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Julie Goodwin Orange Upside Down Cake

Julie Goodwin Orange Upside Down Cake: It’s the upside-down orange and ginger cake from Julie Goodwin! Here at all, we love cooking competition shows like MasterChef and The Great British Bake Off, so it should come as no surprise. For the first time in 13 years, Julie Goodwin, a 2009 Australian MasterChef champion and MasterChef alum, is back on the program for the current season of MasterChef Australia. One of our favorites this season was her orange upside-down cake with orange and ginger ice cream.

Julie Goodwin Orange Upside Down Cake
Julie Goodwin Orange Upside Down Cake

Her instructions were to be used to prepare this feast from scratch, but we only prepared the cake (we’ll save the ice cream for another day!). The test kitchen oven here at all is so hot that you might need to cook the cake for the full thirty or so minutes even though we just needed to bake it for about twenty-five minutes when we made it. The caramel should be perfect if you strictly adhere to Julie’s recipe. Due to a bit too aggressive stirring during the first attempt, we had some trouble with the caramel. This cake is sure to please everyone in your life, and you can find the complete recipe here. We served the cake with a thick dollop of cream to balance the ginger and orange’s strong citrus flavor.


In a large pot, heat 1 cup of water and 1 cup of sugar to a boil. While the pot boils for around 10 minutes, stir it constantly. The color of the sugar and water mixture will be caramel brown. The butter should be whisked in quickly using a metal spoon. Be prepared for the mixture to begin to froth. Once the foam has mostly decreased, turn off the heat and keep stirring. 160°C should be the preheated oven temperature. After zesting three of the oranges, peel the remaining four and remove the white pith. Cut each slice in half from top to bottom to remove the sinewy parts. Cut the meat into pieces that are 12 m thick.

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Under the springform pan, a baking sheet should be positioned to catch any drippings that may happen while cooking. The bottom of the container should be coated with orange particles. Any orange pieces that may remain should be kept. Drizzle about two-thirds of the caramel over the oranges. Re-add the orange chunks to the caramel in the pot, then heat the mixture to a boil over medium-high heat. After being strained and taken off the heat, the orange caramel syrup should be kept. In a sizable mixing bowl, combine the flour, almond meal, and salt.

In another bowl, beat butter and caster sugar with an electric hand mixer until foamy. One at a time, beat in the eggs, making sure to fully combine after each addition. orange zest into the mixture. Half of the dry ingredients and half of the sour cream should be combined in a separate bowl; mix well. This stage also calls for the sour cream and all of the dry ingredients. Carefully pour the batter over the oranges in the pan, then level it out. Bake the cake for 45 to 1 hour, or until a bamboo skewer inserted into the center of the cake comes out clean.

Before serving, let the cake cool for ten minutes. Run a knife down the inside rim of the tin after flipping it over onto a serving dish. Release the spring from the pan, then open it gently to let the cake fall onto the serving dish. By delicately separating the tin’s base from the top, remove the cake from the tin. If the orange segments move, they can be rearranged. Drizzle some of the syrup over the cake while it is still warm; reserve the rest for serving. A delicious double cream or vanilla ice cream is a lovely finishing touch.

This cookbook would make a wonderful Mother’s Day present for your older children who are still living at home, but it would also make a wonderful “It’s time to leave home” gift. When your children complain that there is nothing to eat in the refrigerator or pantry, having this book on hand is essential. However, I have to admit that when I’m feeling uninspired at dinnertime, I’ve been guilty of doing the same thing myself. Everyone has, right?

Cookbook Essential by Julie Goodwin

We’ve partnered with Hachette Australia and Julie Goodwin to offer four copies of her Essential Cookbook as part of our giveaway. My family and the rest of the Australian audience first became aware of Julie Goodwin as the 2009 winner of MasterChef Australia. We had recently relocated from Salamander Bay, a little beach community on New South Wales central coast, to Perth. When we initially moved to the city, it was difficult for us to get fresh fruit that was affordable.

Julie Goodwin Orange Upside Down Cake
Julie Goodwin Orange Upside Down Cake

I’d gone from creating everything from scratch and spending a lot of time in the kitchen to relying on convenience foods and eating the same meals over and over again as a result of my husband’s frequent absences due to work-related travel. We’ve had to make some modifications because there weren’t as many sporadic guests, I didn’t have as much free time, and we now have access to more than one supermarket, even though the prices here in Perth are exorbitant compared to those in NSW, and there wasn’t Sunday trading back then. My girls, who don’t watch reality television (and I don’t watch any television at all), introduced me to Julie Goodwin.

  • Family Meals at the Table (2010)
  • Center of Gravity of a Home (2011)
  • Get-togethers that are both delicious and gorgeous (2013)
  • You can feed your complete family for $20 in about 20 minutes. (2015)
  • Delivered from Home (2015)
  • The Ultimate Guide to Cooking at Home (2017)

The book by Julie Goodwin, 20/20 Meals – Feed Your Family for $20 in 20 Minutes, had the biggest influence on me. preparing meals for the entire family on a budget and at a convenient time for all. Who wouldn’t gain from a time and money-saving innovation like that!

This book has all the cooking information you need:

You can always put together a delicious lunch that everyone will appreciate, no matter the occasion or the time of year! Julie Goodwin’s most recent book, The Essential Cookbook, might be my favorite thus far. Numerous elements play a role in this. The cookbook has very few photographs inside while having a picture-perfect cover. Despite having a lovely paperback, the book is substantial for its size. More than 300 recipes for inexpensive basics are included in the book.

Julie wrote the recipes for this cookbook with the help of her adult children. It is a large collection of recipes, some of which I recall from my Nanny Betty and from when I first discovered the pleasures of cooking. Consequently, a number of the meals brought back fond memories of initially starting to cook. Naturally, I’ve reversed the order of the cookbook categories because our family’s menu planning adventures typically start with dessert and move ahead from there. In my heart, baking is a close second. We’ve been creating a lot of the dishes from the booklet since returning to school, including the Melt and Mix Cupcakes, Zucchini Slice, Anzac Biscuits, and Orange Poppy Seed Cake.

You’ll want to get your hands on this cookbook. I’m excited to try the fashionable recipes, such as Soft Shell Crab Tacos, and gluten-free bread, but also wondering what my late Nanny Betty would have thought of them. For the most part, this cookbook makes me think of her. I’m thinking back to all the wonderful times we shared in the kitchen. She made meals for large groups in both her own kitchen and the kitchen at the restaurant where she worked. The best years of my life were those. These dishes are outstanding. It was a fantastic period