Sana Excel Skinny Rich Eyeshadow Review

Sana Excel Skinny Rich Eyeshadow Review

Excel Skinny Rich Eyeshadow:

“Sana Excel skinny rich eyeshadow”, became a hot item because it’s affordable but the feeling of performance is sort of makeup cosmetics. Now it’s the foremost popular eye shadow palette within the Japanese word-of-mouth site, “`cosme” . An item that will satisfy both makeup beginners and makeup enthusiasts.

It includes 4 eye shades in natural degree finish. be happy to settle on one among the palettes to fit your skin tone. All colors contain fine color pearls and are compounded with “Excel Gold-mix prescription pearl” which provides you a chic shiny finish. It contains beauty essences like squalane for skin nourishment. Moist and rich texture. Skinny Rich Shadow maybe 4 colors brown-beige eyeshadow palette,
which is familiar to skin.
No discarded color from this palette-means all color is going to be used.
Just by putting them so as,
a rich gradation is going to be made into realization.

With fine pearls of chic shine, no glare, adult shiny feelings.
The excellent gold-mix prescription formulated luxuriously
with gold pearls casual to the skin produces graceful eyes.
While moist and rich in texture will stay together
to stretch and integrate with eyelids.
There is no powdery finish.
With squalane, it prevents dryness.

Excel Skinny Rich Eyeshadow


1.Just layer 4 colors in order! you’ll make beautiful gradation without fail.

A four-color palette without colors that can’t be used, which is formed by only brown and beige colors that are familiar to the skin. By simply layering so as you’ll create rich gradations.

2. Make a mature eye with a luxurious shine

An elegant shine with a fine pearl that won’t become flashy.
With Sana excel’s original powder, luxuriously blended with a gold pearl that’s familiar to the skin, creates a chic eye.

Excel Skinny Rich Eyeshadow

3.A sense of adhesion like vanishing into the eyelids

The powder is moist and rich, it stretches well and fits closely with the eyelids. there’s no powder skipping.
It contains squalane (moisturizing ingredient) to stop eye dryness.

Just as in the way to use, you’ll easily create beautiful gradation just by layering so as of ① ~ ④!

It contains fine pearls that naturally make your eyelids look brighter, but because the glitter isn’t big, they’re natural and not too flashy.


I bought SR02, the gold color matches great for my skin and makes me adults. However, it doesn’t become too cool and it’s well-balanced, very easy to use for any scene, whether private or official.