Ex Football Player Beats Girlfriend

Ex Football Player Beats Girlfriend
Ex Football Player Beats Girlfriend

Ex Football Player Beats Girlfriend: In front of their young son, Zac Stacy, a former NFL star, was arrested in Florida on Thursday after footage seemed to show him beating his ex-girlfriend.

According to Orange County Jail records, Stacy, 30, was arrested and charged with aggravated violence and criminal mischief. According to an arrest warrant released by Oakland, Florida police on Thursday, the incident occurred on Saturday.

Kristin Evans, Stacy’s ex-girlfriend, shared surveillance video from two cameras in her house on Facebook on Wednesday, asking for people to “please share” since Stacy had “still to be detained.”

While their young boy slept nearby on the sofa, the video seems to show the former New York Jets running back striking her in the head and tossing her into a television.

Ex Football Player Beats Girlfriend
Ex Football Player Beats Girlfriend

“Stacy left the scene” and then “fled the state,” according to an Oakland Police Department statement released on Friday. An arrest warrant was issued based on those charges, the agency said. After examining the tape, detectives acquired an arrest warrant.

Stacy is described as “lifting up Evans like a rag doll” in the arrest warrant. The warrant states that she had injuries to her face, stomach, and legs.

Stacy and his crew have been contacted by NBC News for comment.

After arriving at Orlando International Airport from Nashville, he was arrested by airport police. Oakland police said he traveled to Florida “with the purpose of surrendering himself in,” according to a statement.

The Orlando Sentinel reports that at Stacy’s first court appearance on the case Friday, his defense counsel emphasized that he flew to the state promptly after discovering there was a warrant for his arrest.

If he is released from custody, prosecutors want him to submit his passport since they claim he fled out of state “immediately” after the attack.

Stacy’s bail was set at $10,000 by the court, according to the Sentinel. All communication with his ex-girlfriend is banned, as well as any weapons or guns he may own.

According to the publication, Stacy has said that he plans to return to Tennessee.

Ex Football Player Beats Girlfriend
Ex Football Player Beats Girlfriend

Stacy “body-slammed” Evans into their baby’s bouncer, Evans said in an interview with NBCUniversal’s Spanish-language network Telemundo.

The 5-month-old infant of Stacy and Evans was there throughout the incident and was heard sobbing. Stacy and Evans had just had a “verbal disagreement” when Evans contacted 911, she informed officers.

Pregnant or not, she alleges Stacy abused her on a regular basis and that the violence worsened throughout her pregnancy.

Evans said in a restraining order application she filed earlier this week that her ex-husband had physically attacked her because he wanted the rent money he’d given her back.

My window shattered when he tossed me out after punching me in the knees and slapping me on the face. I was able to remove the glass from my feet on my own.