Joe Suggs Dad

Joe Suggs Dad: Despite the fact that they have been together for a number of years in Brighton, the pair will be celebrating their nine-year wedding anniversary soon after the birth of their daughter, who is expected in September.

In March of this year, they made the first public announcement of their pregnancy, with Zoe revealing the news on Instagram in a video that showed some memories from her first trimester.

“We’re incredibly pleased to share with you that our baby girl will be joining us in September,” she said in the description of her Instagram post.

When her mental health was ‘bad,’ Zoe Sugg spoke out about her desire to always be a strong big sister’ for her brother Joe, even at a period when her own mental health was ‘awful’.

She was asked in an Instagram Q&A whether her parents’ divorce had had an influence on her mental health, and she responded affirmatively.

It was until she was 21 that she was able to comprehend and be active, which she says had a significant impact on her life.

Joe Suggs Dad
Joe Suggs Dad

‘That period of my life was quite difficult in general. My mental health was quite bad in general since I didn’t know what I wanted to do for a job, was in an emotionally abusive relationship, and my parents had split.

‘I wanted to be a strong and well-kept big sister as well, so I tried to be cool and collected for the sake of everyone, which was difficult!

Although it’s never an easy thing to go through, time is a fantastic healer for everyone concerned.’ Joe and Zoe have always looked to be close, with the Strictly Come Dancing star is backed up by his elder sister at every opportunity, most notably during his opening night performance of Waitress The Musical.

Meanwhile, the 29-year-old has been vocal about her mental health in the past, stating that she felt suffocated by the pressure to be flawless on social media platforms such as Instagram.

The couple has always looked to be close. (Image courtesy of Getty Images for Zoella Beauty.)…
‘I talked a little last year about the pressure, expectation, and dread of posting that I have often faced over my decade of sharing, but now more than ever, I second guess a lot of what I say or post,’ she said with her admirers on the eve of the New Year’s Day.

Joe Suggs Dad
Joe Suggs Dad

‘Last night, on my stories, I took a little journey down memory lane, looking back at my Instagram posts from the past, and the response has been incredible!’ she said. There are so many letters I’ve gotten from you all (even other social influencer posters) expressing you felt the same way and that you didn’t believe you could compete with the “glossiness” that has become a huge part of Instagram that I can’t count them all.

“I’m making a deliberate effort this year, to share more without second-guessing, or considering a great caption that won’t upset anybody, or seeming like my life is so perfectly put together,” the influencer said in a statement to her followers.