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Dr. Cline Our Father

Dr. Cline Our Father: Our Father is a documentary about a reproductive doctor who deceives his patients. Some fertility doctors have been accused of abusing their positions, and a Fox television series based on the subject was created. Using horror film clich├ęs, “Our Father,” a Netflix Documentary, aims to show the pain and betrayal that comes with such a situation while diluting the message.

Dr. Cline Our Father
Dr. Cline Our Father

Dr. Donald Cline, an Indiana fertility doctor who deceived his patients by inseminating hundreds of them with his own sperm, is depicted in the film through subtle yet deceptive dramatic recreations. Because local officials were unable or unwilling to take action against Cline, a visible community leader, DNA testing allowed others who were gradually learning the truth to conduct what amounted to a private investigation. Jacoba Ballard was naturally surprised to learn that she had numerous half-siblings. Following that, Lucie Jourdan interviews Cline’s relatives, children, and associates, all of whom claim they had no idea what was going on, as well as the mechanics of how Cline was able to keep his firm going for so long.

The production notes, which describe this as “an unthinkable violation of trust,” send a clear message. It gets murkier as the film tries to pin down Cline’s reason, whether it’s in his personality or his religious beliefs while using eerie music and camera angles to embellish the subject. Unfortunately, Blumhouse, the horror film studio, is funding this endeavor. Although Cline isn’t the only one who has been accused of doing so, “Baby God” focuses on another Las Vegas reproductive doctor who has been accused of doing so. It’s still incredible to hear one of the kids talk about discovering their link to Cline through an episode of “Dr. Phil.”

“Our Father” premieres on Netflix on May 11

One recent example of Netflix’s popularity with a similar subject and executed material is “The Tinder Swindler.” However, as is the case with this picture, the genre’s attractiveness sometimes comes with a sleazy leaning toward catering to baser inclinations. This story has a strong sense of violation to it, and “Our Father” does a fantastic job of communicating it. If only the filmmakers had trusted the audience and presented it in a more plain manner. Donald Cline: What Happened to Him? Dr. Doc from Netflix’s ‘Our Father’ is still alive and well.

Dr. Cline Our Father
Dr. Cline Our Father

Dr. Donald Cline: Our Father, a new Netflix documentary on him, was published today and exposes him as one of Indianapolis’ top reproductive doctors. Perhaps that wasn’t saying much, given that fertility specialists were a relatively new phenomenon when Cline started his firm in 1979. Over the last three decades, Cline has assisted hundreds of parents who have battled to conceive to become pregnant. They were overjoyed to be parents and didn’t give a second thought to the fact that they had a child. The unspeakable was uncovered as a result of DNA testing made available by firms like 23andMe and

Dr. Cline had been artificially inseminating his patients with his own sperm without their knowledge or consent. As a result of his fathering over 90 children, more and more half-siblings are coming up on DNA testing sites every month. When Jacoba Ballard found the truth, she and her many half-siblings determined to inform as many people as possible about it, knowing that it might be the only type of justice they’d ever receive. Despite the fact that he is played by Keith Boyle in the film, he rejected to take part in it. So, where has Dr. Don Cline gone? Continue reading to learn more.


Dr. Donald Cline, according to a 2019 article in The Atlantic, is still a free man in Indianapolis, Indiana. He lives within a few blocks of several of the children he fathered without their mother’s consent. Liz White, one of his former patients, disclosed to the Atlantic that he “lives down the block over there.” “I live down the street from my mother, who lives in town.” Despite the blatant sexual violation, an unsympathetic lawyer argues in the video that what Cline did was not technically rape under Indiana state law. As a result, Cline was charged simply with obstruction of justice in 2017, after lying to the attorney general’s office about the usage of his sperm on patients.

Dr. Cline Our Father
Dr. Cline Our Father

After learning of Ballard’s probe, he wrote to the AG’s office to inform them that his sperm had not been utilized. In the video, Ballard states that the judge was particularly sympathetic to Cline, a prominent member of his church who had a number of church elders testify in his favor in court. For his misdeeds, Cline received a year of probation, a $500 fine, and the loss of his medical license, all of which occurred after he retired in 2009. That was the conclusion. In a statement for the Our Father press notes, director Lucie Jourdan said, “Cline did all in his power to silence [the siblings] and this film.” He allegedly instructed Jourdan that “the world doesn’t need to know.”

What happened to him?

Jacoba Ballard was offered the “23 and Me” package by in 2014 so she could discover more about her ancestors. Despite growing up in a loving family, she discovered at a young age that her father was not her biological father. As a result of the issues, her mother used a sperm donor. The 23 and Me test can help you discover long-lost relatives who share your DNA and learn more about your background. After entering her name into the database, she discovered seven sets of half-siblings. In the documentary “Our Father,” which was recently aired on Netflix, a fertility specialist inseminated more than 90 women with his sperm without his knowledge or consent in the 1980s.

A horrible crime that is not prosecuted

The worst thing is that the authorities did not prosecute Dr. Donald Cline because Indiana law did not consider his actions to be a violation of women’s rights at the time the instances occurred. It wasn’t until one of the doctor’s daughters began to doubt his paternity, and an investigation revealed that he had dozens of half-siblings who didn’t know who their real father was, that he started abusing them. When Cline’s clients became pregnant, the majority of them thanked her without ever questioning what was going on behind the scenes.

The truth was eventually disclosed

Jacoba Ballard, along with others affected, was the one who first found the tangled story and spoke up in an attempt to bring justice to those who had been wronged. Donald Cline was convicted of murder, yet he is still out of prison and living a calm life in Indianapolis, Indiana, with no authorities taking efforts to reopen his case. Despite what he did, it was not rape, according to Indiana state law.

In 2017, the doctor was charged with obstruction of justice after lying to the attorney general’s office about his sperm being used on patients. It also helped that he was a well-known member of his church, with multiple elders testifying in his favor and a sympathetic judge.