David Amess Son Jailed

David Amess Son Jailed
David Amess Son Jailed

David Amess Son Jailed: “Emergency personnel treated him but he unfortunately died at the spot,” police added. “A 25-year-old male was immediately detained on suspicion of murder when police arrived on the scene, and a knife was found.”

Today, a Tory MP’s son was convicted of bashing a guy over the head with a champagne bottle after an altercation at a nightclub.

David Amess – whose father, also named David, is the Conservative Member of Parliament for Southend West – struck out at Paul Trussler with the bottle when he stepped on his foot.

Amess, 20, was with a group of pals at the Talk Club in Southend, Essex, and was attempting to impress a lady when the fight broke out in the early hours of May 14.

After some pushing and shoving between the two guys, he swung the bottle, injuring Mr Trussler, 28, with a 4cm cut that needed several staples.

Today, a jury at Chelmsford Crown Court unanimously found Amess guilty of wounding with the intent to inflict grievous bodily injury.

As the judgement was read, Amess became pale and staggered in the dock, and had to be assisted into a chair by security officers.

David Amess Son Jailed
David Amess Son Jailed

The court heard that when Amess attempted to enter the club for the first time about 11.30pm on May 13, he was turned away and told he needed to get some kind of identification.

He was accepted and handed a complimentary bottle of champagne upon his return.

Prosecutor Stephen Rose said that the incident began when Mr Trussler, a plumber, inadvertently stepped on Amess’ foot while conversing with a lady.

Amess reacted by shoving Mr Trussler, who was talking with pals at the bar.

When Mr Trussler turned to face him, Amess pushed him once again, prompting Mr Trussler to push him away.

Mr Rose said that at this moment, Amess struck Mr Trussler with the bottle, and another altercation erupted between members of the two groups.

They were all escorted from the establishment, and the confrontation continued outside.
Amess, who was driven away by a companion, was apprehended and arrested soon thereafter.

When police questioned him, he acknowledged striking Mr Trussler with the bottle but claimed self-defense.

Judge Charles Gratwicke said today that he would postpone sentencing Amess until January 27 to allow for the preparation of reports. “I understand he has had mental issues,” he said. Amess was remanded in prison until January 27, according to court records.

David Amess Son Jailed
David Amess Son Jailed

On Monday, a first-instance jury was dismissed after Amess reportedly attacked a press photographer during a lunch break.

The Metropolitan Police stated in a statement that the murder of Amess has been classified as a “terrorist event,” with the investigation being overseen by the agency’s Terrorism Command.

Detectives said that they were not searching for any more witnesses to the event. Although the motive for the assault was not disclosed, the chief constable of Essex police subsequently said that counterterrorism detectives are heading the investigation.

“The inquiry is in its infancy,” Ben-Julian Harrington told reporters. “It is being conducted by police from the specialised counterterrorism command.”

“It is up to investigators to decide whether this was a terrorist event or not.”