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Drew Tlc Weight Loss

Drew Tlc Weight Loss: Drew, 43, had avoided weighing himself for more than a decade out of anxiety, but in the third episode, he did so and discovered that he weighed 670 Pounds. He normally wears a size 18X. My weight is something I’m not satisfied with. “There are moments when I feel like I’m wearing a big suit, like I’m wearing a fat suit,” he said. “All I want to do is get it off and go back to my normal weight.” “There is a health issue here.”

Drew Tlc Weight Loss
Drew Tlc Weight Loss

No. His childhood was filled with activity, and he even made the high school football team at one point. The youngster described himself as “just a typical child” who “ridden bikes, loved to swim, and played basketball.” “Throughout high school, I was an athlete who worked out, played football, and after practice, I would go home and run a full-court basketball game, so I didn’t pay attention to what I was eating and other such things because I would just burn it off via physical activity.” Stewart and his two cousins, Naomi and Chitika, used to weigh more than 2,000 pounds as a collective group.

Then they became the stars of TLC’s Family By The Ton, which followed each of their weight-loss journeys to the operating room. Stewart alone weighed 673 pounds, and he has shed 175 pounds so far, and he is still losing weight. The fact that Stewart weighed more than 600 pounds had gone unnoticed by him until an old buddy pointed it out to him. When I saw him again after 10 years, he asked me, ‘Men, did you give up on life?’ I replied that I had not. Stewart remembers the incident.

Stewart took a big blow as a result of this Incident

Then, after taking a good look in the mirror, he realized that his out-of-control portions, sugary beverages, and lack of exercise had all built up without him recognizing what he had done. “I had virtually abandoned myself,” he said. When Stewart went to the doctor for the first time, things didn’t go quite as planned. He was diagnosed with sleep apnea, high blood pressure, and diabetes; the latter two conditions were treated with medications.

Aside from that, his doctor informed him that he would have to wait six months before undergoing surgery, during which time he would have to drop at least 50 pounds. “I’ve been a total chillax since the operation,” he said. “I’ve just become more mobile, and the weight is beginning to drop off. It’s just that I’ve been feeling so good about myself, and everything has been going really well.” Drew seems to be energized by the activities he is able to participate in, and he thinks himself to be more sociable than he has ever been.

Most of the time, Drew manages to stay focused on his weight reduction despite the temptations of fast food that periodically beckon him. Self-discipline and the psychological effort of discovering “what your connection with food is” have proven to be the most difficult aspects of his weight reduction journey. “I was angry when I found out because I wanted to get the procedure done as soon as possible,” Stewart said. “However, I now see that that period of time was really essential, and I didn’t realize how crucial it was until after I had the operation.”

Drew Tlc Weight Loss

Stewart’s six-month Surgical Preparation

Stewart’s six-month surgical preparation included a thorough change of his diet as well as the incorporation of exercise into his daily routine. He visited with a nutritionist, who assisted him in gaining control over his portion sizes and learning about the sorts of meals he should be consuming. “I wasn’t a comfort eater or a true food lover,” he remarked, explaining that this made the diet modifications simpler for him than they were for other people. Basically, I was eating at the wrong time of day and with the incorrect things.”

While it’s true that my weight varies, I frequently feel as if I’m wearing a fat suit, with the zippered-up clothing preventing me from losing weight. Drew believes he’s referring to his own terrible obesity when Chitoka Light, Drew’s 49-year-old relative who weighs 680 pounds and hasn’t left her house in three years, thinks he’s a “health problem.” ‘It doesn’t matter whether walking hurts, I have to do it,’ he says. Because so many people rely on me, remaining motionless isn’t an option.’ Drew refuses to have his mother placed in a nursing facility because he can no longer adequately care for her despite his rising weight.

Worse, physicians wouldn’t consider Chitoka for the treatment until she’d started working with a trainer and made substantial progress toward getting out of bed and walking on her own. Chitoka ultimately left the hospital on Wednesday night’s program after completing the dramatic op and losing 97 pounds, bringing her pre-surgery weight down to 578 pounds (41st). Chitoka had said of the life-changing procedure, ‘This surgery symbolizes emancipation, a freedom I haven’t felt in a long time.’ Chitoka stepped out of the hospital following her surgery on the final episode of the show, then celebrated her weight loss with her family at a party.

Chitoka’s surgery will take place on this Day

She was able to spend time alone at her house for the first time in a long time without requiring assistance from anyone. Chitoka stated on the show that she was “ready to be self-reliant and independent,” but she also revealed that she didn’t have to go through the surgery alone thanks to her family’s support. Her relatives were ecstatic as she was taken out of the hospital, holding up signs of congratulations. Drew exhibited posters with the phrase ‘Stay Calm.’ Today is finally Chitoka’s operation,” he said during his testimony.

Drew Tlc Weight Loss
Drew Tlc Weight Loss

As I watch Chitoka get ready for her procedure, I’m reminded of the journey we took together. When the show first aired, Chitoka, Drew, and Naomi were all over 2,000 pounds, but they all made a vow to reduce weight and make a difference in their lives. When I started this journey, I weighed 673 pounds, and I’ve shed 580 pounds so far,’ Drew remarked. ‘I’ve got a long way to go,’ she admitted. Things would have been much more difficult without Naomi and Chitoka. I wanted to express my gratitude to Chitoka for her kindness. Chitoka was confined to her bed for three years and never left the house till she began training with a personal trainer.

She was ultimately certified for weight loss surgery when she was able to leave her house, get into a car, and drive to the hospital to meet with her bariatric surgeon, Dr. Proctor. “Chitoka has come a long way, but today is the start of a new chapter in her life,” Naomi explained. ‘The actual labor has only just begun,’ says the narrator. Naomi was the first of the cousins to have weight loss surgery, and she went from 400 pounds to 317 pounds. ‘Now it’s Chitoka’s turn, and we’ve reached the pinnacle.’ We’ve arrived at the pinnacle. ‘We just have to get over it,’ she added before the photoshoot.

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