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4T-C70Bk2Ud Review

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4T-C70Bk2Ud Review: Sharp’s return to the United States The 4K UHD Smart TV with Sharp AQUOS 4T-C70BK2UD is $499.99. Shipping is free and, where stock permits otherwise, curbside pickups are available. ZestyLyme thanks Best Buy has a 4 K Full Array HDR LED TV with Google Assistant (2020 model). For $500, it is possible to sell Sharp AQUOS 4T-C70BK2UD 70 “Class (69.5” Diagonal).

4T-C70Bk2Ud Review
4T-C70Bk2Ud Review

The Sharp 4T-C70BK2UD is a mid-tier 70-inch television, and our study focuses on its capabilities and performance. It’s large enough to serve as the primary TV in a house and boasts a 4K resolution. In this Sharp 4T-C70BK2UD review, we’ll find out if this TV is worth its price.


If you plan to listen to loud music or watch action movies with lots of explosions and special effects, you’ll want to consider getting a soundbar to improve the sound quality. It’s fine for watching normal television and other media.


For most console games, the C70’s 60 Hz refresh rate is enough. Even the most resource-intensive games may be played smoothly because of the high-quality visuals. Explore televisions like the Sony X900H if you want a better gaming experience.

The C70’s other notable attributes include:

  • LED backlight with a full array of LEDs
  • The Android TV
  • Google’s voice-activated virtual assistant
  • HDMI 2.0 has four inputs.
  • USB ports for two
  • Digital optical audio output only.
  • There is a single composite video input.
  • A single analog audio output is available.
  • Only one radio frequency (RF) antenna port
  • Integrated Wi-Fi
  • Port for ethernet
  • A single headphone jack is available.
  • Chromecast
  • Mirroring a computer screen
  • Connectivity through Bluetooth
  • VESA mounting holes measuring 400 x 400
  • powered speakers capable of delivering 20 watts
  • A one-year warranty is included.

Review of Sharp 4T-C70BK2UD: Initial impressions

When it comes to visual quality, Sharp’s newest offering does not disappoint. Other than the corners of dark scenes being a little dark, there’s not much to criticize about the way images seem on it. Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime Video are all pre-installed on the set as well as popular media apps like HBO Now, Hulu, and Sling. Android TV software is used to power everything. Both the C70’s remote and voice controllers are available. Google Assistant on the TV receives the information from the microphone and processes it.


  • A crystal-clear picture in Ultra HD 4K
  • Conveniently set up
  • Having four HDMI ports makes it easy to connect various devices.


  • In some cases, the remote’s interactions with the interface can be slow.
  • The sound is of average quality.
4T-C70Bk2Ud Review
4T-C70Bk2Ud Review

Review of the Sharp 4T-C70BK2UD: It’s not bad at all

The C70 is a good-looking TV with most of the functions you’d expect in a primary TV. Sony’s X900H is a superior television for its price, but it’s not the only option. For now, we’re just interested if its prices are reduced during sales. Click here to discover more about this particular TV. Midrange 4K LCD TV from Sharp, the N7000U. Although similar to the H8C, it has a whole different backlight. It has an average picture quality, however, it fades quickly at any angle. It is devoid of any tools for enhancing the image quality in low-light conditions or the smoothness of motion. There are a number of problems with the smart platform, which makes it impossible to take full advantage of the TV’s capabilities.

Mixed usage is slightly below average. Movie performance is hampered by poor dark scene performance, making the picture quality subpar. Glare can’t be overcome at a high enough brightness. It’s good to have motion blur and latency. For a Sharp TV, the grey uniformity is below average. The screen has darker bars across the top and bottom, while the middle is a bit lighter. It’s also noticeably warmer in the middle of the screen than on either side. Due to the broad and horizontal nature of the bands, the dirty screen effect is less noticeable in programs like sports where panning shots are common.

Native Std

This Sharp TV’s black uniformity is appalling. Most IPS TVs we’ve tested this year have been worse than this one. Because of the poor viewing angle of this TV, the contrast on both sides of this TV is lost even when it is seen from a straight-on perspective. This could explain why the sides of our test image appear less dark than the remainder of the screen on our test image. Some clouding can be visible, but it’s not enough to interfere with normal viewing. Sharp’s backlight is edge-lit, which makes it worse than the Hisense H8C in terms of brightness.

The SHARP AQUOS 70″ Class (69.5″ diag.) LED 4K Smart Android TV with HDR10 lets you enjoy the best quality and clarity in your own home (4T-C70BK2UD). TV that can handle a wide range of modern home entertainment needs thanks to its four HDMI ports and built-in apps and streaming services. Android TV offers a more convenient way to watch the shows you love. It lets you stream music and games, cast from any device, and more. With the Google Play Store at your disposal, you can take advantage of even more app alternatives. Do more on your TV with Google Assistant by speaking. For example, if you’re looking for the most recent blockbuster, you can ask Google to search for it. Inquire about anything and get immediate answers on your TV.

AQUOS 70″ Class LED HDR10 Smart Android TV with HDR10 (4T-C70BK2UD) provides astounding clarity, clean and brilliant colors, immersive sound as well as quick access to all of your favorite content. You’ll be transported to any scene thanks to the powerful surround sound and clear 20W output audio. Legs and custom mounts (not supplied) allow for a variety of possible configurations. Each Sharp Smart microwave oven is built for the whole family and works with Alexa for hands-free operation via voice commands.

Orville Redenbacher’s®, the world’s leading manufacturer of microwave popcorn, has designed them to produce the best popping results possible. If you’d prefer to eat a single serving of Orville Redenbacher’s Microwave Popcorn, simply press the “Popcorn” button and select either the Classic Size (3.3 oz) or the Single Serve Mini Bag (1.16 oz). Alexa may be summoned by saying, “Alexa, Microwave Popcorn Classic.” Then sit back and savor the buttery flavor of Orville Redenbacher’s® Gourmet® Popping Corn, which is light and fluffy.

Two Sizes Available

There are two sizes available. More than 30 voice commands and 10 additional meal presets are accessible solely via voice control with the SMC1139FS, a 1.1 cu. ft. appliance. There are over 70 voice commands to choose from, as well as 50 meal presets that can only be activated by speech on the SMC1449FS.

There is no detention. In addition, it can be used with a microphone. It only takes 10 seconds to pair. I enjoy using Android TV to search for stations, but I prefer to use my Roku 3 for its enhanced remote for private listening during quiet periods. The central processing unit has a lot of power. It’s amazing. Apps launch almost instantly. Ethernet is immediately available, and Wifi is capable of detecting the routers of distant neighbors. The first Software Update was carried out by this television. After a few years, post-diagnosis operating systems (OS) quit working. As of this writing, the software on my 2011 Samsung Smart TV has not been updated in six to seven years.


Even the most experienced players have their share of slip-ups. Even yet, the Sharp C70 model still reflects the company’s more than 100 years of consumer electronics experience. Sharp’s recent re-entry into the market means there is still a lot to look forward to. Then again, they’ve got a lot of ground to cover. They have a lot of potentials, but they must make the most of it. In the end, we gave each of the aforementioned televisions a score of six out of ten. New models are expected in 2021, according to the firm. As a result, you can expect more in-depth Sharp TV reviews from us.

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