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Jamie Pollard Salary

Jamie pollard salary: The US Athletic Director of Iowa State University is Jamie Pollard. Prior to Iowa State, Pollard served in Wisconsin, Maryland, and Saint Louis in various capacities in intercollege Athletics. The four children of Jamie and his wife, Ellen: Thomas, Annie, Margaret, and James.

Jamie pollard salary

Pollard made the decision to accept the contract extension without a pay boost. He was making $757,000 when he announced the 10% pay cuts for coaches and select administrators a year ago to help overcome a $25 million budget gap due to COVID-19. Professor Pollard thanked Dr. Wendy Wintersteen in a statement for allowing him to pursue the athletics department’s “ambitious aspirations.” “Our program was able to attain its aims” with the aid of President Wintersteen’s administration. Iowa State’s finest football season occurred in 2020. They won the Big 12 championship game before defeating the Oregon Ducks in the Fiesta Bowl.

ISU President Wendy Wintersteen issued the following statement:

When you consider Jamie’s consistent and successful leadership over many years, particularly during a global pandemic that presented unprecedented challenges, I’m delighted to announce that he will remain at Iowa State to carry forward our shared athletics goal.” “In keeping with his servant leadership style, Jamie gladly accepted our extension and offered to do so without compensation.” Pollard expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to lead the sports program for the past 16 years and expressed his hope to continue for many more. “The fantastic atmosphere we’ve developed among our coaches and employees makes coming to work every day so much more enjoyable. Finally, our children were born and nurtured in Ames, and we are proud to call the state of Iowa home.

Pollard has also overseen the facility’s substantial upgrades

ISU President Wendy Wintersteen had the following to say regarding the extension:

“Because of his many years of steady and successful leadership, particularly despite a worldwide epidemic that faced extraordinary barriers, I’m pleased to announce that Jamie will remain at Iowa State to carry out our shared vision for athletics. Jamie gladly accepted our extension and has offered to do so without compensation, in keeping with his servant leadership approach, which has always been focused on others.

” KWWL/AP reports: Ames, Iowa Iowa State’s athletic director, Jamie Pollard, has had his contract extended until 2026. Pollard consented to the contract despite the fact that he would not be paid more. Due to a $25 million budget imbalance caused by COVID-19, coaches and some administrators had to take a 10% pay cut a year ago. Pollard has been the Athletic Director of the Cyclones since 2005.

Jamie pollard salary
Jamie pollard salary

Wendy Wintersteen is the president of Iowa State University.

Iowa State’s finest football season occurred in 2020. They won the Big 12 championship game before defeating the Oregon Ducks in the Fiesta Bowl. Pollard has also overseen the facility’s substantial upgrades. Under Pollard’s guidance, about $2 billion in facility renovations have been undertaken, including the $90 million Sports Performance Center, which is set to open later this spring. Pollard was selected the 2019 Director of Athletics of the Year by the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics (NACDA).

There will be no hikes in the near future, according to the school. When he announced temporary 10% pay cutbacks for coaches and some administrators to assist address a $25 million budget shortfall due to COVID-19, he was making $757,000. After Oklahoma’s Joe Castiglione and Kentucky’s Mitch Barnhart, Pollard will be the fourth-longest serving athletic director in the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) this autumn.

About University President Wendy Wintersteen

University President Wendy Wintersteen hailed Dr. Pollard’s “steady and successful leadership over many years, especially during a worldwide epidemic that presented extraordinary challenges.” Iowa State’s finest football season occurred in 2020. Pollard extended Matt Campbell’s contract through 2028 after the Cyclones won the Big 12 championship and defeated Oregon in the Fiesta Bowl. According to Pollard, the program’s achievement would not have been possible without the administration’s backing, which was led by President Wintersteen. The department will inaugurate a new $90 million Sports Performance Center this spring, in addition to the over $250 million in building improvements done during Pollard’s leadership.

Pollard was named 2019 Athletic Director of the Year by the NCAA Athletic Directors’ Association, a title he has held since 2012. He was assigned a five-year term by the NCAA Men’s Basketball Committee, and he is now serving his second of those years.

Jamie pollard salary

Quick. Which FBS conference pays the most on average to its athletic directors?

The SEC is a reasonable assumption, but you may be surprised. According to Sports Director U, a journal that covers every facet of collegiate athletic administration, the Big 12 is the consensus. A Big 12 athletic director makes a median income of $1.3 million per year, including bonuses, according to With $1.1 million, the Big Ten is in second place. With $1.033 million, the Atlantic Coast Conference is in third place, followed by the Southeastern Conference with $1.003. The Pac12 is the only Power 5 conference with an average pay of less than $840,000 per AD.

Before we begin, there are a number of exciting things to consider just on this one set of numbers. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many administrators have cut their staff numbers, although these reductions are not included in the figures provided here. In any event, it’s a fascinating look at what athletic directors earn and how much money their schools make. Texas’ Chris Del Conte and Oklahoma’s Joe Castiglione are two of the Big 12’s highest-paid players, earning an average of $2,300,000. Del Conte and Castiglione are both in the top five in the country, with Del Conte coming in second and Castiglione coming in fifth. Kirby Hocutt of Texas Tech, who earns $1,850,000 per year, is a major surprise. The three highest-paid athletic directors in the Big 12 all earn more than their SEC counterparts.

Mack Rhoades ($1,554,897 – 9th overall) and Jeff Long ($1,500,000 – 11th nationally) are the conference’s top-earning athletic directors at Baylor and Kansas, respectively. The Big 12 now has five of the top 25 advertising executives in the country. Mike Holder of Oklahoma State, Jeremiah Donati of TCU, Jamie Pollard of Iowa State, Shane Lyons of West Virginia, and Gene Taylor of Kansas State make out the Big 12’s top five.

Jamie pollard salary
Jamie pollard salary

Thirteen out of the 130 FBS schools polled did not reply to the survey. Because private schools are not public institutions, the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) does not apply to them. (Baylor was one of many who did so.) To begin, a look at the wages begs the question: Which ADs are deserving of their pay, and which ones aren’t? However, because there are so many different ways to assess efficacy and value for money, it’s difficult to make a definitive judgment. Do you measure your job happiness in terms of how many regional and national championships you have won? What are your school’s graduation rates? Being a professional athlete? Is it possible to hire successful coaches?

How many different sports are available on campus? What’s the connection between the budget and charity giving? Are there going to be any infrastructure improvements? You’ll have a hard time finding a strategy that works for everyone if you’re seeking a way to grade all of these elements. According to one viewpoint, Big 12 institutions are receiving the most bang for their buck. When making this subjective judgment, a number of criteria come into play, including the amount of time spent at the current job and the organization’s ability in attracting and retaining top-tier coaches.