Spreadshirt Review

Spreadshirt Review


Spreadshirt is certainly a service worth giving an attempt. If you’re just stepping into print on demand and haven’t any idea the way to set about fixing your own shop then Spreadshirt is that the perfect platform for you to try to so. It provides you with easy-to-use tools that will assist you to get your designs up and begin selling with none trouble.
Print on Demand is attracting tons of attention within the eCommerce space. Its popularity is growing every day. There are tonnes of various Print on Demand services, apps and platforms out there. So, today we are getting to take Spreadshirt for a spin. In our Spreadshirt review, we’ll test the platform rigorously to ascertain how it performs.


You can make an excellent shop on this platform that matches the theme and tone of your website.
The selection of products is, and it includes tons of various brands.
The print quality is top-notch, and customers love how the prints begin on various products.
They automatically send you tax files at the top of the year, if required.
You can prefer to put your products in the marketplace or have them in your exclusive shop.


If you would like the upper-quality print, then you would like to stay to a maximum of three colors.
The product catalog is sort of lacking, and there’s still room for more product addition.
You are limited to using only certain ink colors.

Spreadshirt Review

How Spreadshirt Works:

Spreadshirt may be a unique Print on Demand platform that gives services more suited towards designers, but still a non-designer also can make great profits through this platform also .

How are you able to make money on Spreadshirt?

In our Spreadshirt review, we noticed that it works in two alternative ways and you’ll even combine both of the methods to form money and maximize your profits.

When you upload a picture on Spreadshirt, it requires you to both sell it on the Spreadshirt Marketplace or create your own shop on the platform referred to as Spreadshop.

Spreadshirt Pricing:

Spreadshirt has very easy to understand pricing and payments plan. there’s actually no rice for you to pay. Everything is obtainable free of charge. Absolutely free! in fact, you’ve got to pay the worth for the products and therefore the printing, but you don’t pay it from your wallet. Whenever a buyer purchases your product, you earn your commission/profit on the merchandise and Spreadshirt gets its cut automatically. this suggests that you simply don’t need to bear any expenses whatsoever.

Spreadshirt Products:

Spreadshirt offers an excellent number of products to sell online. Each product comes with its own dimensions and printing area sizes for designs and logos. Here are all of the various products available on the Spreadshirt.

Tank Tops
Polo Shirts
Long sleeve shirts
Hoodies & Sweatshirts
Baby Clothing
Mugs & Drinkware
Bags & backpacks
Samsung Cases
iPhone Cases
iPad Cases
Jackets & Vests
Pants & Shorts

Spreadshirt Review

User Experience:

When it involves user experience, especially someone who’s quite new all of it, Spreadshirt offers a really friendly interface. You don’t need to spend hours trying to work out the way to found out the shop on the platform.

Each step is sort of self-explanatory and you’ll be taken through steps seamlessly with no problems. We got the hang of it within the primary 5 minutes of signing up for the platform. Uploading designs, fixing shop, and selling the products, it all takes just a couple of minutes once you get going.

Customer Support:

For our Spreadshirt review, we tried out customer support. The reaction time was pretty great as we got a reply within 24-hours of sending an email. The customer support team is reachable via phone and email.