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6 Gifts for the Little Princess on Your Christmas Shopping List

We can’t help it, spoiling our daughter at Christmas is just part of our nature. She’s our little princess and she deserves to feel like one every day. Between stocking stuffers and presents tucked under the tree, Christmas is a great opportunity to make her feel extra special. The key is to find gifts that will make Christmas what it’s meant to be: the most magical time of the year. Here are 6 ideas for the little princess on your Christmas Shopping List.

6 Gifts for the Little Princess on Your Christmas Shopping List


A New Movie to Watch

She doesn’t need to be a ballerina to fall in love with the new Nutcracker Disney movie. The Nutcracker and the Four Realms is this season’s favorite for little princesses all over the world. Alice in Wonderland meets Frozen with a pinch of Disney’s trademarked magic in this revamped take on the folktale, one you may or may not have watched your daughter perform in every year of her young life. Starring acting legends Helen Mirren, Keira Knightley, and Morgan Freeman, you’ll be sure to enjoy it as much as your daughter.

If she’s already seen it, think of themed items she would enjoy like the movie’s special edition nail polish or the official tutu and matching headband she can wear while watching.


A New Book to Read

Give her a great book to devour during the holiday break. For the 8 to 12 year olds, The Penderwicks has become a true contemporary classic. Bonus, National Book Award winning and New York Times bestselling author Jeanne Birdsall has written a series that follows the beloved characters. There’s no reason why she shouldn’t adore these books. For younger girls, and especially those with younger siblings, the picture book series Peep and Egg is a sure bet. With adorable illustrations, refreshing humor, and a clear message of love and acceptance, Peep and Egg is a perfect story to add to a girl’s bookshelf.


A New Bike to Ride

Just because she’s a princess doesn’t mean she’s not an active girl. Carriages are a thing of the past. She’s a girl boss now, and a bike is the ideal mode of transportation. Add streamers for a festive flare. Better yet, make personalized ones with ribbons featuring her name, favorite animals, cartoon characters, and colors. For safety, you’ll want to add a helmet to the package. It can match the streamers or be its own thing, you just want to be sure to include it in the present.


A New Pair of Shoes

Girls love shoes, and they’ll never have too many, especially when they grow out of their favorites every year. Stylish, comfortable, and practical, loafers are the it-shoe for princesses on the go. Ever versatile, loafers can be dressed up for parties in the New Year, or dressed down for a family movie outing. Give yourself a present, too, by choosing the easier shoes to clean. Rothy’s shoes for girls are machine washable. They’re also sustainable, made from recycled water bottles! A win-win.


A Real Camera

With smart phones taking over camera duties, your daughter may have never experienced holding an actual photo in hand. What better gift than an instant photo camera? Retro is cooler than ever, so go for gold with Fujifilm’s instax cameras. She’ll have photos of her friends and family to decorate her bedroom walls and carry around with her in her schoolbag. A Hello Kitty camera is one of the design options, along with more neutral shapes and pastel colors. Don’t hesitate to add themed stickers, shoulder straps, and extra film to the gift. Watch out, you may end up with a professional photographer on your hands!


A Magic Kit

Keep your kid entertained on rainy or snowy days when she has to stay cooped up inside. Great for both introverted and extraverted kids, a magic kit can consume anyone for hours on end. Between the pranks, the gadgets, and the card deck, she’ll have plenty to discover and share with you when she’s ready to showcase her new talents. Make sure the package is age-appropriate, as some kits include science experiments that require adult supervision. Your baby girl will have to wait a few years and entertain herself in other ways until then!

6 Gifts for the Little Princess on Your Christmas Shopping List
6 Gifts for the Little Princess on Your Christmas Shopping List


You know your daughter better than anyone in the world, so trust your gut. Give her what you know she’ll love and you can’t go wrong.







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