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How Old Is Julie Andrews In Sound Of Music

How Old Is Julie Andrews In Sound Of Music: When the film adaptation of the well-known Broadway musical by Rodgers and Hammerstein was first released on March 2, 1965, it’s unlikely that most of the people involved were considering the film’s long-term success. Instead, they were probably thinking about the incredible longevity the movie has shown. Julie Andrews, the star, was likely most worried that playing a second lovely nanny after Mary Poppins may restrict her image and career.

How Old Is Julie Andrews In Sound Of Music
How Old Is Julie Andrews In Sound Of Music

The movie’s continuing appeal hasn’t been diminished by reruns, broadcasts, home videos, or sing-alongs. Ten facts about the musical are listed below:

Maria von Trapp consented to give a record label the rights to her life narrative in exchange for a song

Many companies were interested in buying the film rights after her book The Story of the Trapp Family Singers was published in 1949. For a set fee of $9,000, Maria sold the movie’s rights to German producer Wolfgang Reinhardt. Maria and her family would not receive any royalties from following German films based on the exploits of the von Trapp family, the nearly three-year-old Broadway run of The Sound of Music, or the $300 million box office triumph of the movie adaptation.

The Sound of Music was almost not a movie that 20th Century Fox would have made

When the Broadway musical debuted in 1959 and proved to be such a huge success, the studio, which had already made four R&H adaptations, purchased the picture rights for $1.25 million. Then came Cleopatra, a $40 million drain on studio funds that briefly pushed Fox to shut down and turned any future pricey movie into a dangerous bet. The reinvigoration of the property was sparked by Richard Zanuck’s acquisition of Fox Productions.

The film’s original director had a different plan

William Wyler, a Swiss-German Jew with three Best Director Oscars, was originally slated to direct the picture. His idea for the film’s climactic scene was much more menacing, with more Nazis, swastikas, and Austrian crowds screaming for the Anschluss. In the end, Robert Wise, who had already helmed the Oscar-winning film adaptation of West Side Story, was hired to direct The Collector in place of Wyler’s original plan.

How Old Is Julie Andrews In Sound Of Music
How Old Is Julie Andrews In Sound Of Music

Other actors also considered playing Maria and Captain von Trapp

The candidates for the role of Maria included Doris Day, Leslie Caron, Anne Bancroft, and Grace Kelly. In the movie version of The Sound of Music, Walter Matthau, Yul Brynner, and Bing Crosby were all candidates for the part of Captain von Trapp. The fact that the filmmakers had access to Andrews’ Mary Poppins performance allowed them to select her over everyone else. Christopher Plummer was chosen because of his capacity to give the Captain a hint of danger.

The actress who played Liesl was a few years older than “16 going on 17” in real life

When she was 21 years old, Charmian Carr played the role of the oldest von Trapp child. Despite this, Mia Farrow, Teri Garr, Sharon Tate, Lesley Ann Warren, and others were vying for the part.

Andrews had a hair incident just before filming started

The star’s naturally dark brown hair turned more orange after an attempt to add a few blond highlights to it. Andrews’ hair was bleached to match Maria’s recognizable golden hue prior to shooting “My Favorite Things” at Fox Studios.

The singing voice of Plummer was overdubbed in the movie

Bill Lee, a vocalist, performed the Captain von Trapp voice. In the movie, Peggy Woods’ singing voice as Mother Abbess is also dubbed.

It wasn’t as easy to film “Do-Re-Mi” as ABC would believe

The creation of The Sound of Music was a near-constant battle against the conditions since Salzburg, Austria, where the von Trapps were from, experienced a particularly soggy and chilly spring. Due to the time it took to wait for the sun to rise, the “Do-Re-Mi” number, which takes up around nine minutes of screen time, took over two months to complete.

How Old Is Julie Andrews In Sound Of Music
How Old Is Julie Andrews In Sound Of Music

To make matters worse, Andrews tripped and fell while filming the opening spin

This helicopter also produced a downdraft after recording this well-known scene that even Andrews could not withstand. Since the fault happened after the chopper had passed, no footage of Andrews falling was recorded. To conceal a hysterical chuckle during “Something Good,” Andrews and Plummer were photographed in silhouette. During one of the last shots to be taken, Andrews and Plummer were beginning to feel queasy in Hollywood. The actor described the arc lights above the gazebo scene as making a “raspberry sound.” The movie’s cinematographer, Ted McCord, was certain that nothing would be able to stop the wave of laughter that would cover the love scene.

From “Sound of Music” to “Bridgerton,” in the Years of Julie Andrews

a savior for a generation! Julie Andrews has won over audiences all throughout her career, whether it is on Broadway or in Disney movies. The celebrated actress, whose real name is Julia Elizabeth Wells, was up in a home with just one parent. She began taking singing lessons with her mother, Barbara Ward Wells, and stepfather, Ted Andrews, when she was a little kid and had her formal performance debut when she was 12 years old. In September 1954, a few months before turning 19, the multi-talented diva made her Broadway debut in The Boy Friend. Her portrayal of Polly Browne, which established her career, drew both actors and business insiders.


Eventually, the singer made it to the big screen, playing the title role in both The Sound of Music and Mary Poppins Returns. The British actress’ memoir, Home Work: A Memoir of My Hollywood Years, was released in the same year. She acknowledged in the book that she was worried about getting the role of a stressed-out nanny. But her agency persuaded her to take the risk. She wrote in her memoir, “Arthur persuaded me to accept the position.” I’ll always be grateful for the encouragement he and Bob gave to this young woman since she was pretty timid and insecure.

How Old Is Julie Andrews In Sound Of Music
How Old Is Julie Andrews In Sound Of Music

I always thought that my personal and professional lives would be able to coexist happily when I was a child. But I don’t think I ever fully decided anything, the dame told Business Insider in October 2020. “More often than not, we had to figure out how to handle everything. I’m not the only one trying to strike a balance between work and life that benefits both my family and career. It was a constant challenge, and there were times when I was more successful than others.

Although her audience never got to see that side of Andrews, she was just as dedicated to her work as a Hollywood celebrity as she was to be a mother. I thought that as long as my kids were healthy, I could do anything. She once said to the website, “Holding on to the idea of quality time over quantity was the most useful.” I made sure to give the individual I was with my whole attention throughout the brief time we did spend together.

Julia Elizabeth Wells, better known by her stage name Dame Julie Andrews, was an English actress, singer, and stage performer who became famous for her crystalline four-octave voice. She was born in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, on October 1, 1935. At the age of 10, Andrews joined her pianist mother and singer stepfather in a music-hall act (whose surname she legally adopted). She made her solo professional d├ębut in 1947 at the London Hippodrome’s Starlight Roof revue, where she performed an operatic aria and found immediate acclaim.