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Haven Door Lock Reviews

Haven Door Lock Reviews: One of the most robust door security systems on the market is provided by Haven Mech, a company that prides itself on individual service. Because it can only be opened from inside the house, it loses a few points in terms of Security, but it is still a worthwhile investment. In order to acquire smart lock capabilities, you can purchase Haven Connect at a higher price point.

Haven door lock reviews
Haven door lock reviews

Locking mechanisms for smart door locks have improved significantly in recent years, but nothing has been done to improve the locks themselves. Breaking into a house through the front door, even with a smart lock, can take three to four kicks, just like with a typically keyed deadbolt. As a result, the Haven locks are distinct from others. Haven Lock’s goal is to protect your doors from intruders while still allowing you convenient, smart, and keyless access. In order to prevent an inside-swinging door from opening, a military-grade wedge is inserted into the base of the Haven Lock.

In product testing, the Haven smart lock withstood 50 full-strength kicks, compared to an average deadbolted door’s three to four kicks. Ten times more powerful than a standard deadbolt. The mechanical variant of this lock, dubbed Haven Mech, was the first to be made available. Recently, Haven has added wireless capabilities and remote access to their Mech lock with the Haven Connect smart lock.

Haven Door Lock Reviews

What distinguishes the locks from Haven: Because it’s not the first product of its kind, what sets Haven Mech apart from other door security devices like bars, swing locks, chains, and other jammers? In contrast to other similar devices, the Haven Mech reinforces the door’s strongest portion spanning 11 inches rather than at a single location like most of them. As a result of the greater contact point, it is much more difficult to shatter the door.

Haven door lock reviews
Haven door lock reviews

Door braces that require installation each time you use them are commonplace. It’s an extra step, even if it’s a simple one, that we don’t always want to take. With the Haven Mech, you simply step on the device to unlock and lock it. It’s possible to unlock and unlock your door physically with Haven Connect, but you can also access it remotely. You may use a smartphone app or a key fob to unlock or lock your Haven Connect using Bluetooth technology. Other smart-home technologies can be integrated with the system, and you can regulate access through a web interface. Haven Mech can be purchased at. Haven Mech can be purchased right now at the Haven Lock website. So, here’s what I got:

  • Access to mechatronics
  • Screws for mounting
  • Template for setting up a new system
  • Purchasing a Haven Connect Smart Lock: Where to Buy

By going to Haven Lock’s website, you can purchase Haven Connect. In addition to the Haven Mech, Haven also makes a few more accessories:

  • Heightening your Haven by 0.111 inches will increase the lock’s security.
  • A kickplate to protect your door’s finish from the Haven lock’s impact. It’s 16 inches broad by 4 inches high and is composed of stainless steel.

Compatibility and ease of use in Haven Mech

It’s important to double-check your door’s compatibility with a Haven lock before making a purchase. Only inward-swinging doors and hardwood, vinyl, laminate, concrete, or tile are compatible. It’s possible to cut out the carpet before it’s installed. Putting the Haven in the middle of the door opening will protect both doors. A minimum of 0.8 inches should separate the floor from the bottom of your door. A free riser will be provided if the distance between the device and the wall is greater than 1.5 inches.

Haven door lock reviews
Haven door lock reviews

Haven encourages potential customers to get in touch with the company if the gap is lower. Haven gives extensive, step-by-step instructions in case you need them while installing a Haven Mech lock, which is fairly simple. To finish the setup, you’ll need the following items in addition to the hardware provided in the box:

  • Use a pencil or a marker to write or draw.
  • Using a caliper
  • Drill
  • Screwdriver with a Phillips’s head
  • A drill bit with a 1/8-inch shank
  • Screwdriver with a Phillips’s head.

The included hardware is designed for use on hardwood floors, although the Haven website sells installation kits for 3M VHB tape as an alternative.

  • Technical specifications for the Haven Mechanic
  • 30-inch by 3-inch-by-0.8-inch-inch dimensions
  • It weighs about four and a half pounds.
  • Steel, Delrin, and high-grade nylon for use in military applications
  • Water-resistant

Alternate solution: smart lock Haven Connect

Connect and lock the Havaianas: A smart-enabled digital system is combined with Haven Mech’s physical security in the Haven Connect. The mechanical parts remain the same, but the following features have been added:

  • Keyless entry through a Bluetooth-enabled key fob is possible.
  • Using a smartphone app, you may lock and open doors from a distance.
  • Mobile alerts for forced entry
  • Integration of a smart house
  • supplementary power sources

Haven Connect’s most interesting feature is its keyless access because Haven Mech’s major weakness is that it cannot be locked or unlocked from outside the house. Guests, deliveries, and service personnel can all be let in with the touch of a button on the smartphone app or the Bluetooth key fob you keep on your person.

Haven Door Lock Reviews

Personalized customer assistance is provided by Haven: As a tiny firm, Haven Lock provides individual assistance and client care, such as advice for custom installation. We emailed Haven with inquiries and received a prompt, courteous answer via email within an hour of submitting our request via the website’s feedback form. I Hope Haven can maintain its personal touch as the firm grows.

Haven door lock reviews
Haven door lock reviews

Shark Tank has provided an update on Haven Lock

Known as the smarter, more secure house lock, Haven Lock is a popular choice. It is claimed to be 10 times more secure than a deadbolt lock. In April 2019, Haven Lock debuted on ABC’s Shark Tank. Unfortunately, they had to leave the tank empty-handed. Whether or not Haven Lock is still in business or has shut down completely is unknown. The answer is below. A show on ABC’s 20/20 called “Shark Tank: Greatest of All Time” will feature Haven Lock. To put it another way, the show is referred to be “Shark Tank’s most successful products and unforgettable pitches.”

It is based in Nashville, Tennessee, and is owned by veterans. Haven door locks can be purchased from Home Depot and, respectively. Amazon sells Haven door locks for more than $150. Averaging 3 out of 5, there are only 8 reviews for the products. Products are still being sold as of the date of the most current review, which was on February 22nd, 2020. As of the time of this writing, there were just five Haven Locks left in stock on In December 2019, Haven Lock published its most recent blog post. As a result, there has been some delay.

Conclusion of the Shark Tank Haven Lock Update: However, it appears like Haven Lock is still in operation, but it isn’t developing as quickly as it used to. They’ll be glad if things improve!