Gladys Berejiklian Salary 2021

Gladys Berejiklian Salary 2021
Gladys Berejiklian Salary 2021

Gladys Berejiklian Salary 2021: David Farmer, CEO of the Central Coast Council, is one of the state’s highest-paid municipal leaders, earning almost as much as Prime Minister Scott Morrison and more than NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian.

The facts surfaced in the wake of the NSW Government’s declaration that it is contemplating amending the law to establish an independent body to determine the pay of local council General Managers (or CEOs), in response to popular outrage about excessive wages.

Shelley Hancock, Minister for Local Government, said that councils and the public may now submit comments on the wages given to council general managers after the publication of a consultation document on compensation.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk of Queensland will soon become Australia’s second-highest-paid state leader after an independent tribunal granted three salary increases for all state legislators over a year.

A 2% raise will take effect in September of this year. This will be followed by another 2.25 percent rise in March of the following year and another 2.5 percent increase in September of 2022.

Gladys Berejiklian Salary 2021
Gladys Berejiklian Salary 2021

Premier Palasczuk’s pay will rise from $399,955 to about $427,500 by September 2022 but will remain below the $441,439 yearly remuneration earned by Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews.

Gladys Berejiklian, Premier of New South Wales, gets $407,980, while South Australian Premier Steven Marshall makes $418,000.

Mark McGowan gets paid $355,000 in Western Australia.

The Queensland rises came despite Ms Palaszczuk’s request last year – which was granted – to suspend salary increases for MPs amid the Covid-19 epidemic.

However, in a report released Monday, the Queensland Independent Remuneration Tribunal said that the state of the economy and social conditions had stabilised to the point where a pay rise was “now justifiable for members.”

“The comprehensive consultation paper examines general manager salaries in order to address community concerns that they are excessively high, with wide disparities across the state, an increasing gap in comparison to other workers’ salaries, and financial strains on some NSW councils,” Hancock said.

“At the moment, local councils decide the compensation package for top public employees, ministers, and members of parliament in NSW, as well as mayors and councillors.

Gladys Berejiklian Salary 2021
Gladys Berejiklian Salary 2021

“As a result, the NSW Government is seriously contemplating requiring that general manager pay be determined by an independent committee rather than elected councillors.”

Hancock said that the Office of Local Government recently published a consultation document indicating that general manager annual wages in the state range from $143,270 to $633,852.

According to Central Coast Council, Farmer’s yearly pay and other perks total $517,625, which includes superannuation.

According to the latest statistics, Prime Minister Scott Morrison earns $549,250 per year, while Premier Gladys Berejiklian earns $407,980.

While the entire compensation and other perks paid to the CEO are included in the Council’s annual report, which is expected to be published in November, the numbers were given to CCN “in the spirit of openness.”

“It is worth noting that Central Coast Council is the second biggest council in New South Wales in terms of revenue and assets managed,” the spokesman said.

However, Hancock said that council managers should be compensated “not just in accordance with their responsibilities, abilities, and experience, but also with community expectations.”