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Disaster Payment Flood July 2022

Disaster Payment Flood July 2022: 90% of the insured flood victims of the July 2021 floods will receive Compensation! The professional insurance association, Assuralia, announced on Monday that about 90% of insured cases had been settled, and the aggrieved parties had been compensated, almost a year after the July 2021 floods. According to a press release from Assuralia, more than 75% of the victims have got their complete compensation from their insurance, while 15% are still awaiting their last payment after getting 80–90% of the anticipated amount.

Disaster Payment Flood July 2022
Disaster Payment Flood July 2022

Only 10% of cases have been settled due to a lack of evidence, a dearth of specific trades, or the need for a second opinion. These claims, however, have already made progress. According to a press release from Assuralia CEO Hein Lannoy, “the insurance firms will continue to undertake measures to secure timely reimbursement for the outstanding claims in conjunction with the insured victims.” A year after one of the worst natural disasters our country has ever experienced, everyone saves a small few have received their full compensation.

The following people will be most affected:

Insurance claims have been settled for about €1.7 billion. The assistance for small enterprises, homes, and farms was very beneficial to all of them. The estimated cost of the damages was €2.5 billion. 2.44 billion euros, or the majority of the damage costs, were incurred in Wallonia, primarily in the province of Liège. On July 14, a memorial service will be held in Wallonia in honor of the flood victims. According to the Belga News Agency, insurers received 75,496 claims as a result of the floods that impacted Belgium between July 14 and July 16, 2021.

Wallonia will hold a memorial service in Chênée, Liège on July 14, 2022, the anniversary of the flood, to remember the affected families and those who perished or went missing. The Ministry of Emergency Management and the headquarters organized a symposium on typhoon response on Saturday to promote initiatives for tracking typhoons, developing rolling forecasts, and effectively enhancing regional flood and typhoon protection. Typhoon Chaba hit the coast of Maoming City in Guangdong Province, China’s southernmost province, at around 3 p.m.

China sees severe rain as result of Typhoon Chaba:

Beijing, China (Reuters) – The capital of China is a hub of! Over the following three days, it is expected that torrential rains will lash central and southern China as rain bands from a weakening typhoon advance inland. Numerous southern regions that had already been pummelling by weeks of excessive rain were hit hard by the first typhoon of the year, which delivered intense rain and wind. The Central Meteorological Observatory has downgraded Chaba from a typhoon to a tropical depression, but the weather is anticipated to be quite unstable in its wake.

Disaster Payment Flood July 2022
Disaster Payment Flood July 2022

From Monday through Wednesday, there will likely be a lot of rain and strong gusts in the provinces of Guangdong, Guangxi, Jiangxi, Hunan, Hubei, Henan, and Shandong. In the past, flooding in China has resulted in landslides and submerged vast tracts of farmland, but if rainfall and flooding increase in the coming years, the nation’s emergency response system will be put to the test. Vice Minister of Water Resources Liu Weiping was quoted by the official Xinhua news agency as saying that this year’s rainy season started half a month earlier than usual and that rainfall totals were 10% greater than in previous years.

Since late March, 425 rivers have received flood warnings, an increase of 80% from the same time in 1998, according to Liu. According to Liu, there are some flaws and weak points in China’s flood prevention and disaster relief systems. China also wants to expand its capacity for weather monitoring and flood storage in the future. According to state broadcaster CCTV, Chinese meteorologists raised the third-highest rainstorm alert on Monday afternoon. The most severe warning in China’s four-tiered alert system is Level I. Around 8:45 a.m., the city of Jingzhou in central Hubei Province issued a “red alert” for rainstorms (0045 GMT).

In India & Bangladesh, floods have claimed at least 18 lives

DHAKA, A CITY IN BANGLADESH Authorities said on Saturday that catastrophic flooding in northeastern Bangladesh and India had cut off transportation connections and flooded millions of houses. Thousands of individuals who were left trapped by the floodwaters required the assistance of army soldiers. According to the state disaster management office, at least nine people were murdered and 2 million homes were flooded in India’s Assam state. Nine people have died in nearby Bangladesh since Friday as a result of lightning strikes.

Disaster Payment Flood July 2022
Disaster Payment Flood July 2022

Both nations have requested support from their soldiers as further rain is expected over the weekend. On the banks of the Surma River in Sylhet, northeastern Bangladesh, families were huddled on a bed in their flooded home as some pondered how they would survive the situation. Standing in the water of her kitchen, Anjuman Ara Begum asked, “How can we eat (in this situation)?” “Rice that has been puffed and flattened, along with other food that has been supplied to us, is what we are living off of. We don’t have many choices. We lack cooking skills.” On June 18, 2022, Indian army personnel use a boat to rescue residents in the Indian village of Jalimura, which is west of Gauhati.

According to airport manager Hafiz Ahmed, all flights to and from the Sylhet International Airport were canceled for three days because the runway was nearly totally covered by floodwaters. Between Sylhet and Sunamganj, there was a lot of water on the road, but motorcycle riders were still on the move. Water levels in all of the nation’s major rivers were rising, according to the flood forecasting and warning center in Dhaka, the country’s capital. The nation is traversed by about 130 rivers. The biggest floods are anticipated to hit Sunamganj, Sylhet, Lalmonirhat, Kurigram, Nilphamari, and Rangpur districts in northern Bangladesh, according to the nation’s National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA).

City of Dongguan in southern Guangdong also received a red alert

Local forecasters issued red warning signals to Bobai and Luchuan, two cities in the Guangxi area with a combined population of almost 3 million. According to police, during the weekend, more than 20 crew members of an engineering vessel with 30 people on board went missing in the waters around Hong Kong. In recent weeks, flooding and unusually heavy rains in southern China have wreaked havoc on millions of people’s lives. Analysts issued a warning last week that China will see extreme weather, including significant flooding, for the entire month of August.

The Brahmaputra River in India breached its mud barrier, flooding 3,000 villages, and crops in 28 districts of Assam on the other side of the border. “Our prognosis indicates that through Sunday, moderate to heavy rain may fall in a number of Assam locations. To put it mildly, the amount of rain has been unprecedented “A meteorological station employee in the Assamese city of Gauhati said Numerous Indian railroad services had to be canceled as a result of the five days of nonstop rain. In southern Assam’s Haflong town, flooded rivers spilled mud and silt on the rail tracks, and the railroad station was submerged.

The Indian army has been sent into action with the purpose of rescuing people who are trapped as well as supplying food and other requirements. Speedboats and inflatable rafts helped the soldiers cross flooded terrain. Last month, a pre-monsoon flash storm brought on by floodwaters from northeastern Indian provinces devastated Bangladesh’s northern and northeastern regions, destroying crops, homes, and highways alike. The same areas were pummeled by heavy rains this week again, this time causing more damage at this stage of the country’s recovery.

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