as Roberta Flack and Donny Hathaway made the song famous when they performed it in 1978. As Keith Jasper, he appeared on the television soap opera General Hospital for a limited period of time. The film Poetic Justice, starring Janet Jackson, also included Keith as a hairdresser named Dexter.

Keith Washington, how old are you: 59-year-old Keith Washington. Keith Washington’s horoscope and zodiac sign may be found here. Scorpio is the zodiac sign of Keith Washington. Yes, he is still alive. No, I don’t know of any. Our best guess is that Keith Washington is still alive, and he is. We haven’t heard any death rumors for 2020 yet. It’s also possible that Keith Washington’s health is unknown.

Who are some of Keith Washington’s musical contemporaries?

Musically, Bliss Blood, Kumar (a musician), Mary Margaret O’Hara, Fred Lavery, and Samuel Larsen are all examples of artists from another era who share Keith Washington’s approach. I hope you’ve found this brief biography of Keith Washington, an African American vocalist, to be useful.

Singer Keith Washington reveals it all in a TV interview.

This week’s “Unsung” program will feature sultry R&B singer Keith Washington, a native of Detroit who now lives in Las Vegas. Celebrating the lives and careers of well-known musicians who, in spite of their enduring fame, have never had their stories told, TV One’s hit series In this episode, Keith acknowledges that he doesn’t hold back.

A Detroit-raised “bad boy” who “learned how to be a compassionate, responsible adult” is the subject of his memoir, he claims. In order not to overwhelm you, I’m not going to go into too much detail. Please watch it when it airs. However, you’ll gain a deeper appreciation for Keith Washington as a person as a result of this experience.

Keith Washington wife

Keith discusses his mother’s struggle to raise six children as a single mother. This includes Stephanie, he says, “to discuss our history.” Former wife Stephanie Grimes is now an executive with the city of Detroit. He continues, “I’m really proud of her.” Keith says they also discuss the Aretha Franklin scandal concerning the internet streaming of a private chat between Keith and his friend Aretha, who was ill at the time, and a radio personality on Kiss 105.9. I go into detail about the experience and my admiration for Aretha Franklin.

Keith Washington wife
Keith Washington wife

Currently, Keith is on the City Winery tour, having just concluded Atlanta and Philadelphia, and is currently on his way to Washington, D.C., and Nashville, respectively. New songs will be released in the summer of 2020 when he begins filming for a Lifetime TV show. Currently, I’m collaborating with Teddy Riley and legendary Detroit producer Mike Mindingall. “We’ve got something that’s going to blow your mind.” TV One will air an episode of “Unsung” this summer that features Keith Washington. Pizza Pinwheels are making a name for themselves.

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