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I have been using and marketing on Pinterest right from the beginning days, when they used to have invite only registration. So you needed an invite link from someone to get on Pinterest, sounds strange eh?

This is when i started Pinterest almost 4 years ago, a lot has changed then, back in those days followers had all the impact, means that if you had followers on Pinterest, you will get traffic.

Back then each pin of yours was shown to every follower, so things were easy, no hustle, you could literary publish one-two articles in week and get tons of traffic.

Then came next big thing on Pinterest “Group Boards” in start they were big deal.

You could invite as many pinners as you wanted, this was another great way to get quick followers and traffic, however along with this came a lot of spam.

So pinterest started getting tougher, they started controlling how to and when to show your pins and to how many pinners, Followers started to not matter anymore, just like in Facebook and other major social platforms.

Now you need fresh, engaging content on daily basis to get some decent traffic, things are tougher now on Pinterest, but using social management platforms can make your job hell easier.

I have tried many platforms and even had some of my own custom made bots and management platforms.

Out of multiple platforms that i tested my top 2 for pinterest were tailwindapp and viraltag.

But tailwindapp was heavy on wallet, so i decided to stick with viraltag it was much cheaper and almost did everything as on tailwindapp.

With latest pinterest update, this tool is helping a lot, because you need to update your pinterest account with fresh content daily, you can also repeat few images from past, but the main thing is to get pins published to your account daily.

If you can do this, you will see steady flow of traffic, i have been getting very decent traffic on my this blog and i also had great success with my shopify store and pinterest account “”

My results on – 90% traffic from Pinterest
My results on – 90% traffic from Pinterest

On Viraltag i really like how easily you can schedule posts on multiple profiles and you can repeat same posts on other boards and profiles too.

For Pinterest marketing i try to repeat posts that were shared some 2-3 weeks ago, along with fresh content, this way you can get more traffic and will require less effort in preparing new content.

I will give you one special tip that has helped me a lot.

Try to post list type articles on Pinterest, i.e “Top 20 Fashion Jewelries to wear this winter” “20 most useful gadgets for your kitchen”

These type of posts get high ctr and repin on pinterest.

Enough talking now you should get on viraltag and start posting stuff on Pinterest, You can try them free here.

You get some great stats and analytics too on viraltag, and remember this tool is not only for Pinterest, they have other platforms too, where you can do marketing seamlessly. including facebook, instagram, tumblr, linkedin
Analytics on Viraltag

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